Tulpenrallye 1955

  • 3000Kilometers
  • 207Equipes at the start
  • 163Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Stuttgart (D)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The handicap system is being further complicated this year. A number of regularity or secret time checks are scheduled, also at the request of the French police. When the average speed is higher than 75 km per hour, the crew receives penalty points and when the average is even above 85 km per hour then the team in question is excluded. The special stages have special names such as ‘Welcome to the Vosges’, ‘Morning in the Alps’ and ‘Turning in the Jura’. The favorites this year include the Dutchman Hans Tak with Mercedes 300 SL, the Brit Bill Banks (Bristol), the European champion 1954 Walter Schluter, the German crack Werner Engel, this time with a Mercedes 300 SL, and the Dane Stenfeldt Hansen with the same car. The Dutch crew den Ouden and Gorris come to the finish with a Citroën 2CV with only 12 hp.

Stuttgart is the central meetingpoint this year after the approach-routes of about 700 km each. The factories of Porsche, Robert Bosch and Mercedes, all based in Stuttgart, provide a welcoming reception for the participants. The city council receives the rally drivers with a glass of champagne and later in the day, after a free afternoon, with a dinner. The hall is decorated with 5000 tulips that have been supplied from the Netherlands. The next day, after an overnight stay in Stuttgart, the first special stage starts immediately outside Stuttgart. The route runs for a large part over the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse. After Freiburg, the first special stages will follow. The 12 km road to the Schauinsland summit is completely blocked for other traffic. Via Breisach, the crews comes back to France.

The second special stage is around Masevaux with the Route des Crêtes and the Route Joffre. After Valence, the second special stage test is scheduled, the 7 km climb to the Auberge du Pin, while the 3rd special stage is over the Col de la Faucille. Here the Dyna-Panhard of the Dutch team Couwelaar-Hora-Siccema gets on fire. The crew remains unharmed and knows just in time to get the luggage out of the car. As a result, the second part of the crews is a considerable delayed. On the return route, the Ballon d’Alsace is also put on again. This time a new trajectory was found for a classification test of 3.9 km downhill. Then it goes to Luxembourg where the Route of the Thousand Bends ends this time in Vianden. The participants set sail for the Nürburgring on the roads that were particularly bad due to the severe winter. The last special stage will be held there: over the entire circuit, including the south loop (27 km total), within a time frame of 22 to 30 minutes. Through the usual reception at Philips in Eindhoven, the teams then return to Noordwijk.

Pat Moss (her brother Stirling wins the Mille Miglia the day after the start of the Tulpenrallye in Italy) is already out of luck on the approach route. Hans Tak is the fastest in the first special stage, Schauinsland, including his handicap as well. Martens, with a 1100 cc Simca with a much lower handicap, follows him closely. This battle will continue throughout the rally. The experienced team Jetten-Van Noordwijk has problems when they find out on the approach-route at the border to Germany that the Jetten passport has expired. The friendly customs however let them pass through anyway. Then a KNAC official goes to the Dutch embassy on Monday and knows how to solve this case just in time. At Breisach at the border, Jetten gets his passport back and can thus continue the rally in France. Tak starts 20 seconds early on the climb to the Auberge du Pin. Because this is the result of a misunderstanding with the starter, it is later decided that he will not be penalized further and the correct start time is assumed. This decision and the way it is communicated will be spoken about for a long time.

117 teams arrive at the finish in Noordwijk without penalty points. A number of participants at the finish therefore also believe that this seventh Tulpenrallye has been rather light. The final test at Zandvoort thus once again plays an important role in determining the final classification. All participants are divided over 10 races, of 10 rounds each, during which participants with different handicaps start in the same race. This does not make it easy for the spectators to follow the competition. The Norwegian Greta Molander makes the fastest time, corrected for the handicap. She climbs from the 46th to the 9th place in the final classification. Jan Martens starts his race as leader in the standings and the victory in the rally can hardly escape him at that moment. He starts cautiously. He has noticed that his clutch is slipping a little, but comes first after the first lap and stays at that place until round seven. In the 8th round he suddenly comes in third and after that he does not pass the start finish. In the 8th round he suddenly passes by in third position and after that he does not pass the start-finish anymore. His clutch has now completely gone and he has to give up in sight of the finish and the final victory. He has spent months preparing for the rally and is very disappointed. Bill Banks drives very fast at Zandvoort and after his ride it is still questionable whether Tak can keep his leading position at that moment. He has to do lap times of 2.09 minutes. The first rounds are in 2.14, 2.09, 2.08 and 2.09, where the engine makes weird noises and produces a lot of smoke. Tak takes another good look and finally manages to set a fast time, making him the second Dutch overall winner of the Tulpenrallye.

Hans Tak expressly involves the team Martens – Eerligh in his honor; he knows he would not have won if the Fiat 1100 TV had not broken down. Tak also asks to award the class prize won by him to the second placed Austin Healey van Herweyer-Boekhout, because he realizes that his 300 SL is very fast and has many PKs for this class in which he was registered just before the start. The Nations Trophy goes again to the Germans (including Engel), while the B.A.R.C. from London (Banks and others) wins the prize for the best club team. Maus Gatsonides is the next best classified Dutchman (4th) and Greta Molander (9th overall) wins the Coupe des Dames. Saab wins the brand prize, followed by Simca. Piet Jetten and Louis van Noordwijk win two new prizes: for the best classified Dutch team in the last 5 rallies (Five Years Cup) and for three times in a row to be classified with zero penalty points (the Three Zero’s Coupe).


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Hon.P.I. Cunliffe-Lister GBH.M. Gadsby GBJaguar xk 120 fhc
2W.J.J. Tak NLW.C. Niemöller NLMercedes 300sl gullwing
3G. Wood GBE. Batte GBJaguar xk 140
4B.G. Smit NLE. Groen NLMercedes 300sl
5C.P.A.J.H. Godin de Beaufort NLB.W.F. de Beaufort NLPorsche 1500 super
6R.W. Faulkner GBW.J. Wilkinson GBAston martin db 2-4
7J.A. Walker GBE.H. Mc Combie GBJaguar xk 120
8J. Meur FMme R. Meur-de Vriese FPorsche 356
9P.A. Andersen DKR. Rottböl Orum DKPorsche 1500 super
10B. Petersen DKJ. Spangtoft DKPorsche 1500 super
11A.J. Burton GBS.H. Burton GBJaguar xk 120
12J, Tochey EIRSt. Rutledge EIRBristol 404
13K.D. Fraser GBMrs. M.C. Fraser GBAustin-healey 100/4
14J. van der Pijl NLP.C. van Ewijk NLAustin-healey 100/4
15K. Hertzdahl NLV.P.I.H. Dassen NLTriumph tr 2 francorchamps
16R.E.C. Brookes GBE.W.H. Brookes GBTriumph tr 2
17T.N. Blockley GBJ. Kat GBAustin-healey 100/4
18D.H. Perring GBJ.H. Suter GBAston martin db 2-4
20J.M. Peeters BA. Matthys BTriumph tr 2
21E. Verbustel BHerion BTriumph tr 2 francorchamps
23C.H. Bussler SB.A. Bergkvist SAustin-healey 100/4
24H.A. Herweijer NLJ.H. Boekhout NLAustin-healey 100/4
25D. Johns GBMrs. J. Johns GBAustin a 90 westminster
26Gregor Grant GBSt. Asbury GBTriumph tr 2 (pkv 693)
27L. Griffiths GBP. Legget GBAustin-healey 100/4
28J.H. Ray GBJ. Waddington GBTriumph tr 2 (pdu 21)
29J.H.B. Dickson GBI. Robertson GBTriumph tr 2 (pkv 698)
30K. Richardson GBJ.C.S. Heathcote GBTriumph tr 2 (ovc 276)
31Mrs. L. Grounds GBMrs. D. Osborn GBTriumph tr 2 (pkv 697)
32A.R. Slotemaker NLR.J.v.d. Heyden NLTriumph tr 2
33E.B. Ross GBC.H. Mathews GBAustin-healey 100/4
36W.C.N. Grant-Norton GBM.J.G. Carson GBAc ace
37John A.H. Gott GBH.C. O’Hara Moore GBAc ace
38T.C. Harrison GBR.P.R. Habershon GBFord zephyr
39Lord Carnegie GBS.E. Croft-Pearson GBFord zephyr
40R.S. Henson GBJ. Weich GBFord zephyr
41E. Baboin FF. Masoero FAlfa romeo giulietta
42D.M. Hooft NLR.v.d. Werf NLSunbeam alpine
43H. Aldenkamp NLJ. van Ulzen NLPorsche 356
44Vernon Cooper GBColin Edge GBJaguar mk vii
45J.W.S. Utley GBE.G.W. Ainsworth GBBristol mk 403
46J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Whitworth GBJaguar mk vii
47R.L.G. Borgerhoff Mulder NLJ.L. den Hollander NLSunbeam alpine
48E.R. Parsons GBMrs. J.M. Vann GBJaguar mk vii.m
49A.L. Sjunesson S SPorsche 356
50P. Knakkergard Jespersen DKA. Bak Poulsen DKPorsche 356
51J. Voigt-Nielsen DK A. Lohmann Sorgensen DKPorsche 356
52T.A. Boothroyd GBR.T. Walton GBAlvis 3 l
53L.G. Wardlc GBD.C. Atsalom GBPorsche 356
54N.H. Richards GBT. Clark GBSunbeam alpine
55J. Reece GBP. Reece GBFord consul
56J.W.E. Banks GBA. Meredith Owens GBBristol 401
57A.M. Leerdam NLG. Zwolle NLPorsche 356
57aHerbert Fritzen DRolf Gaude DPorsche 356
58J.F. Terlep NLP.W.T. Mulder NLChevrolet
59G.W.V. Arntz NLJ.H.G. Geurts NLChevrolet bel air
60M. Kuipers NLTh.E. Meloen NLChevrolet v 8
61L. de Groot NLK. Groeneveld NLChevrolet bel air
62W.F. Coenen NLJ. Butter NLChevrolet v 8
63J.A. Moorman NLC.J. de Vries NLFord customline
64M.W.H. Timmermans NLW. Hoefnagels NLFord v 8
65A. Bouwmeester NLC.J.C. Verheul NLMg td
66W.H. Visser NLJ.R. van Pelt NLPeugeot 203
67Ch. Dinilhac FMme. F. Dinilhac FSimca aronde
68H.T. Dennison GBJ. Cuff GBFord anglia
69E.H. Leclercq BR.R.R. Dumont de Chassart BFord anglia
70Th.J. van Dijk NLW. Nout NLMg td
71D.G. Scott GBC.R. Hardman GBFord anglia
72M.J. Vehmeijer NLJ.W. Dekker NLFord v 8
73M. Weisbard NLF. Boom NLCitroën 15
74J.L.F.M. Martin NLB.C. Dresens NLSunbeam talbot 90
75M.W. Ammann CHFrl. M. Suardi CHPorsche 356
76H.A.A. v.d. Laan NLJ. Heeneman NLSunbeam talbot 90
77R.F. Holland GBJ.G. Woodruff GBSunbeam talbot 90
78Miss S. van Damm GBMrs. A. Hall GBSunbeam talbot 90
79P. Harper GBJ.A. Cutts GBSunbeam talbot 90
81J.S. Cohen NLMej. J. Nebig NLSunbeam talbot 90
82K.E. Wits NLJ. Pos NLSunbeam talbot 90
83E.C. Pellens NLE.C. Pellens NLSalmson s4e
84A.V. Muller SC.O. Lindell SPorsche 356
85A. Syversen NG. Fadum NSunbeam talbot 90
86W.G.D. Verzijl NLJ.F. Schieck NLOpel kapitän
87Per Malling NK. Solberg NSunbeam talbot 90
88Werner Eichman DWalther Borner DMercedes-benz 220a
89H. Stenfeldt Hansen DKN. Buchsbaum DKMercedes-benz 220a
90G.R. Hartwell GBF.N. Scott GBSunbeam talbot 90
91A.A.J. Pennings NLA.J.M. van Stekelenburg NLSunbeam talbot 90
92G.N. Burgess GBI. Walker GBAustin a90 six
93B.C.A. Leavens GBMrs. J. Leavens GBAustin a90 six
94Mrs. N. Mitchell GBMiss P. Norman GBDaimler conquest
95Capt. J.W. Herbert GBCapt. J.D.W. Bailey GBAustin a90 atlantic
96J.H. Noble GBF.J. Kieran GBSunbeam talbot 90
97G.W.A. Aitkenhead GBD. Handley GBSunbeam talbot 90
98Lt. Col. M.G.M. Crosby GBMaj. J.O. Parry GBOpel kapitän
99Edmund Vidal DHerbert Marienfeldt DPorsche 356
100Werner Engel DG. Armbrecht DMecedes-benz 220a
101Hans Stroh DKarl Heinz Forst DBmw 501
102Günther Kolwes DAlfred Katz DBmw 501a
103Ch. Polis NLMej. H. Polis NLMg magnette
104E.N. Brinkman GBD. Silverthorn GBFord zodiac
105J.F. Valentyn BJ.Ch. Teirlijnk BMg magnette
106J. Lovink BJ.J.E. Lennertz BFiat 1100 tv
107J.L.M. Kuijken NLF.J. v.d. Vlugt NLDkw f 91
108D.H. Rendell GBH. Birkett GBBorgward isabella
109J.S. de Vries NLJ. Klijnsma NLDkw f 91
110W.A. Gerlach NLL.A. de Vries NLFord taunus 15m
111Sydney H. Allard GBS.T. Lush GBFord zodiac
112Günther R.F. Isenbügel DMicaela Isenbügel DFord taunus 15m
113J.K. Kuiper NLK. Ton NLFord taunus 15m
114L.J. Ambtman NLP.L. Smits NLMercedes 180
115J. Brugge NLA. van Pernis NLBorgward isabella
116W.L. Deibel NLMevr. M.L. Vermeulen NLSimca coupé
117A.G.L. Mollink NLG. Stegeman NLFord zodiac
118P.J. Jetten NLL. v. Noordwijk NLVauxhall cresta
119J. Hamel NLC. Sollart NLRenault frégate
120A.A. Kouwenberg NLP.H. Pouwels NLDkw f91
121R. Sleigh GBJ. Risk GBFord zephyr
122W.A. van Gruythuysen NLD.H. Dekker NLRenault frégate
123A. Blansjaar NLR. Sellies NLDkw f91
124P. Seegers NLG.Th. v.d. Werff NLDkw f91
125W.H.G. Jansen NLJ. Rappange NLFord taunus 15m
126J. van Rijn NLR. Heesterman NLDkw f91
127J. Hulsker NLM.W. Duyzings NLFiat 1100 tv
128H.J. Stemerdink NLJ. Ruys NLFord taunus 15m
129A. Hoogervorst NLC. Hoogervorst NLDkw f91
130G.J. van Weers NLJ.J.M. van Weers NLFkw f91
131Walter Schlüter DS. Eikelmann DDkw f91
132E.J. Hansen DKChr.V. Hennebjerre DKDkw f91
133Kitty Borgen-Nielsen DKS.B. Jespersen DKDkw f91
134Walther Scheube DH. Röttger DFord taunus 15m
136J.C. Baars NLP. Bakkum NLDkw f91
137L. Shaw GBS.D. Lawton GBMg magnette
138Erwin van Regius DJoachim Springer DFord taunus 15m
139Miss Pat Moss GBMrs. Sh. Cooper GBMg magnette
140R. Nellemann DKM. Skarring DKFord taunus 15m
142Frl. R. Lautmann DFrl. K. Kobler DFord taunus 15m
143O.E. Homan NLR.S. de Boer NLRenault frégate
144H.C. Hoogeveen NLG. Voogd NLFord zephyr
145H.J. Harper GBH.H. Renny GBFord zodiac
146Alfons Ostermann DG.F. Riedt DFord taunus 15m
147M. Carstedt SG. Carstedt SFord taunus 15m
148Geoff. R. Holt GBJ.H. Brooks GBMg magnette
149B. Jørgensen DKA. Marcussen DKRenault frégate
150Mrs. L.F. Ashfield GBMrs. G. Wilton Clark GBFord zephyr
151J.H. Kemsley GBPh. Fotheringham-Parker GBFord zodiac
152Kl. Rosier NLH. Verbeek NLBorgward isabella
153A.C. van Dongen NLE. van Galen NLDkw f91
154P.A. Vink NLH. Vriens NLRover 75
154aO. Stalheim SL.M. Ericsson SMg magnette
155R.H. Wilkins GBMrs. J. Wilkins GBMg magnette
156D.Th. van der Kleij NLE.A.M. van der Ham NLCitroën 11 sport
157Chr. Harlaar NLKl. Pijper NLPanhard-dyna 54
158Hans Kreisel NLD. ten Hope NLRenault 1063
159J. van Nes NLA.L.A.v. Oudgaarden NLCitroën 11 sport
160W.R. Couwelaar NLC.C. Hora Siccama NLPanhard dyna
161H.G. Arndt NLJ. de Rooy NLPanhard dyna
163W.M. van Batenburg NLJ.W. v.d. Ende NLCitroën 11 sport
164W.L. Deibel NLMw.M.L. Vermeulen-Thunack NLCitroën
165Y. Pieksma NLA. de Jager NLCitroën 11 sport
166W. van Zijl NLM. Biesterveld NLOpel rekord
168J. van der Klooster NLP. van Steynen NLOpel rekord
169C.S.P. Versloot NLH. Tegelaar NLOpel rekord
170G.G.W. Timmer NLA.C. Bakker NLOpel rekord
172Willy Hansen DKA.V. Pedersen DKSimca aronde
173J.R. van Bennekum NLG. Richterich NLAustin a 40
174F.M. Pollé NLL.B. Biesheuvel NLSimca aronde
175H.L. Steunebrink NLW. Richters NLFiat 1100
176H.P. Wynands NLH. Wynands NLSimca aronde
177P. Visser NLH.C. Vaandrager NLSimca aronde
178Kl.S. Barendregt NLC. Kalkman NLSimca aronde
179R. Barthelemy FJ. Hocquard FSimca aronde
180A. Olsen DKJ.R. Sørensen DKWolseley 444
181M. Rademakers NLA.G. Heydra NLSimca aronde
182J. Martens NLB.H. Eerligh NLFiat 1100
183J.M. Beekman NLJ.P.M. Alsem NLSimca aronde
184J.D. Struyk NLC. Verschuur NLFiat 1400a
185Ir. H.D. Prins NLH. Luyting NLFiat 1400a
186M.J.M. Eras NLH.A.D. Walder NLPeugeot 203
187J. de Vlaming NLMevr. E.M.M. de Marez-Oyens van Vredenburch NLPeugeot 203
188Th.J. Koks NLA. Stöpler DVolkswagen kever
189O. Rosenblatt NLJ.M. Rupert NLPeugeot 203
190R.H.R. Dee NLW.J. Teding v. Berkhout NLPeugeot 203
191A. v. Doorn NLP.J. v. Doorn NLPeugeot 203
192Luc.J.F.A. v.d. Bergh NLJ. Smulders NLVolkswagen kever
193Poul Olsen DKJ. Nielsen DKPeugeot 203
194J.A.J. Heidendahl NLMevr. Hartog NLPeugeot 203
195F.P. Grounds GBW.C. Johnson GBFord anglia
196J.Wm. Fleetwood GBC.G. Gray GBFord new anglia
197J.G. Dathan GBC.M. Dathan GBAustin a40
198J.W.C. van der Vossen NLJ.C. de Bilt NLPeugeot 203
199B.L. v.d. Wansem NLA.W. Elshout NLAustin a70 convertible
200F. v. Yperen NLJ. Leenes NLVolkswagen kever
201T.H. Zwikstra NLP.F. Docter NLPeugeot 203
202I.A. Langestraat NLA.J. Hak NLGoliath gp 700 e
203Wm. Stoddart GBR.T. Burn GBStandard ten
204L.J. Mens NLJ.P. Schultz NLVolkswagen
205P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKVolkswagen
206L. Feitz NLJ.J.M. Linning NLVolkswagen
207M. Gatsonides NLT. St. John Foster NLStandard ten
209Mrs. Greta Molander NMrs. M. Kjerstadius NSaab 92 b
210N.G. Falk SC. Ridderborg SSaab 92 b
211R.W. Mellde SH. de Montesquieu SSaab 92 b
212L.J.P.M. Hengst NLMevr. M.A. Wolff-Metternich NLMorris minor
213Koesoebjono NLE.G. Niessen NLMorris minor
215H. Ziegler CHJ.Ch. Münger CHRenault 1062
218H. Wagner LA. Tissot LFiat 600
219E.S. van Dijk NLP.M.C. Mulder NLFiat 600
221C.J. den Ouden NLR.L.G.M. Gorris NLCitroën 2 cv
222F. Kremer NLL. Jurgens NLCitroën 2 cv


  • Overall



  1. Saint Vincent
  2. Cinisello Balsamo
  3. Feldkirch
  4. Horbourg Wihr
  5. Mondorf les Bains
  6. Vaals
  7. Noordwijk



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