Tulpenrallye 2007

  • 2549Kilometers
  • 189Equipes at the start
  • 176Equipes at the finish
  • Jos Lommerse | Marleen Hendrikse
  • Mâcon (F)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


This year, Mâcon is the starting point. Again, along the Route-du-Soleil and slightly further south, right in the heart of the Burgundy region. The cocktail party on Sunday afternoon is hosted by the collective winemakers of Mâcon, attended by 189 teams, indicating that the international concept of the Tulpenrallye is gaining traction and becoming increasingly popular among participants. Chairman Kees Stoel is knighted as a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the week leading up to the Tulpenrallye.

The organization introduces the Expert class this year. As the classic rally sport continues to evolve, some navigators are improving significantly. This makes it increasingly challenging for route planners to create a route that is sufficiently challenging for all navigators aiming to drive at the sport class level. The organization addresses this by introducing a new class alongside the Sport class: Expert. Here, navigation challenges are greater, and the available time for sections is shorter than in the Sport class. The overall winner of the Tulpenrallye (Coupe Rallye des Tulipes) is henceforth the winner of the Expert class.

Furthermore, closed terrain tests are added to the event. Route planners Adrie Brugmans and Jaap Daamen suggest this based on the success seen in other historic rallies. It adds an extra element to the challenges for the teams and the standings, giving drivers the opportunity to showcase their skills. This year, 5 of these tests are included in the program.

Following the successful introduction of the partnership concept, the Tulpenrallye has 4 Partners this year. Van Lanschot Bankiers returns as a partner, and IT service provider LogicaCMG replaces Atos Origin. Vredestein tires and DTZ Zadelhoff are the new Partners. Vredestein thereby renews its historical relationship with the Tulpenrallye and will remain active as a partner for many years.

The route on the first day heads directly into the mountains and offers immediate challenges. Several high mountains are included in the route; the finish on this day is in Aix-les-Bains. Day 2 heads to Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland on Lake Neuchâtel and takes participants over the Grand Colombier (with a time control in dense fog) at the highest point of this edition of the Tulpenrallye. On Wednesday, the rally starts at the beautiful Neuchâtel Castle for a route through the mountains of the Jura and the Vosges, lunch at the Peugeot Museum in Sochaux, and the finish in the renowned Riquewihr. On Thursday, participants continue north with a test at the Geoparc Circuit, arriving at the Alvisse Parc Hotel in Luxembourg by the end of the day. Friday sees bad weather and strong winds. Several trees fall across the roads of the route, but these are promptly cleared by the route planners and lead cars preceding the rally caravan. From Kasteel Vaeshartelt, where participants spend the night on Friday, they head towards Noordwijk on Saturday. In Brabant, several challenging sections are set, including a demanding test at the DAF test track in Udenhout.

Key participants include Bert Dolk / Erwin Berkhof (winners of the previous three editions), Jos Lommerse / Marleen Hendrikse, Harm Lamberigts / Arthur Denzler, Karel Westerman / Martin Roosenboom, Lisa Lankes / Robert Rorife, Albert Boekel / Joep Wanders, Jan Ebus / Jan Berkhof, and Ruud Strooper / Ingeborg Guliker.

Jos Lommerse and Marleen Hendrikse lay the foundation for victory on the first day by missing only 1 checkpoint as the sole team. Dolk / Berkhof surprise by missing 5 checkpoints. They are unsure why, but the fact that they haven’t had much time to drive together before this Tulpenrallye may not have helped.

The team of Jos Lommerse and Marleen Hendrikse convincingly win the 54th edition of the International Historic Tulpenrallye with their 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300. After finishing third in 2005 and second in 2006, this team drives into the Pickézaal of Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ on Saturday evening, May 12, to receive the Coupe Rallye des Tulipes with their car. The second place in this Tulpenrallye is secured by the team of Ruud Strooper / Ingeborg Guliker with a 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV (872 points), while Karel Westerman and Marten Roosenboom arrive in Noordwijk in third place with a 1963 Porsche 356B (1162 points).

The Sport class is won by Peter Dutman and André v.d. Geijn with a 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV, followed closely by Michel Perridon and Maurits Verhoeff with a 1965 Volvo 121, trailing by only 84 points. The Tour class is convincingly won by the debutant and young team of Jochem Kentgens / Kasper Pruysen with a 1971 Morgan 4/4 competition, after a thrilling battle with Pim and Stéphanie Brunet de Rochebrune and their 1966 Jaguar E-Type DHC, finishing just 194 points behind. Kentgens / Pruysen are welcomed outside Noordwijk by 25 classic Morgans escorting them to the finish.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Ruud Wesselink NL Miriam Wesselink NLCitroën ta 7c cabrio
3Jan Kemps NL Jan Maurirts Kemps NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
4Ernst Jan v. Kouwen NL Henco Bouwman NLAlfa romeo 1900 ti
5Bas Kemps NL Violetta Steger NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
6Peter Pratt GB Dave Wilson GBTriumph tr 2
7Henk Janus NL Jaap Verplanken NLAston martin db 2/4 mk ii
8Kees v. Disseldorp NL Eric v. Dijen NLAustin a 50 cambridge
9Jan Rijnink NL Claire Rijnink NLTriumph tr 3
10Wim v.d. Lagemaat NL Klazien v.d. Lagemaat NLPeugeot 203 c
11Jan Ebus NL Jan Berkhof NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster
12Bau Winkel NL Rob Meijer NLFiat 1100 e 103
13Flip Wentink NL Hans Terwee NLSaab 93 de luxe
14Rinus Sinke NL Bart den Hartog NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
15Frank van Deudekom NL Rien Corzilius NLTriumph tr 3
16Jan Vaandrager NL Kees Vaandrager NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
17Niels Serry NL Jeroen v.d. Hek NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
18Henk v.d. Heuvel NL Ad Jacobs NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
19Willem Kok NL Judith de Haas NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
20Gerard Rooks NL Gerard Weck NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
21Frits Janus NL Peter Schets NLAston martin db 2 mk iii
22Claudia Grefrath D Uwe Quack DAustin-healey 100/6 bn 4
23Rob Vermaas NL Arno v. Houtum NLPeugeot 203 c
24Bert Dolk NL Erwin Berkhof NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
25Nico van Dord NL Gerard van Stijn NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
26Leunis de Kam NL Richard de Kam NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
27Sijbrand v.d. Mast NL Taco v.d. Mast NLAlfa romeo giulietta spider
28Charles Serry NL Jacqueline Serry NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
29John Taylor GB Bill Granger GBRiley one point five
30Rob Muhring NL André Kivit NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
31Frank Holtrigter NL Regine Hansche NLMg mga 1600
32Peter Geytenbeek NL Eric Olthof NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
33Dick Schifferli NL John v.d. Boom nlPorsche 356 b s90 gt
34Cliff England GB Peter Rushforth GBAustin-healey sprite mk i
35Ransom Altman NL Simon Suesan NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
36Robert v.d. Camp NL Onno den Boer NLMaserati 3500 vs
37Alan Pettit GB Alex Back GBTriumph herald
38John Albiston GB Graham Watson GBAlfa romeo giulia sprint
39Horst Trappen D Matti Kreutzer DAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
40Rob Woud NL Marion Woud NLPorsche 356 b
41Kees Tromp NL Paul Vermee NLDkw 1000 s
42Cor Meulen B Luc Hendrickx BAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
43Marcel Fruytier NL Jaap Gaastra NLTriumph tr 3a
44Patrick Diemer D Christian v. Zedlitz DAlfa romeo giulia 1600
45Wim v. Lieshout NL Michiel Capelle NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
46Jan Zwaan NL Rob John NLMercedes-benz 300 se
47Robert Fluttert NL Laurent Fluttert NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint
48Karel Westerman NL Martin Roosenboom NLPorsche 356 b
49Rob Versteegh NL Jacques Arends NLMaserati 3500 gti
50Roeland Janus NL Vincent Vierhout NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
51Jos Lommerse NL Marleen Hendrikse NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300
52Patrick Darley F Olivier Sussot FMorris mini cooper s
53Hans in der Maur NL Bart Willems NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
54Lisa Lankes NL Robert Rorife BAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
57Susanne Tonino NL Bart Tonino NLBmw 700 cabrio
58Hans Walraven NL Gijs Zantvoort NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
59Marius Hoogendam NL Cees de Jong NLFord lotus cortina
61Eddy v.d. Hoorn NL René Smeets NLVolvo 122 s
62Klaas Smit NL Ilse Zijlstra NLGriffith 200
63Bart v.d. Kloet NL Miriam v.d. Kloet BAlfa romeo giulia gtc
64Michel Perridon NL Maurits Verhoeff NLVolvo
65Jan Piet v.d. Meer NL Barbara v.d. Meer NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
66Michael Axhausen D Monika Axhausen DTriumph tr 3
67Harry Koorstra NL Leo Pot NLPorsche 356 sc
68Daan Reekers NL Pieter v. Kruijsdijk NLPorsche 911
69Tim Buijs NL Bastiaan Buijs NLTriumph tr 4
70Thom Houg NL Herry Houg NLFord lotus cortina
71Paul Wijns BR Eric Duffhuis NLTriumph 2000 mk i
72Arie van Erkel NL Theo van Erkel NLPorsche 911
73Janhein de Rooij NL Mieke de Rooij NLPorsche 356 c
74Michiel Hehenkamp NL Ron Nakken NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
75Frank Temmink NL Frank Oude Nijhuis NLPorsche 911 s
76Pieter Oostdam NL Kees v.d. Tang NLJaguar e-type fhc
77Aad Lourens NL Pieter den Boef NLMercedes-benz 250 se coupé
78Jake van Beest CH Robert Weitmann NLPorsche 911 s
79Albert Boekel NL Joep Wanders NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
80Georg B?ögershausen D Hans Werner Muller DNsu 1000 tt prinz
81Jouke Post NL Joeri Post NLLotus elan s 3
82Just Gonggrijp NL Paul v.d. Putten NLVolkswagen 1600 tl
83Roel Koster NL Pieter Kasterman NLCitroën id 19 b
85Peter de Munnik NL Dennis Lens v. Rijn NLVolvo 122 s
86Bram Jager NL Anja Lieuwma NLVolvo 121
87Evert Mastenbroek NL Peter Spruijt NLLancia flavia 1.8
88Gerrit Teerink NL Peter Jansen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
89Wim Noorman NL Bert Viel NLPeugeot 404 coupé
90Leendert de Haan NL Inez v.d. Poll NLVolvo p 1800
91Edmond Planteydt NL Marijke Benningshof NLVolvo 121
92Simon v.d. Heden NL Theo v.d. Laan NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint
93Maarten Nederkoorn NL Bram Rutgers NLLancia fulvia coupé
94Maarten Bos NL Helma Wortelboer NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
95Boudewijn Boeken NL Jan Voskuijl NLMg mgb gt
96Frans Smits NL Peter v. Hoof NLPorsche 911
97Mark Moerman NL Edward v. Dongen NLAlfa romeo gt junior
98Hans Mart Groen NL Wim v. Rootselaar NLPorsche 911 s coupé
99Mark Hagenzieker NL Remco Hagenzieker NLJaguar e-type
100Cees de Jong NL Valentijn de Jong NLVolvo 123 gt
101Cees Hoogendoorn NL Cor Verbrugge NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
102Piet Jetten NL Dries Jetten NLOpel kadett rallye
103Aasmund Kleve N Odvar Moland NVolvo 123 gt
104Ans Berkelaar NL Huib Berkelaar NLDatsun 2000 sport
105Jaco de Hoog NL Ed Bijster NLBmw 1602
106Han Machielsen NL Henri v.d. Lugt NLVolvo 131
107Joris Buijs NL David Buijs NLPorsche 911 targa
108Arie Kranenburg NL Chris Vera NLTriumph tr 250
109Loek de Rooij NL Rosita Offinga NLAustin mini cooper mk i
110Mark v. Zunderd NL Joost de Jong NLAlfa romeo giulia veloce
111Ruud Oudman NL Jurgen v.d. Rijke NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
112Jordi v.d. Heuvel NL Erik Hartman NLMg mgb gt
113Guido Buijs NL Robbert Buijs NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
114Hilmar Andersen DK Henning Friborg DKVolvo 123 gt
115Hans Bakkers NL Martijn Levert NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
116Rutger Reinders NL Gerrit Reijnders NLPorsche 911 s
117Patrick Damen NL Rick v. Paridon NLPorsche 911 s
118Sijmen Verveer NL Bastiaan Stapel NLFiat 850 coupé
119Olaf Pothoven NL Rob v.d. Berg NLVolvo 122 s
120Willem Vermeulen NL Ellen Vermeulen NLJaguar mk ii
121Harm Lamberigts NL Arthur Denzler NLFord escort 1300
122Rolf Lie N Tom Granli NPorsche 911 t
123Klaus Ligensa D Karl-Gustav Sander DBmw 2002
124Martijn Verveer NL Hans Verveer NLFiat 124 coupé
125Frans Diepeveen NL Rob Heuft NLAustin mini cooper s
126Frans de Zoete NL Joan v.d. Lustgraaf NLMg mgc gt
127Ruus Strooper NL Ingeborg Guliker NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
128Peter Dutman NL André v.d. Geijn NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
129Pim Janus NL Ton Janus NLMg mgb
130Robert Mous NL Thijs van Berckel NLPorsche 911 t
131Hans Lampier NL Eric Lampier NLPorsche 911 s targa
132Pieter Walraven NL Rob v.d. Poel NLLotus elan plus 2
134Alain Remy F Michel Thomas FAlfa romeo junior bertone
135Hans v.d. Weerd NL Gep Salentijn NLMg mgc gt
136Job v. Breevoort NL Catelijne v. Breevoort NLAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
137Hans Kuijvenhoven NL Pieter Kuijvenhoven NLVolvo 123 gt
138Bert Meulenbeld NL Uleke Oordt NLPorsche 911 t coupé
139Daan Peters NL Maarten Peters NLSaab 99
140Daan Hartgers NL Piet Mozes NLAlfa romeo giulia s 1.6l
141Ingo Buschmann D Hansi Suenkeler DAlfa romeo giulia super
142Maries Dinaux NL Eric v. Straaten NLTriumph tr 6 c
143Rob v.d. Rijst NL Ben v.d. Rijst NLBmw 2002 ti
144Rob Klaarenbeek NL Ronald Batenburg NLVolkswagen 914
145Ron Lopes Cardozo NL Brigitte Stekelenburg NLBmw 2002 tii
146Gerben Janssen NL Eric Bosscher NLSaab 96 sprint
147Martin Slagt NL Henny Sweering NLAlfa romeo 2000 gtv
148Yu Mey Kwee NL Tjoe Houw Kwee NLLotus europa s2
149Jaco Bijlsma NL Robert Servaas NLTriumph tr 6
150Frank Thunnissen NL Reinoud Miggels NLMercedes-benz 280 sl
151Marcel Geurts NL Alfons Geurts NLMercedes-benz 280 sl
152Oscar Uhlhorn NL Henk Kruit NLAlfa romeo giulia super
153Elco v. Duijn NL Reinier Noort NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
154Hank Melse NL Nicole Melse NLPorsche 911
155Wouter Limpens NL Jacques Limpens NLAlfa romeo 1750 berlina
156Hans van Dalen NL Erik Bruêns NLAlfa romeo 2000 gtv
157John Vanderklift NL Joep Goethart NLMg mgc
160Nico Kuiper NL Richard Veldkamp NLRiley i/s special
161Martin Aaldering NL Jose Aaldering NLJaguar xk 120 roadster
162Martin Perels NL Jaap v.d. Bos NLMercedes-benz 300 sl gullwing
163Henk Dibbets NL Maxim Metz NLTriumph tr 3
164Willem Kouwenberg NL Ruud Kouwenberg NLRover 75 p4
165Nan Beers NL Tona v.d. Veldt NLFord zephyr 2500
166Karin Roest NL Cor Lokker NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
167Piet Hemke NL Herman Hemke NLAustin-healey 100/6
168Stef Goedvriend NL Joep Goedvriend NLTriumph tr 3a
169Martjam v.d. Knoop NL Lidy v.d. Knoop NLMg mga 1600 roadster
170Wolfgang Stubbe D Daniel Schulz DWartburg 311
171Bas ’t Jong NL Joke ‘t Jong NLJaguar e-type ots
172Jean Paul Vantorre B Marc Basyn BAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
173Jan v. Dijken NL Hans Pieter de Jong NLVolvo 122 s
174Paul v. Dam NL Ron Jansen NLMaserati 3500 gti
175Willem Maats NL Ton v. Daal NLMercedes-benz 300 se
176Hans Reijnen NL Gerry Bouwmans NLVolvo p 1800 s
177Marcel Sontrop NL Bettie Sontrop NLAlaf romeo giulia spider
178Katheleen Redelé NL Jan-Carel Redelé NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
179Cor de Bakker NL Jan de Bakker NLPorsche 356 sc
180Mike Ton NL Roderick Ton NLVolvo pv 544
181Hedy v. Zijl NL Jos v. Zijl NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
182Armin v. Ewijk NL Vera v. Ewijk NLPorsche 911
183Jan ten Cate NL Harry Nijland NLAston martin db 5
184Chris Parkes GB Ben Parkes GBSaab 850 monte carlo
185Pim Brunet de Rochebrune NL Stéphanie Brunet de Rochebrune NLJaguar e-type dhc
186Paul Colijn NL Rolf Venhoven NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
187Anne Hering D Inez Hof NLVolvo 123 gt
188Joop de Man NL Kees Goossen NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
189Wolfgang Ruhs D Reinhold Wichert DTriumph spitfire gt
190Ronald Hof NL Frank Verder NLVolvo 123 gt
191Joep Alkemade NL Jan Alkemade NLBmw 1600 ti
192Theo Huijbreghts NL Auke v.d. Brink NLPorsche 912
193Karien de Steenhuijsen NL Marco Brocken NLCitroën ds cabriolet
194André Schoonderwoerd NL Inge Schoonderwoerd NLTriumph tr 250
195Ton v.d. Broek NL Theo v.d. Broek NLAlfa romeo 1750 gtv
196Mart Ruttchen NL Ton Rijkels NLVolvo 131
197Ben Loogman NL Sjaak Morée NLBmw 2002 ti
198Roeland IJdenberg NL Mirjam Verlinden NLDaf 55 t coupé
199Eric Jans NL Marcel Jans NLMg mgb
200Erik Garritsen NL Rob Hesselink NLVolvo 144
201Antonyke Humme NL Hermine Vlas NLPorsche 911 e 2.4
202Jochem Kentgens NL Kasper Pruysen NLMorgan 4/4 competition
203Stefan Sennema NL Sander Boerboom NLFiat 124 sport spider


  • Expert

  • Sporting

  • Touring



  1. Mâcon
  2. Aix-les-Bains
  3. Yverdon-les-Bains
  4. Riquewihr
  5. Luxemburg
  6. Maastricht
  7. Noordwijk



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