Tulpenrallye 2002

  • 2200Kilometers
  • 185Equipes at the start
  • 167Equipes at the finish
  • Jan Ebus | Jan Berkhof
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


In 2002, the pace was slowed down a bit because it wasn’t entirely clear how many days of rallying the participants preferred. The start was planned for Tuesday after the technical inspection of the participating cars on the boulevard in Noordwijk and a reception offered by the Municipality of Noordwijk on Monday. The route was once again designed by Hans Brinkman and André Jetten.

After starting in Noordwijk, the participants headed towards Luxembourg for the first overnight stop. The route passed through familiar rally locations in Chaam, Brabant, and Eijsden, Limburg, with fewer passages through Belgium to allow participants to reach France more quickly. The route had to be adjusted on the second day when it became clear that part of the Giro d’Italia route was on the same roads. Riquewihr in the French Vosges was included again in the route, and here, participants covered the last meters of the second day through the historic center of this picturesque town. Dinner took place above the city gate in Riquewihr that evening. The third day entirely passed through the Vosges, incorporating all the well-known Tulpenrallye cols. The fourth day consisted of a relatively simple morning section, but the “Ardennes offensive” in the afternoon was very challenging. Saturday featured a difficult route in the morning, and due to heavy local traffic during the Pentecost weekend, many participants experienced delays. An unexpected “tulip chart free route” in the Netherlands provided additional challenges, and on the way to Noordwijk, participants stopped in Utrecht at sponsor Fortis Bank for lunch.

Key participants included Eddy van den Hoorn, Bert Dolk, Renger Guliker, Jan Ebus, Karel Westerman, Frans Zapfe (Germany), Peter Pratt (UK), Barry Weir (UK), and Rolf Lie (Norway).

After the first day, the rivals from the 2001 edition, Dolk-Rorife and Ebus-Berkhof, were once again in the lead. However, on the second day, Ebus lost time, allowing Dolk-Rorife to regain the lead by the end of that day. On Thursday, Dolk dropped out when he encountered a herd of cows, causing his Volvo’s clutch to burn out. Other teams also accumulated points on this day, allowing Westerman and Roosenboom to take the lead at the end of day 3. They maintained the lead on day four, with Ebus-Berkhof arriving at the finish in Waveren with a broken gearbox. They seemed unable to continue. After much phone calling, Jan Ebus eventually found another gearbox 600 km away in Germany. It was brought to Belgium and installed in the Mercedes overnight. When other teams made mistakes on Saturday and van den Hoorn-Smeets clocked in at the wrong location, Ebus and Berkhof won the 49th edition in the red Mercedes.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Graham Rood GBAlan Smith GBRiley sports
2Ruud Wesselink NLMiriam Wesselink NLCitroën ta 7c cabrio
3Pim Alberda Jelgersma NLFrank Alberda Jelgersma NLBugatti type 40 cabrio
4Bart Kleyn NLMarian Schenk NLLancia aprilia berline
5Rob v.d. Zalm NLHarry Boelen NLJaguar xk 120
6Wim v.d. Lagemaat NLKlazien v.d. Lagemaat NLPeugeot 203 a
7Richard v.d. Heuvel NLAbe de Jong NLJaguar xk 120 roadster
8Jan Blijenberg NLPiet van Doesburg NLMercedes-benz 300 sl gullwing
9Jan Rijnink NLClaire Rijnink NLTriumph tr 3
10Philip Hartog NLMarianne Heemskerk NLLancia aurelia b 20 s
11Robert Bröcker NLBrigitte Hagemeyer NLPorsche 356 a coupé
12René v.d. Bosch NLMargaret v.d. Bosch NLMercedes-benz 219 berline
13Jos Haans NLJoep Alkemade NLBmw 507 cabriolet
14Flip Wentink NLJustus v. Dapperen NLSaab 93a de luxe
15Willem v.d. Meijden NLJaap Truijens NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
16Hans Peen NLHak van Nes NLSimca aronde p60 gl
17Fried v. Oirschot NLWim v. Oirschot NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster
18Frans v. Kemenade NLMarie Th. v. Kemenade NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
19Eric Pouw NLDanielle Fuchter NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
20Oscar Zaalmink NLDaniel Schulz DWartburg 311 – 008
21Ransom Altman NLSimon Suesan NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
22Bart ter Borg NLRutger ter Borg NLMg mga 1600
23Maarten Speekenbrink NLKees Bakker NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
24Robert Fluttert NLEric Olthof NLTriumph tr 3a
25Hans v.d. Weerd NLGep Salentijn NLBentley s3 continental
26Paul Vonk NLEdit Hallensleben NLTriumph tr 4
28Hans Verhoeff NLJoppe Verhoeff NLVolvo pv 544 sport b18
29Jaap van Tol NLDick van Doorn NLChevrolet corvette sr
30Rob Vermaas NLHuito Tinga NLMorris minor traveller
31Marcel Sontrop NLRuud Nijhout NLAlfa romeo giulia spider
32Peter Spanjaard NLPeter-Paul Spanjaard NLTriumph tr 4
34Ton Sieling NLDick Sieling NLRolls-royce silver cloud
36Ronald Melieste NLFrans Blankemeijer NLNsu wankel spider
37Ilona Gatsma NLJaap Gatsma NLMg mgb
38Hans Buurman NLKees v. Veldhuyzen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
39Henri v.d. Lugt NLWim Oostlander NLVolvo p 130
40Theo Jansen NLRuud Waalwijk NLMercedes-benz 220 se
41Michiel Hehenkamp NLJos van Zijl NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
42Hans-Mart Groen NLWim v. Rootselaar NLPorsche 911 s coupé
43Maries Dinaux NLEric v. Straaten NLCitroën azam 6
44Paul Colijn NLRalph Thé NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
45Daan Hartgers NLJoost Hartgers NLMg mgb
46Leendert de Haan NLInez v.d. Poll NLVolvo p 1800 s coupé
47Marcel Jans NLEric Jans NLPorsche 911 l
48Jeroen Levert NLMarjolein Sutmuller NLCitroën ds 21 cabriolet
49Kranenburg Arie NLVerra Chris NLTriumph tr 250
50Eric Oosterveen NLTanja Oosterveen NLVolvo 123 gt
51Hans Bakkers NLCarry Bakkers NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
52Marc de Bruijn NLBart de Bruijn NLLancia fulvia ralley coupé
53Piet Dubbeldam NLAd Kattestaart NLAlfa romeo giulia super
54Martin van Rossen NLAnton v.d. Ven NLVolvo 123 gt
55Theo v.d. Laan NLJan Visser NLLancia fulvia gt
56Henri Rinck NLMark Jansen NLMg mgb
57Ko den Herder NLJack Waterman NLMorris mini cooper
58Theo Verhoeff NLMaurits Verhoeff NLMg mgb gt
59Peter v.d. Zon NLMaarten v.d. Putten NLVolvo 123 gt coach
60Simon v.d. Heden NLDesirée Heeswijk NLAlfa romeo duetto 1750
61Louis de Maar NLYu Mey Kwee NLLancia fulvia rallye coupé
62Henk v.d. Heuvel NLAd Jacobs NLMg mgc gt
63Jan ten Cate NLHarry Nijland NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
64Hans Barth NLMartien Jonkers NLMercedes-benz 250 sl
65Jan van Velzen NLJan Willem van Velzen NLMg mga mk ii
66Bas Kemps NLJan Kemps NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
67Peter Pratt GBJulie Eaglen GBTriumph tr 2
68Constant Steger NLIngeborg Guliker NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
69Pieter Booij NLJeroen Booij NLAustin-healey 100m roadster
70Willem v.d. Mast NLBen v.d. Rijst NLTriumph tr 3
71Henk Janus NLRoeland Janus NLAston martin db 2/4 mk ii
72Karl-Heinz Hintz DJurgen van Eck DAustin-healey 100 m
73Jan Ebus NLJan Berkhof NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster
74Bau Winkel NLRob Meijer NLFiat 103 e
75Michael Axhausen DMonika Axhausen DTriumph tr 3
76Dries Jetten NLDick Jetten NLFerrari 250 gt
77Rinus Sinke NLJaap Sinke NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
78Frank van Deudekom NLRobert-Jan de Groot NLTriumph tr 3
79Richard Veldkamp NLNico Kuiper NLPeugeot 203 c
80Nan Beers NLIvar Wittebrood NLFord zephyr 2500
81Frits Janus NLTon Janus NLAston martin db 2/4 mk iii
82Rik de Jaegere BMarieke van Uffel BTriumph tr 3
83Alan Arphi FBart den Hartog NLAustin-healey 100/6
84Cees Hoogendoorn NLCor Verbrugge NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
85Cees Dobbe NLHaiko Neidig NLFord prefect 107 e
86Maxime Chalot NLYves Thirionet NLJaguar xk 150 coupé
88Nico van Dord NLDick Pieksma NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
89Robert v.d. Camp NLOnno den Boer NLMercedes-benz 220 s cabriolet
90Paul Wijns NLEric Duffhuis NLAustin-healey 100/6
91Colin Mc Meekin GBTerence Bradley EIRTriumph tr 3a
92Rob Muhring NLAndré Kivit NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
93Edgar Krug NLFerry van Egmond NLSunbeam alpine serie i
94Dick Schiferli NLBertus Raats NLPorsche 356 b gt coupé
95Derek Skinner GBDavid Kirkham GBAustin-healey 3000 roadster
96Frans Froger NLMarije Froger NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
97Nico Baas NLYves Gosset NLTriumph tr 3a
98Hermine Vlas NLJoan v.d. Lustgraaf NLMg mga 1600
99Luc de Vos BGeert Cuypers BPorsche 356 b coupé
100Barry Weir GBSophy Gardner GBAston martin db 4
101Lisa Klokgieters NLAnja Lieuwma NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
102Niek Rietveld NLHans Reuchlin NLSaab 96
103Norbert Kappes DHolger Wurft DVolvo pv 544 sport
104Niek Bastiaan NLAnja Bastiaan NLTriumph tr3a
105Pieter Oostdam NLKees v.d. Tang NLJaguar e-type fhc
106Rob Woud NLMarion Woud NLPorsche 356 b
107Hans Hubbeling NLGerda Hubbeling NLAlfa romeo giulietta
108Henk Touw NLWillem Uitenbroek NLPorsche 356 b
109Matthew Smith GBRonald Brons NLTriumph herald 1200
110Roman Caresani ACees Kooy NLPorsche 356 b
111Cor Meulen BLuc Hendrickx BAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
112Dries Willems NLBart Willems NLMercedes-benz 190 sl
113Jan van Honschoten NLRichard van Honschoten NLPorsche 356 b
114Caecile Veltman NLTjoe Houw Kwee NLAlfa romeo giulia ti
115Rolf Lie NTom Granli NMg mgb
116Pim Janus NLFred Froger NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
117Harrie Koorstra NLMisha Soesman NLMorris mini cooper
118Bart van Eeuwijk NLDries Nijssen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
119Karel Westerman NLMartin Roosenboom NLPorsche 356 b
120Gies Aalberts NLSees Aalberts NLMorris mini cooper
121Jos Lommerse NLTon Lommerse NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300
122Peter Hendriks NLErwin Berkhof NLVolvo 122 s
123Franz Zapfe DAnja Bögershausen DMercedes-benz 220 se b
124Jan van Doorn NLFred van Doorn NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
125Jan Scholtens NLPeter Kipp NLMg mgb
126Emile Heemskerk NLRogier Duijndam NLVolvo p 130
127Renger Guliker NLPim ’t Hart NLFiat 1600 s
128Hans van Dalen NLPeter de Munnik NLPorsche 356 sc coupé
129Lindy Margadant NLRoberto Knapen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
130Lin v.d. Slikke NLRob v.d. Beek NLPorsche 356 c
131Rob Huisman NLAlbert-Jan Huisman NLVolvo 122 s coach
132Aad Lourens NLPieter den Boef NLMercedes-benz 250 se coupé
133Marco Schilder NLGerrie Meerenboer NLSunbeam alpine series 4
134Thom Houg NLHerry Hough NLFord lotus cortina
135Bert Dolk NLRobert Rorife NLVolvo 122 s
136Marius Hoogendam NLErik Bruêns NLMg mgb
137Wolter Gratama NLJaap Kiel NLPorsche 911 coupé
138Cees de Jong NLBoudewijn Oomkens NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
139Fokko Rietveld NLCarolien Jordaan NLVolvo 131
140Eddy v.d. Hoorn NLRené Smeets NLVolvo 122 s
141Gaston Koelemij NLTom Gatsonides NLPorsche 356 c
142David Gidden GBBill Granger GBLotus elan s3 coupé
143Hans van Baaren NLArthur Denzler NLFord consul cortina
144Steven Lobrecht NLRonald Zieltjes NLFiat 1500 c berline
145Len Smith GBRichard Lumb GBMorris mini cooper s
146Arie van Erkel NLTheo van Erkel NLPorsche 911 coupé
147Guus Benistant NLJoost Dull NLVolvo 122 s
148Gert Brouwer NLErnst-Jan v. Kouwen NLAlfa romeo giulia super
149Peter Taal NLMartin Taal NLPorsche 911 s
150Georg Bögershausen DHans-Werner Muller DNsu 1000 tt
151Sander Drijber NLMaarten Drijber NLMg mgb
152Olaf Pothoven NLBram Rutgers NLVolvo 122 s
153Maarten Nederkoorn NLPaul v.d. Berg NLLancia fulvia hf
154Pim Brunet de Rochebrune NLRaoul Brunet de Rochebrune NLJaguar e-type dhc
155Gerry Steenbergen NLBram Jager NLVolvo 121
156James MC Donald GBRyan Pickering GBAustin 1800 berline
157Gerrit Teerink NLDik Postma NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
158Jouke Post NLJomar Post NLLotus elan s3
159Frank Thunnissen NLTon Karelse NLPeugeot 404 cabriolet
160Frits Borst NLJan v.d. Meer NLLancia fulvia coupé
161Horst Deumel DWlli Potjans DBmw 2000 ti
162Hans Barth NLGert Goedbloed NLMercedes-benz 250 sl
163Sijmen Verveer NLBas Stapel NLFiat 850 coupé
164Joris Buijs NLWilco Beijer NLPorsche 911 targa
165Loek de Rooij NLDik Vervoort NLAustin mini cooper mk i
166Fred Heuft NLRob Heuft NLSaab sonett ii
167Pieter Bartelse NLRobert Weitmann NLMg mgb gt
168Patrick Damen NLRick van Paridon NLPorsche 911 s
169Peter Beuk NLLilian v.d. Togt NLVolvo 123 gt
170Aasmund Kleve NJan Egil Jenssen NVolvo 123 gt coach
171Edwin Doesburg NLMartijn v.d. Roer NLAlfa romeo duetto 1750
172Willem Hielkema NLMachteld de Vries NLJaguar 340 berline
173Louis Bos NLPieter Bos NLCitroën ds 21
174Peter Boon NLPeter Jansen NLTriumph vitesse 2l mk ii
175Reinier Raadshooven NLHuib Geurink NLLancia fulvia rallye
176Stef Mooiman NLEd Bijster NLBmw 1602
177Frans van Bueren NLMieke van Bueren NLVolvo p 1800 s
178Lucas Polman NLJoep Verschuur NLAlfa romeo giulia s lusso
179Frank Kessels NLOtto v.d. Meer NLPorsche 911 l coupé
180Paul Kok NLNico Cortlever NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
181Charles Offinga NLRosita Offinga NLSaab 96 v4
182Hans Lampier NLEric Lampier NLPorsche 911 s targa
183Martin Polak NLMarco Cornelissen NLFord cortina 1600 gt
184Bart v.d. Kloet NLMiriam v.d. Kloet BFerrari 330 gtc
185Pieter Walraven NLMichel de Maar NLLotus elan plus 2
186Daan Peters NLMaarten Peters NLMg mgb gt
187Otto Kristensen DKBritta Kristensen DKLancia fulvia rallye
188Kees Krug NLLoek Alders NLMorris mini cooper s
189Martijn Levert NLInès Plasmans NLPorsche 911 s
190Frans de Zoete NLMarleen Hendrikse NLMg mgc gt
191Verner Grebart DKClaus Falck Hansen DKMg mgc gt
192Harm Lamberigts NLPeter Saanen NLFord escort gt
193Marc Petter NLJacques Limpens NLLancia fulvia gt
194Henk Janssen NLJan Dirk Timmerman NLTriumph tr 250
195Niek van Gils NLMarianne van Gils NLPorsche 911


  • Sporting

  • Touring

  • Vintage



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Echternach
  3. Riquewihr
  4. Vittel
  5. Wavre
  6. Noordwijk



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