Tulpenrallye 2015

  • 2500Kilometers
  • 232Equipes at the start
  • 218Equipes at the finish
  • Rinus Sinke | Bart den Hartog
  • Saint Vincent (IT)
  • NoordWijk (NL)


On the initiative of new sponsor Athlon Car Lease, the compliance check of participating cars in the Netherlands prior to the rally is being revived. The Prologue at Athlon’s premises in Almere is being organized on a large scale, enthusiastically attended by all participants, and several of Athlon’s relations are being hosted during the event in parallel.

The Tulpenrallye starts for the first time in Italy. A beautiful starting location is found in Saint-Vincent in the Aosta Valley. The cocktail party with all participants and officials takes place on Sunday afternoon on the terrace of the exquisite Gran Hotel Billia in the radiant sun. The organization is welcomed by the mayor in the bright sunshine, Rosemary Smith is honored as a former winner, and sponsor Firezone Oil, together with Brouwers Accountants, announces that they will provide water to the participants every day at the start.

The Vintage class is well-filled this year with 15 participants. Frits Wester and Roelof Hemmen form the RTL Netherlands BN team on behalf of the Red Cross Mappa Mondo. They collect a donation of €50,000 during the rally.

The municipality of Saint-Vincent extends a warm welcome to the participants. On Monday morning, the caravan departs from the shopping street in radiant sunshine. After a short route through Italy, participants reach Switzerland by lunchtime, followed by an afternoon drive through France. The route on this day is fairly simple, but the final sections through the Portes du Soleil ski area provide enough challenge to ensure a clear ranking in all classes by the evening. The Hilton hotel in Evian-les-Bains serves as the headquarters, and all participants enjoy a beautiful first day on the terrace. On Tuesday, there is some delay due to a long traffic jam on the Geneva ring road. Later that day, participants drive through beautiful routes in the Jura region. At the end of a long day, the teams arrive in Besançon, where dinner is served at the beautiful Kursaal.

Wednesday is the traditional Vosges day with beautiful routes through the area where the Tulpenrallye has been most frequently held. Participants enjoy the beautiful rolling landscape and mountains in this region. In the evening, there is a short trip to Germany because the headquarters are located in Offenburg, where a final test is conducted just before the finish. On Thursday, the route heads back to France, including a test at the Chambléy circuit on a former airbase and lunch at a golf course in northern France. At the end of the day, the caravan arrives at the Alvisse-Parc Hotel in Luxembourg, a location that is often part of the Tulpenrallye and other international regularity rallies.

On Friday, the route passes through Belgium. After some problems with local authorities following the 2013 anniversary edition, the rally did not pass through Belgium in 2014. Based on good cooperation with the BFOV and additional measures, passage through Belgium goes smoothly and beautiful routes are driven. Participants are well-prepared for the challenges of Belgian map reading, and in most classes, the differences in the standings remain very close. On Friday evening, the caravan is again welcomed at the Bilderberg Kasteel Vaalsbroek in the south of the Netherlands. In this beautiful ambiance, participants look back on a great Tulpenrallye and prepare for the final day.

The final day heads towards Noordwijk and consists of several map reading sections and some tests on circuits and closed terrains. The most challenging tests are held at the Military Training Center OTCRij, where some very challenging routes are set up. Here, the standings are mixed up quite a bit. Lunch is served at Firezone Oil in IJsselstein. After an intense week and the TulpenrallyeSprint in Noordwijk, participants are welcomed at Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’, including by the Noordwijk Flower Queen.

2014 winners Alexander Leurs and Peter van Hoof naturally appear at the start to defend their title (Opel Ascona 1.9 SR 1970). Former winners at the start include Hans van Beek (1992 and 1993) with experienced navigator Jaap Verplanken (Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Ti 1969), and Jan Ebus (2002 and 2012) with navigator Thijs Bender (Jaguar XK150 1959). Koen Bender (winner of the 60th Tulpenrallye in 1960) starts as a navigator together with René Bender (MG A Twincam 1959). Other significant contenders are the winners of 2009 and 2012: Rinus Sinke and Bart den Hartog (Austin-Healey 100/6 1957). Former course-setter Joep Wanders has registered together with Albert Boekel (Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV 1967). Renger Guliker is naturally present at the start; with Pim t Hart (Porsche 911T 1969). Among the participants is also Rosemary Smith, the winner of the Tulpenrallye in 1965. She starts with experienced English navigator Ryan Pickering in an MG. Also, former WRC rally driver Stein Johnsen appears at the start (Volvo 123GT 1967).

Throughout the week, there is an exciting battle, especially between the Sinke/den Hartog and Boekel/Wanders teams. On Wednesday, the latter team seems to take a decisive lead when they check all Route Controls and incur only 64 penalty points. However, on Friday, Sinke and Hartog perform better than Wanders/Boekel and win back almost 200 points. This lays the foundation for their victory. It remains particularly exciting at the Strijpse Kampen, but all top teams miss some controls here. Rinus Sinke and Bart den Hartog win the Tulpenrallye for the third time. Marcel Geurts and Alfons Geurts (Aston Martin 15/98 1937) are the winners of the Vintage class. In the other classes, the battle is intense throughout the week, and the standings are decided on the final day. Peter and Diederik Struijk (Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF 1971) win the Touring class, and Paul Ruys and Robert Mous (Alfa Romeo Giulietta Ti 1964) reach first place in the Sport class. The Nations Cup is won by Team NL2, with Charles and Jacqueline Serry, Jan Peter and Yolanda Zijl, and Robert v/d Meijden and Jeroen Sertons.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Arnoud Geerling nlBert Huizer nlTriumph tr 250
2Willem Broens nlThijs de Beus nlJaguar xk 140 ots
3Rinus Sinke nlBart den Hartog beAustin-healey 100/6
4Bert Ziengs nlArie Kroeze nlJaguar xk 150 fhc
5René Bender nlKoen Bender nlAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
6Jan Ebus nlThijs Bender nlJaguar xk 150
7Jan van den Broeke nlAllard Hoebee nlAustin-healey 3000 mk i
8Marinus van Vliet nlLex Maas nlAustin-healey 3000 mk 1
9Mark van Son nlBert van Son nlAustin-healey 3000 mk i
10Michael Emer deHilmar Kretzer dePorsche 356 b
11Jetze Visser nlPaul Mol nlAustin-healey 3000 mk iia
12Patrick Diemer deChristian Von Zedlitz deAlfa romeo giulia 1600 sprint
13Paul Zweers nlArjan van der Palen nlAlfa romeo giulia 1600 sprint gt
14Robert van den Camp nlOnno den Boer nlMercedes-benz 220 s cabriolet
15John Albiston scAlan Pettit scAlfa romeo giulia sprint coupé
16Elco van Duijn nlEdward van Dongen nlAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
17Susanne Tonino nlBart Tonino nlBmw 1800 ti
18Janhein de Rooij nlMichiel de Rooij nlPorsche 356 c
19Ros Pavlik nlJack Fidder nlPorsche 911
20Rosemary Smith irRyan Pickering gbMg b
21Coert Kleijwegt nlRobert Weitmann nlVolvo 122 s
22Michel Perridon nlWouter Bakker nlPorsche 911
23Loek de Rooij nlRosita Offinga nlAustin mini cooper
24Olaf Pothoven nlPiet van Leusden nlPorsche 356 roadster
25Stein Johnsen noAndy Millns gbVolvo 123 gt
26Theo van Erkel nlEd Bijster nlBmw 1600-2
27Harry Rupert nlRutger Kwant nlAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
28Lisa Lankes nlMarleen van Gent nlAustin-healey mk iii
29Peter Dutman nlGijsbert van Rooijen nlAlfa romeo giulia bertone
30Jan Peter Zijl nlYolanda Zijl nlPorsche 911
31Hans Bakkers nlMartijn Levert nlPorsche 911 s
32Mark Hagenzieker nlRemco Hagenzieker nlAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
33Sijmen Verveer nlFleur den Dulk nlFiat dino spider
34Cornelis Goedegebuur nlPeter Rushforth gbMercedes-benz 280 sl
35Harm Lamberigts nlPeter Rovers nlFord escort mexico
36Albert Boekel nlJoep Wanders nlAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
37Harry Dekker nlMaarten Verweij nlPorsche 911 t
38Hans van Beek nlJaap Verplanken nlAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
39Frans de Zoete nlMarius Hoogendam nlMg c gt
40Pim Brunet de Rochebrune nlStephanie Brunet de Rochebrune nlMercedes-benz 280 sl
41Renger Guliker nlPim 't Hart nlPorsche 911 t
42Willem Vermeulen nlEllen Vermeulen nlBmw 2002
43René van der Borch tot Verwolde nlJacques Limpens nlPorsche 911 t
44Robert Koomen nlRutger ter Borg nlFiat 125 special
45Daan Peters nlMaarten Peters nlVolvo 144
46Alexander Leurs nlPeter van Hoof nlOpel ascona 1.9 sr
47Sijbrand van der Mast nlTaco van der Mast nlLancia flavia 2000 coupé
48Leo Vrijland nlPieter Dekker nlPorsche 911
49Mark Moerman nlBas de Rijk nlAlfa romeo gt junior
50Bert Smeitink nlGerrit Teerink nlPorsche 911 e
51Hans van Dalen nlErik Bruêns nlAlfa romeo 2000 gtv
52Oscar Uhlhorn nlAndre van de Geijn nlAlfa romeo giulia gt
53Herman van Oldenmark nlFred Hak nlAlfa romeo giulia
54Mike Giesche deGisela Giesche deBmw 2002
55Cor Meulen nlAd van der Werf nlPorsche 911 st
56Tom Deschan nlHans Wienk nlMercedes-benz 350 slc
57Maries Dinaux nlEric van Straaten nlMorris minor
58Michiel Hehenkamp nlRon Nakken nlInvicta s
59Charles Serry nlJacqueline Serry nlBentley wo special
60Ruud Wesselink nlMiriam Wesselink nlCitroën traction avant cabriolet
61Jan Kemps nlSjef Kolsters nlJaguar xk 120
62Peter Pratt gbJulie Eaglen gbTriumph tr 2
63Wim van de Lagemaat nlKlazien van de Lagemaat-De Koning nlPeugeot 203 c
64Flip Wentink nlErik Veldhuizen nlSaab 93
65Bau Winkel nlErik Stegeman nlFiat 1100 103e
66Willem Kok nlJudith de Haas nlAustin-healey 100/6
67Hans-Joerg Good chNorbert Good chAustin-healey 100/6 bn4
68Rob Vermaas nlNico Kuiper nlLenham gt
69Juul Seijlhouwer nlBernie Wolf nlPorsche 356 b
70Martjan van der Knoop nlLidy van der Knoop-Floor nlMg a roadster
71Herman Hemke nlCees Smit nlAustin-healey mk i
72Rob Versteegh nlDammy Evertse nlLancia flaminia convertible
74Huub Mertens nlJos Jurriens nlAlfa romeo giulietta 1300 ti
75Leo van Beukering nlHans-Olav de Wolf nlJaguar mk 2
76Paul Ruys nlRobert Mous nlAlfa romeo giulietta ti
77Jan de Bakker nlCor de Bakker nlPorsche 356 sc
78Jan van Doorn nlPeter van Es nlAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
80Toni Bienemann nlEdwin Roos nlRolls royce silver cloud iii
81Frank Kastrop nlMike Kastrop nlPorsche 356
82Pieter den Boef nlAad Lourens nlMercedes-benz 250 se coupé
83Anja Viscaal nlMirjam Wolters nlPorsche 911
84Hans Schouten nlWilco Beijer nlAlfa romeo gt 1600 junior
85Hank Melse nlNicole Melse nlPorsche 911
86John Griffiths gbBill Granger gbVolvo 144
87Boudewijn Boeken nlSonja Rijnders nlMg b gt
88Fred Brom nlAndrew Brom nlAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
89Kees-Jan Honig nlIvo Westera nlFord mustang
90Theo Middelbeek nlRuurd van Dijk nlOldsmobile toronado
91Arie Kranenburg nlFrits Bekker nlTriumph tr 250
93Han Machielsen nlHenri van der Lugt nlVolvo amazon 131
94Nico van Dord nlGerard van Stijn nlAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
95Irene Blauwkuip nlMarielle Vehmeyer nlAlfa romeo giulia 1600 super
96Theo van der Laan nlKoos Bos nlFiat dino coupé
97André de Groot nlGonny Vijn nlPorsche 911 t
98Ans Berkelaar nlHuib Berkelaar nlDatsun 2000 sport
99Flip van den Bosch nlSjoerd van den Bosch nlMorris mini cooper s - mk1
100Cees Hogendoorn nlCor Verbrugge nlAlfa romeo giulia 1600 super
101Eric Schoonderbeek nlEgbertjan Duker nlAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
102Lieke Goldschmidt nlNicole Oosterink nlDaf 55 marathon
103Leendert de Haan nlInez van de Poll nlFiat 124 spider
104Frank Wilschut nlThecla van de Kamp nlFiat 124 sport spider
105Patrick Verzijden nlCarla Hoogweg nlMercedes-benz 280 sl
106Gerrit Bergwerff nlRinus van Nieuwkerk nlAlfa romeo berlina 1750
107Christof Schirra deAndreas Kopp deAlfa romeo 1300 gt
108Rob van Dooren nlJohn van Dam nlDaf 55 marathon
109Ronald Melieste nlEddie Nuis nlNsu ro80
110Paul Hufman nlPam Hufman nlVolvo 131 favorit
111Geert Amijs nlPaul Visscher nlAlfa romeo giulia super 1300 ti
112Marlise Koel nlNico Koel nlAlfa romeo giulia super
113Joost Cohen nlHan Kasteren nlPorsche 911
114Kees van Loon nlMaarten Kalk nlPorsche 911 s
115Jeff Senden nlBob Senden nlAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
116Willem van den Bruinhorst nlTheo Andriessen nlMg b gt
117Roy Bolks nlPeter Jan Smit nlAlfa romeo giulia
118Jan Jaap Kuiper nlDino ten Have nlPorsche targa e
119Joop de Kinkelder nlPieter de Kinkelder nlMg c gt
120Pieter-Jan van Zanten nlHenk Jan Vroom nlLancia fulvia rallye 1.3s
121Frans Diepeveen nlJoan van de Lustgraaf nlAlfa romeo giulia super
122Arthur Gräper nlLaurens Gräper nlBmw e3 2500
123Aart Broere nlHenk Holzhauer nlAlfa romeo junior 1300 gt
124Edwart Lichtenauer nlHak van Nes nlPorsche 911 t
126Sander Boerboom nlStefan Sennema nlPorsche 911 t
127Roeland IJdenberg nlJasper Kouijzer nlDaf 55 coupe
128Wytze van Leuveren nlNico Slappendel nlPorsche 911 e
129Joachim Kayser deTanja Kayser dePorsche 911 t
130Niels Jongste nlRik Aalders nlMarcos 1800 gt
131Arjan de Bruijn  nlFrank Schutten nlMg b gt
132Boudewijn Oomkens nlPhilip Oomkens nlAlfa romeo 1300 ti
133Hans Lampier nlEric Lampier nlLancia fulvia coupé
134Jan van Wijnen nlWim Aalders nlBmw 2002 touring
135Han Brouwers nlFrank Soree nlSunbeam tiger v8
136Frank Schaap nlBen Vermeer nlMercedes-benz 350 sl
137Wim Meenink nlBart Meenink nlAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
138Rob Klaarenbeek nlRonald Batenburg nlVw porsche 914
139Olof van Joolen nlJerome Wassenaar nlMazda 1800
140Hugo Meulenberg nlJasper Brouwers nlAlfa romeo giulia 1300 super
141Frank Holtrigter nlHans Roetert nlMg n/a
142Ronald Brons nlSteven Brons nlAston martin db 2/4 mk i
143Jeroen Opstelten nlJan Willem van Es nlVolvo amazon 122 s
144Roelof Koops nlWilfred Veldstra nlJaguar xk 150
145Luc van Eekeren  nlTed Meij nlAustin-healey 3000 mk i
146Willem Groskamp nlBen Odenkirchen nlAustin-healey mk i bn7
147Kees Zuidhoek nlLorenz van der Plaats nlAustin-healey 100/6
148Cor le Clercq nlRob Vink nlVolvo pv 544 sport
149Piet de Vries nlMarc Misker nlBmw 2000 tii
150Henk Bont nlJouke Eikelboom nlJaguar mk 2
152Edward Goessens nlMarlies Brunings nlVolvo pv 544
153Wolfgang Ruhs deBernhard Dreckschmidt dePorsche 356 b
154Johan Kuiper nlMarc Kooijman nlPorsche 356
155Johan Bal nlHenk Jacob de Vries nlAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
156Robert van der Meijden nlJeroen Sertons nlMercedes-benz 300 se
157Floris Alta nlDick Alta nlTriumph tr 4
158Piet van Doesburg nlJan Willem Schoenmakers nlPorsche 356
159Marcel Sontrop nlBettie Sontrop - van Meerlant nlAlfa romeo giulia spider
160Frans van Winden nlThea van der Ende nlRolls royce silver cloud iii
161Frank van Geldern deSimon Christoffels nlPorsche 356 c
162Floor Brunet de Rochebrune nlMargit Brunet de Rochebrune nlVolvo amazon
163Frits Wester nlRoelof Hemmen nlVolvo 131
165Jaap Gerkes nlJoanne Gerkes-van der Meer nlVolvo 122 s
166Rogier Heijnsbroek nlSteven Heijnsbroek nlVolvo amazon
167Michael Chin nlPeter Koenekoop nlAlfa romeo giulia
168Bert Groen nlWolbrand van der Vis nlVolvo 131
169Danielle Kleyheeg nlJessica van der Kist nlFord mustang
170Paul van Dam nlPeter van Dijk nlAlfa romeo duetto spider
171Peter Groen nlJack Bijholt nlMercedes-benz 230 sl
172Raf Bontenakel bePeter Stevens beMg a 1600
173Hans Timmermans nlMarco van Barneveld nlVolvo amazon
174Clement Eijffinger nlAlfred Brandt nlAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt veloce
175Jac Theelen nlTim Theelen nlFiat 1500
176Gert-Jan Geels nlMaarten Geels nlAustin-healey sprite mk iii
177Ko den Herder nlStephan den Herder nlAustin cooper s mk ii
178Bart Janssen nlMarja Versleijen nlMg b gt
179Henno Cysouw nlEric de Ruijsscher nlVolvo 131
180Max de Jong nlJourdain Martens nlMg b
181Joep Brunet de Rochebrune nlAnnemieke Brunet de Rochebrune nlVolvo amazon
182Hans Versnel nlMarijke van den Aardweg nlPorsche 912
183Hans Wiekenkamp nlCamille Wiekenkamp nlMercedes-benz 280 sl
184Fred Beckman nlWim Hoffmann nlTriumph tr 250
185Leendert Lekkerkerker nlAlexander de Bas nlNsu 1000 tts
186Joep Alkemade nlTony Kies beBmw 1600 ti
187Ger Bennink nlSteven White usTriumph tr 250
188Ingrid Klouwens nlJohn van Kralingen nlPorsche 911 l
189Carl Smink nlMargie Mulder nlAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
190Gert Jan van Zeben nlThea van Zeben - van der Aa nlVolvo 122 s
191Jelle Prins nlMark Temme nlPorsche 911 2.0 e
192Lucienne van Houwelingen nlBert van Houwelingen nlAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
193Barend Aarts nlJacqueline Aarts - van den Kieboom nlAlfa romeo giulia super introzzi
194Louisa van Beuningen nlRimmert Sluiter nlMercedes-benz 280 sl
195Emile Schippers nlTon Grotenhuis nlVolvo 133 gt
196Paul de Bie  nlIneke de Bie nlAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
197Ruben van Hattem nlQuinten van Solt nlPorsche 911 e
198Johannes van Silfhout nlHenk van Silfhout nlDaf 55 combi
199Wim Krosenbrink nlNaomi Krosenbrink nlFiat 850 coupé
200Rene van der Putten nlGeerjan van der Toorn nlAlfa romeo junior zagato
201Peter Dieleman nlWilliam van den Abeele nlVolvo 122 s
202Paul Groot nlJeroen Raat nlVolvo p 1800 e
203Loek Pijnappel nlRob de Jong nlPeugeot 504 2.0
204Frans Hazekamp nlJan Van Leeuwen nlPorsche 911 t
205Jan Pieter Verweij nlRobbert-Jan Meinardi nlDatsun 240 z
206Onno Beugelsdijk nlRichard Otten nlBmw 2002
207Jan Willem de Looze nlWillemien de Looze nlJaguar e-type v12 fhc
208Rene van Winden nlMonique van Winden nlMercedes-benz 350 sl
209Frank Thunnissen nlTon Karelse nlPeugeot 504 b12 cabriolet
210Lya Levert-Brand nlFrank Levert nlTriumph tr 6
211Hans van Winden nlMargriet Scholten nlOpel manta a
212Lex Nederveen nlLoek Ville nlMercedes-benz 350 sl
213Peter Struijk nlDiederik Struijk nlLancia fulvia 1600 hf
214Ron Hageraats nlJaap Jongman nlMercedes-benz 350 slc
215Roy Roosen nlJeroen Kon nlPorsche 911 targa
216Cees van den Heuvel nlWilma van den Heuvel nlAlfa romeo 2000 gtv
217Hans Eschauzier nlElske Eschauzier nlPeugeot 504 coupé
218Martijn van Hassel nlAlfredo Silva nlBmw 2002
219Ton Schoemaker nlJeroen Tobé nlAlfa romeo giulia
220Amadeus Geelhuysen nlRosanne Brons nlMathis gm sport
221Leon van de Kerkhoff nlNico Hermans nlAuburn 1260
222Wim Peters nlNelly Peters-Frederix nlLancia augusta
223Hans van de Weerd nlGep Salentijn nlAuburn 851
224Russell Jordan scGary Gibson scAlvis silver eagle special
225Vera de Jong nlHerman de Jong nlBentley derby 3.5 tourer
226Rob Vorspaget nlRuud Mansveld nlBentley derby gurney nutting 4 1/4
227Tom Gatsonides nlRosalie Gatsonides - Langenberg nlAlvis 4,3 special
228Arno Blokland nlElly Rijkenbarg nlMg ta
229Marcel Geurts nlAlfons Geurts nlAston martin 15/98
230Jeroen Hunfeld nlBart Meyers nlBentley 4.25 litres gurney nutting special
231Martin Aaldering nlJosé Aaldering nlAlvis speed 25
232Wilhelm Maats nlTon van Daal nlMercedes-benz 300 s
233Rob Woud nlLoek Alders nlCitroën traction avant type 11
234Ruud Muller nlGerda Muller-Hermsen  nlBmw 2002
235Jeroen Pots nlDesiree Pots-Steen nlVolkswagen kever


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  • Sport

  • Touring

  • Vintage



  1. Saint-Vincent
  2. Evian-les-Bains
  3. Besançon
  4. Offenburg
  5. Luxemburg
  6. Vaals
  7. Noordwijk



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