Tulpenrallye 2009

  • 2500Kilometers
  • 189Equipes at the start
  • 173Equipes at the finish
  • Rinus Sinke | Bart den Hartog
  • Annecy (F)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The start in Annecy was well received in the previous edition, and in 2009, the Tulpenrallye returned to Annecy for the start of the 56th edition. The Impérial Palace Hotel on the shores of the lake was once again the starting location, where the 189 teams gathered for the traditional cocktail party on Sunday afternoon.

The Ardèche region was extensively explored in previous editions by route planners Brugmans and Daamen, and to enjoy a beautiful route there, the rally stayed overnight in Vals-les-Bains on Monday. The Alps are visited less this year, and the Jura region not at all, with the rally staying more in the central part of France. The characteristic town of Vichy was visited for the first time in the history of the Tulpenrallye, and from there, the route continued on day three towards Beaune. On the fourth day, the rally returned to the Vosges mountains, and after years of searching for a suitable location in the Nancy/Metz region, Pont-a-Mousson was ultimately chosen, situated roughly halfway between these two cities. The Abbaye de Premontre (a large monastery) provided ample space for a very atmospheric dinner. The city had limited hotel space, but ultimately, all participants found accommodations in the larger region. The route planners wanted to stay outside the Netherlands for as long as possible, hence the decision to overnight in Genk (Résidence Stiemerheide) on Friday evening. The final stage was on Saturday towards Noordwijk.

The atmosphere in the rally caravan was excellent. The roads consisted mostly of mountainous stretches, and the weather improved every day.

Rinus Sinke and Bart den Hartog continued to lead in the Expert class. They realized that the Tulpenrallye had never been won by an Austin Healey, which added significant pressure. The competition in the Expert class remained extremely intense. However, Rinus Sinke, in his 15th participation in the Tulpenrallye, won the 56th edition of the event, marking the first victory for the beautiful English sports car built by Donald Healey in the event’s history.

At the finish on Saturday afternoon, several thousand spectators were present. At the closing dinner at Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’, there was a wonderful atmosphere, and the 700 guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Around eleven o’clock in the evening, Sinke and Den Hartog drove the winning Austin Healey into the Pickézaal of Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ to the tune of ‘Simply the Best’, receiving a standing ovation.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Ernst-Jan v. Kouwen NLHenco Bouwman NLAlfa romeo 1900 ti
2Jan Ebus NLJan Berkhof NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster
3Jan Vaandrager NLKees Vaandrager NLAustin healey 3000 roadster
4Rinus Sinke NLBart den Hartog BAustin healey 100/6 roadster
5Cor Lokker NLWilko Vaandrager NLAustin healey 100/6 roadster
6Rob Mühring NLAndré Kivit NLAustin healey 3000 roadster
7John Albiston GBGraham Watson GBAlfa romeo giulia sprint
8Olaf Pothoven NLRob v.d. Berg NLVolvo pv 544 s
9Rob Woud NLMarion Rijntjes NLPorsche 356 b coupé
10Patrick Diemer DChristian von Zedlitz DAlfa romeo giulia 1600 spr.
11Peter Pratt GBDave Wilson GBTriumph tr2
12Robert v.d. Camp NLOnno den Boer NLMaserati 3500 gt
13Wim v. Lieshout NLMichiel Capelle NLAustin healey 3000 mk ii
14Frans Froger NLJaap Verplanken NLPeugeot 404
15Karel Westerman NLMarten Roosenboom NLPorsche 356 b
16Roeland Janus NLTon Janus NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600
17Rob Versteegh NLFred Hartman NLMaserati 3500 gti
18Michel Perridon NLKoen Bender NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 spr. gt
19Gerrit Reinders NLCees de Jong NLPorsche 356 c t6
20Renger Guliker NLPim t Hart NLFiat 1600 s
21Arie v. Erkel NLTheo v. Erkel NLPorsche 911 coupé
22Jayne Wignall GBPeter Rushforth GBSunbeam tiger
23Daan Reekers NLPieter v. Kruijsdijk NLPorsche 911 2.0 s
26Peter Barker GBWilly Cave GBAustin mini cooper s
27Janhein de Rooij NLFred Hak NLPorsche 356 c
28Jan Piet v.d. Meer NLMike v. Thiel NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
29Albert Boekel NLJoep Wanders NLAlfa romeo giulia super
30Colin Evans GBBill Granger GBMg mgb gt
31Georg Bögershausen DHans Werner Müller DNsu 1000tt prinz
32Maarten v. Lith NLPeter v. Hoof NLMg mga
33Steven Powell GBLee Vincent GBPorsche 912
34Mark Moerman NLEdward v.d. Dongen NLAlfa romeo gt junior
35Maarten Bos NLHelma Wortelboer NLPorsche 911
36Roy Perkins GBPeter Ward GBVolvo pv 544
38Edmond Planteydt NLMarijke Bennningshof NLVolvo 121
39Cees de Jong NLValentijn de Jong NLVolvo 123 gt
40Sijmen Verveer NLBastiaan Stapel NLFiat 850 coupé
41Thom Houg NLHerry Houg NLLotus elan
42Jan Peter Zijl NLYolanda Zijl NLMg mgb gt
43Pieter Bartelse NLRobert Weitmann NLMg mgb gt
44Cock Goedegebuur NLKevin Savage GBVolvo 122
45Loek de Rooij NLRosita Offinga NLAustin mini cooper
46Joost Bijster NLEd Bijster NLBmw 1600-2
47Ruud Strooper NLIngeborg Guliker NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
48Pim Janus NLFred Froger NLVolvo 122 s
49Leendert de Haan NLInez v.d. Poll NLFiat 124 sport spider
50Harm Lamberigts NLÀrthur Denzler NLFord escort 1600
51Cliff England GBAnthony Preston GBTriumph 2000 mk1
52Peter Dutman NLAndré v.d. Geijn NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
53Theo Verhoeff NLMaurits Verhoeff NLMg mgb gt
54Cor Bakker NLWouter Bakker NLTriumph tr6
55Robert Verweij NLMaarten Verweij NLMg mgb gt
56Daan Peters NLMaarten Peters NLSaab 99
57Paul Wignall GBMark Appleton GBPorsche 911 s
58Hans v. Dalen NLErik Bruêns NLAlfa romeo 2000 gtv
59Hans Lampier NLEric Lampier NLLancia fulvia 1.3 s coupé
60Maries Dinaux NLEric v. v. Straaten NLTriumph tr6c
61Rob v.d. Rijst NLBen v.d. Rijst NLBmw 2002 ti
62Ingo Buschmann DHarald Wegner DAlfa romeo giulia super
63Hans Ahlberg NLTino Jongmans NLBmw 2002
64Peter de Munnik NLDennis Lens van Rijn NLVolvo 122 s
65Oscar Uhlhorn NLJacques Limpens NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 super
66Frans de Zoete NLMarius Hoogendam NLMg mgc gt
70Ruud Wesselink NLMiriam Wesselink NLCitroën ta 7 c cabrio
71Fred Brom NLAndrew Brom NLAlfa romeo 1900 s spr. coupé
73Henk Maanicus NLAlbert Bijlsma NLAustin healey 100-4
75Henk Janus NLFrank de Haas NLAston martin db 2/4 mk ii
77Kees v. Disseldorp NLWibo Elink Schuurman NLAustin a50 cambridge
78Jan Rijnink NLClaire Rijnink NLTriumph tr3
79Wim v.d. Lagemaat NLKlazien v.d. Lagemaat NLPeugeot 203 c
80Bau Winkel NLRob Meijer NLFiat 1100 103 e
81Frank v. Deudekom NLSven Aartsen BTriumph tr3
82Frits Janus NLEdmond v.d. Sande NLAston martin db mk iii
83Rob Vermaas NLArno v. Houtum NLLenham sprite gt coupe
84Uwe Quack DClaudia Grafrath DAustin healey 100/6 bn 4
86Ben ten Hove NLPeter v. Dilst NLAustin healey 100/6
87Sijbrand v.d. Mast NLTaco v.d. Mast NLAlfa romeo giulietta spider
88Peter Segers NLErik Hartman NLMg mga coupé
90Charles Serry NLJacqueline Serry NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
92Frank Holtrigter NLEwout v. Huyssen NLMg mga 1600
93Willem Vermeulen NLEllen Vermeulen NLJaguar mk 2
94Wolfgang Stübbe DDaniel Schulz DWartburg 311-008
97Guus Benistant NLJoost Dull NLVolvo 122
98Wolfgang Ruhs DCarl-Michael Emer DPorsche 356 b
99Alex Back GBAlan Pettit GBAustin a40 farina
100Jan Zwaan NLRob John NLMercedes-benz 300 se
101Peter Ecury NLJulie Reimus NLAustin a40 farina speedwell
102Franz Ulmen DHilmar Kretzer DPorsche 356 b
103Hans Reijnen NLGerry Bouwmans NLVolvo p 1800 s
104Ronald Versluis NLGeert-Jan v.d. Snoek NLAustin healey 3000 mk ii
105Patrick Darley FOlivier Sussot FMorris cooper s
106Susanne Tonino NLBart Tonino NLBmw 700 cabrio
107Hans In der Maur NLBart Meyers NLAlfa romeo giulia spr. gt
108Tim Buijs NLBastiaan Buijs NLPorsche 911 targa
109Simon v.d. Heden NLReyndert v. Aspert NLAlfa romeo giulia super
110Joris Buijs NLDavid Buijs NLPorsche 911 targa
111Harry Koorstra NLPeter Koorstra NLPorsche 356 sc
112Djamilla Schreiner NLAnja Lieuwma NLPorsche 911 targa
113Mark Hagenzieker NLRemco Hagenzieker NLJaguar e-type fhc
114Jake v. Beest NLThomas Heikens NLPorsche 911 s
115Eric Jans NLMarcel Jans NLPorsche 911 l
116Han Machielsen NLHenri v.d. Lugt NLVolvo 131
117Cees Hogendoorn NLCor Verbrugge NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 super
118Jeroen Levert NLMarjolein Sutmuller NLCitroën ds 21
119Aasmund Kleve NOdvar Moland NVolvo 123 gt
120Ans Berkelaar NLHuib Berkelaar NLDatsun 2000 sport
121Ruud Oudman NLJurgen v.d. Rijke NLAlfa romeo 1600 gt veloce
122Thierry Beukert NLJasper Beukert NLMg mgb gt coupé
123Nico v. Dord NLGerard v. Stijn NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
124Peter Boon NLPeter Jansen NLTriumph vitesse 2l mk 1
125Hans Kuijvenhoven NLPieter Kuijvenhoven NLVolvo 123 gt
126Elco v. Duijn NLReinier Noort NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
128Hans Bakkers NLMartijn Levert NLPorsche 911 s
129Terje Nilssen NTore Fredriksen NVolvo 121 s
131Richard Veldkamp NLNico Kuiper NLMg mgc
132Martijn Verveer NLHans Verveer NLFiat 124 coupé
133Roxanne Hijmans NLFrans v.d. Vliet NLAlfa romeo giulia super
134Alex Visser NLMarcel Brünings NLPorsche 911
136Pim Brunet de Rochebrune NLStéphanie Brunet de Rochebrune NLMercedes-benz 280 sl
137Theo v.d. Broek NLJasper v.d. Broek NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
138Job v. Breevoort NLCatelijne v. Breevoort NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
139Roel Bloem NLInez Bloem NLVolvo 131
140Michael Koel NLNico Koel NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 biscione
141Frans v. Rooyen NLGijsbert v. Rooyen NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 super
142Theo Huijbreghts NLAuke v.d. Brink NLPorsche 911 t targa
143Hans Roetert NLJoep Goethart NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
145Daan Hartgers NLPiet Mozes NLAlfa romeo giulia s 1.6l
146Frans Heijblom NLJean-Paul v.d. Bliek NLPorsche 911 t
147Herman v. Oldenmark NLJack Fidder NLDatsun 240z
148Ferry Flinterman NLHermine Vlas NLSaab sonett
149Bob Ecury NLPieter de Vos NLPlymouth barracuda
150Hans v.d. Valk NLXeno Grimmelt NLPorsche 911 t
151Robert Kieffer LGuy Pauly LPorsche 912
153Niels Serry NLJeroen v.d. Hek NLMg mgb gt
157Willem Broens NLHarry Boland NLJaguar xk 140 roadster
158Roelof Koops NLWilfred Veldstra NLJaguar xk 150
159Gerard Rooks NLGeert Willem Huis in het Veld NLAustin healey 100/6 roadster
160Patrick Verbunt NLRob Nouwenland NLJaguar xk 150
161Henk v.d. Berg NLCees Groenendaal NLTriumph tr3a
162Rietje Morsink NLTessa Morsink NLPorsche 356
163Martjan v.d. Knoop NLLidy v.d. Knoop NLMg mga 1600 roadster
164Bas t Jong NLJoke t Jong NLJaguar e-type ots
165Jan v. Houtum NLLoek v. Houtum NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
166Wim Brussen NLRobert Brussen NLSunbeam alpine ii
167Peter ten Bruggencate NLEd ten Bruggencate NLJaguar mk 2
168Gaby Stet NLDick Stet NLSaab 96 tt
169Aart v.d. Toorn NLWouter Neyt NLJaguar mk 2
171Paul Ruys NLRobert Mous NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
172Cor de Bakker NLJan de Bakker NLPorsche 356 sc
173Harm Altena NLEls de Bruin NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
174Rutger Gerritz NLArvid Bakker NLFord cortina 1500 gt
176Jan ten Cate NLRob Pors NLAston martin db 5
177Wim Meenink NLFred Peen NLVolvo pv 544
178Michael Bleekemolen NLSander Janson NLFord mustang gt 350
179Martin Slagt NLJolanda Slagt NLPorsche 911 s
180Peter Groen NLRoel Schurink NLMercedes-benz 230 sl
181Boudewijn Boeken NLSonja Rijnders NLMg mgb gt
182Bert Veenstra NLPieter Ausema NLAlfa romeo giulia
183Bernard Menken NLFrans Jansen NLFord galaxie 500
184Jacques Arends NLLourens Arends NLMg mgb gt
185Kees-Jan Honig NLIvo Westera NLFord mustang
186Wil v.d. Ven NLNico v. Dinther NLVolvo 123 gt
187Chloë Sterk NLJaap Sterk NLMercedes-benz 250 sl pagode
188Paul de Bie NLIneke de Bie NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
189Anneke Dullaert NLHans Dullaert NLVolvo p 220
190Go Wammes NLAnke Wammes NLRover p5 coupe
191Joep Alkemade NLHak v. Nes NLBmw 1600 ti
192Paul Hufman NLPam Hufman NLVolvo 121
194Mark Muller NLWilbert Timp NLDatsun sports 1600 roadster
196Patrick Verzijden NLCarla Hoogweg NLMercedes-benz pagode 280 sl
197Jeff Senden NLBob Senden NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
198Ton Rijnkels NLMart Zelissen NLVolvo 131
199Paul Elsinger NLPeter v. Es NLAlfa romeo 1300 spider duetto junior
200Gert Oosterbeek NLRené Oosterbeek NLVolvo 131
201Ronald Brons NLRosanne Brons NLDaf 555
202Coen Spee NLFrank Bemelmans NLMg mgb gt
203Stefan Sennema NLSander Boerboom NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
204Roeland IJdenberg NLMirjam Verlinden NLDaf 55 coupé
205Aart Broere NLHenk Holzhauer NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
206Nicolette v. Dijck NLEgbert-Jan v. Dijck NLVolkswagen karmann ghia
207Henk Spin NLMike Schuitema NLBmw 1802
208Peter Struyk NLDiederik Struyk NLLancia fulvia coupé 1.6 hf
209Jan Jaap Kuiper NLDino ten Have NLBentley t1
210Willem Kouwenberg NLPaul de Bruijn NLLotus europa s2
211Ed Vink NLMaarten v. Eyk NLBmw 2002
212Harry Dekker NLLaurens Gräper NLAlfa romeo gt junior
213Martin Perels NLJaap v.d. Bos NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint veloce
214Herman Hemke NLPiet Hemke NLAustin healey 3000 roadster
215Paul Zweers NLDustin Zweers NLAlfa romeo 2000 gtv


  • Expert

  • Sport

  • Touring



  1. Annecy
  2. Vals-les-Bains
  3. Vichy
  4. Beaune
  5. Pont-á-Mousson
  6. Genk
  7. Noordwijk



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