Tulpenrallye 1996

  • 2200Kilometers
  • 195Equipes at the start
  • 116Equipes at the finish
  • Roger Munda | Robert Rorife
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


On the basis of last year’s success, another day is being added to the program. The start is already taking place on Tuesday, in order to be able to drive in the Vosges for a almost two days. The Sporting class has 146 registrations, while the remaining 49 participants are registered for the Touring class. Under number 1 this year Maus Gatsonides and Bob Dickhout do start with the replica of the Ford Zephyr from 1953. For Gatso this is his 10th Tulip while Dickhout starts for the 13th time. Together they are 155 years old and they bring more than 100 years of rally experience to the start. The brothers Martien and Paul van Doorne, grandsons of the founders of Daf, are starting in a Daf 55 Marathon that has participated in the London-Sydney Marathon in the past. Other Dutch registrations are Eddy van den Hoorn and René Smeets, Bart and Timo Rietbergen, Renger and Ingeborg Guliker, Constantius Steger and Jean van der Elst and the ladies Titia Westerhof and Anja van der Marel. Dries Jetten, (this is his 13th start in the Tulpenrallye), starts with son Piet this year in the Sporting class. Jan Berkhof is also at the start again. After previous participations in the seventies with Jan van der Marel, and a few times in the beginning of the eighties, he is this time the navigator of Linus Verhoeks. Foreign contenders are the Belgians Arnold van Dolder and Jan van der Meer, Mike Cornwell (Porsche 356-1964), Andersen-Friborg and the Brits Philip Prettejohn and Malcolm McKay (Jaguar E-type-1965).

After the start in Noordwijk the crews drive via Bergen op Zoom (the VVV there is a sponsor this year) heading to Belgium. In this country it is always difficult to find the route on the Michelin maps that form the basis for the Tulpenrallye in these years, but in the end most of the teams arrive at La Roche in the Ardennes. The second day, the route leads through Belgium, Luxembourg and the north of France to Türckheim in the Vosges. For the Thursday, a long loop was created through the Vosges containing the ballons route and the new route of the 1000 lakes. On Friday, the participants drive from Türckheim to Monschau, from where they will depart on Saturday in the direction of the finish in Noordwijk.

Munda and Roriffe (Porsche 911-1965) clearly demonstrate their experience with the historic rally work. They do all 53 time controls  and 83 route controls without penalty points. Only on the regularity stages do they accumulate 90 penalty points. Also van den Hoorn and Smeets (Volvo 122 S-1965) report at all controls correctly, but they lose the race on regularity tests. On the 20 secret time checks included in this, they get 112 penalty points more than the Belgian winners. Don van der Vaart and André Jetten fight for a long time in the top, but they fall back with technical problems. That also happens to Gatsonides-Dickhout when they get problems with the petrol pump on Friday. Unfortunately, for the first time in many years, two accidents with serious injuries are regrettably taking place. Both crews end up in the hospital in France, but come home healthy a few weeks after the rally.

The touring class is won by TV presenter Rob Fruithof together with Autovisie journalist Ron Herlaar in an Alfa Romeo of the Team Rallysport Amersfoort. Titia Westerhof and Anja van der Marel again win the Coupe des Dames. Maus Gatsonides confirms during the prize-giving ceremony that this was his last appearance in competitive sports. A standing ovation of the 600 attendees is awarded to him and his wife, winner of the Coupe des Dames in 1949.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Maus Gatsonides NLBob Dickhout NLFord zephyr six
2Eddy v.d. Hoorn NLRené Smeets NLVolvo 122 s
3Job van Breevoort NLBart Rietbergen NLMorris mini cooper s
4Mike Cornwell GBColin Francis GBPorsche 356
5Roger Munda BRobert Rorife BPorsche 911
6Robert Droogmans BRobay Moers BPorsche 911
7Renger Guliker NLIngeborg Guliker NLFiat 1600 s cabrio
8Constantius Steger NLJean v.d. Elst BJaguar xk 120
9Eric Leerdam NLHans Gordijn NLFord lotus cortina
10Don v.d. Vaart NLAndré Jetten NLTriumph tr 3 a
11Linus Verhoeks NLJan Berkhof NLAustin-healey 3000 mkii
12Loek de Rooij NLPeter Bezemer NLVw kever 11
13Hilmar Andersen DKHenning Friborg DKVolvo 123 gt
14Peter Deckers BLuc Hendrickx BAustin-healey 3000 mkii
15Eiso Bergsma NLHerman Brouwer NLPorsche 911
16Stein Johnsen NRoel Rosbag NLVolvo pv 544 s
17Will aan de Stegge NLAnton aan de Stegge NLTriumph tr 3
18Carl Greif NLFred Greif NLPeugeot 203 c
19Philip Prettejohn GBMalcolm Mckay GBJaguar e-type
20Frans Diepeveen NLErik van Hardeveld NLAustin-healey sprite mki
21Titia Westerhof NLAnja van der Marel NLFord cortina gt
22Tessa Morsink NLJos Schreuders NLPorsche 356 a coupé
23Pim Hagen NLJacob-Aart Hagen NLTriumph tr 5 pi
24Jan v.d. Meer NLArnold van Dolder NLMg mgb
25Hans de Jong NLMax v.d. Grift NLMg mgc roadster
26Willem. Kwakkel NLRinus Sinke NLAustin-healey 100/6
27Christine van Thiel NLMike van Thiel NLAustin-healey 100/6
28Maries Dinaux NLEric van Straaten NLTriumph tr 6 c
29Martin Petitt GBBrian Parker GBVolvo 133
30John aan de Stegge NLBen Roetgerink NLFord thunderbird
31Herman v.d. Bosch NLBas v.d. Heide NLVolvo 122 s
32Robert-Jan 't Hoen NLCaecile 't Hoen NLAustin-healey mkiii works
33Hans Kooy NLPeter Staal NLTriumph tr 3 a
34Henk Janus NLFred Ouwerling NLAustin healey 3000 mkii
35Jaap v.d. Borg NLAd Janssen NLTriumph spitfire 4
36Lin v.d. Slikke NLDick van Geet NLPorsche 356 c
37Willem v.d. Mast NLJohn Wasserman NLTriumph tr 3
38Dries Jetten NLPiet Jetten NLFerrari 250 gte
39René Vos NLJan Kees Zantvoort NLAlfa romeo giulia spider
40Willem Lemstra NL Austin-healey 3000 mk iii
41Neil Wilson GBHans van Beek NLPorsche 356 c
42Niek van Gils NLMarianne van Gils NLTriumph tr 3 a
43Jan ten Cate NLRonald Brons NLAston martin db 5
44Hans Bronsgeest NLJaap Boender NLFord lotus cortina
45Luc Geebelen BWinand van den Rul BPorsche 911
46Aad Lourens NLPiet den Boef NLAston martin db 4
47Ineke Mouthaan NLEmma Collette NLTriumph tr 4
48Rob Mühring NLAndré Kivit NLAustin-healey 3000 mki
49Stephen Bowen NLMichiel Capelle NLAustin-healey sebring sprite
50Pieter van Bijsterveld NLBenno Schmitz NLAlfa romeo 1300 gt junior
51Rob v.d. Zalm NLHarry Boele NLMg mga
52Cees Willemse NLAnton Vermeulen NLJaguar xk 150
53Dirk de Wild NLWil de Wild NLPorsche 911 s
54Tony Davies GBAlan Smith GBGilbern 1800 gt
55Lilian v.d. Vaart NLJan Joost Hooimeijer NLDaf 55 marathon
56Fred van Lingen NLJaap Verplanken NLAlfa romeo 1600 gt
57Jan Vaandrager NLKees Vaandrager NLAustin-healey 100/6
58Fred de Boer NLNico Baas NLPeugeot 403
59Marc van Doorne NLPaul van Doorne NLDaf 55 (london-sydney)
60Michael Abram GBMargaret Abram GBAustin a90 westminster
61Ferdinand Eekels NLJeroen Dudok van Heel NLTriumph tr 3 a
62Guido Buijs NLJoris Buijs NLAustin-healey 3000 mkiii
63Jürgen Langensiepen DIngrid Langensiepen NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 s
64Peter Beuk NLPeter Beuk NLAustin-healey 3000 mkiii
65Ben v.d. Rijst NLJan de Groot NLTriumph tr 3 a
66Henk van Montfoort NLReinhard Mahler DLancia appia v4
67Sjaak Wagenaar NLMark Uleman NLMercedes 190 sl
68Frits Swinkels NLErik Stegeman NLFord zephyr six
69Jos Knijf NLEdu de Roos NLTriumph tr 3 a
70Daan Kooij NLCockey Kooij NLTriumph tr 4
71Lindy Margadant NLAuke Beumer NLAlfa romeo giulia gt sprint
72Kees Heutink NLAdrie Brugmans NLMg mgb
73Bob Hahn NLHans de Bruin NLPorsche 356 c
74Wolter Gratama NLEdgar Krug NLPorsche 911 s
75Christ. v. Zweeden NLJos van Zijl NLAston martin db 6 vantage
76Annemarie van Dam van Isselt NLReinout de Waal NLAlfa romeo giulietta spider
77Gerard Cretier NLDirk-Jan Cretier NLBmw 2002 a
78Robert Brandy LCurt Wagner LMg mga
79Nan Beers NLGerry Meereboer NLFord zephyr 2500
80Niek Bastiaan NLAnja v.d. Mark NLTriumph tr 3 a
81Frits Janus NLHenk Janus NLAston martin db 2/4 mk iii
82Pieter Walraven NLMichel de Maar NLLotus elan plus 2
83Richard Rooze NLEric Violier NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 s
84Neil Revington GBTony Caldwell GBTriumph tr 4
85Dick Schiferli NLHerman Schipper NLPorsche 356 c
86Rob Klaarenbeek NLRonald Batenburg NLVw-porsche 914
87Fokko Rietveld NLCarolien Jordaan NLVolvo p 544
89Nico de Jong NLMarco de Jong NLTriumph tr 4 a
90Frans Froger NLHenk v.d. Berg NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
91Jan Schaap NLHenk v.d. Maten NLAustin healey 3000 mk iii
92Torsten Franzen DHans-Werner Mattis DAustin healey 3000 mkii
93Jouke Post NLHans Pieter v.d. Pot NLLotus elan s 3
94Joop Stolze NLCees Segaar NLPorsche 911 s
95Rob Peters NLTheo van Erkel NLJaguar mark 2 3.8
96Rob Kerssemakers NLFrank Ebrecht NLNsu 1200 tt
97Hans Walraven NLBart Heijblom NLAustin-healey 3000 mkii tric.
98Bert Klomp NLLeslie Treffers NLVolkswagen kever 1300
99Gerrit Schippers NLRoland Holland NLAustin-healey 3000 mki
100Jan Stam NLPaul Strating NLPorsche 356 coupé b1
101Piet-Hein Mutsaerts NLReinier Mutsaerts NLFord cortina gt
102Peter Hans v.d. Nat NLMarcelle v.d. Leur NLMg mgb
103Tjoe Houw Kwee NLJohn van Grootel NLLotus europa s2
104Carel Küthe NLFred Huigen NLAustin-healey 3000 mki
105Jan Koerts NLPieter Nederhoff NLLancia fulvia zagato
106Rob Kool NLPaul Neeskens NLVolvo 1800 es
107Horst Deumel DSandra Deumel DPorsche 356 b
108Paul Kok NLFelice v.d. Aa NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
109Leunis de Kam NLJeroen Meyerink NLAustin-healey 3000 mki
110Peter Kant NLJohn Wijnands NLVolvo pv 544
111Kees Krug NLAlain Handgraaf NLMorris mini mk ii
112Jan-Hein Menke NLMees Burgers NLAustin-healey 3000 mki
113Peter de Munnik NLHans van Dalen NLPorsche 912
114Aernout Lindner NLMaarten van Kekem NLBmw 2002
115Anton Sieling NLDirk de Lange NLBmw 1800
116Rob van Arendonk NLGijs Koldewijn NLTriumph 2000 saloon
117Anthony Wolters NLPeter-Paul Sassen NLTriumph tr 4 a irs
118Boudewijn v. Ouwerkerk NLPaul Klinkhamers NLAlfa romeo giulia ti
119Rob v.d. Sigtenhorst NLHendrik Meyer NLVolvo 122 s
120Fokko Speelman NLNico Rietveld NLMg midget
121Peter Taal NLMartin Taal NLVolvo 123 gt
122Gaston Koelemij NLRob Huisman NLMg mgb gt
123Tom Roepers NLEva Roepers NLMg mga roadster
124Ron van 't Schip NLJunior Stoutenbeek NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
125Lisa Klokgieters NLJo Ann Bonefaas NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
126Teun Bleijenberg NLEric Beerhorst NLMg mgb gt
127Paul Broekhof NLHans Foppele NLPorsche 911 e
128Marc de Bruijn NLLouis Reek NLLancia flaminia gt 3 c
129Patrick Damen NLTom Steijn NLPorsche 911 t
130Evert Jan Dijkstra NLGuido Rouwhorst NLPorsche 356 sc
131Stoffel den Drijver NLRon Jordaan NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300ti
132Franz Zapfe DAnja Bögershausen DMercedes 220 se b coupé
133Fred Heuft NLFerry Flinterman NLSaab sonett iii v4
134Roel Hilberink NLMarc Heydt NLMercedes-benz 190 sl
135Bernard Honig NLBrigitte Honig NLPorsche 356 b cabrio
136Ina de Hoop NLArthur Denzler NLTriumph spitfire mkiii
137Vlaardingerbroek NLBert Lugtmeier NLVolvo p 12136
138Pieter Jr. Vos NLPieter Sr. Vos NLMg mgb
139Rob Woud NLLoek Alders NLAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
141Toon Boogers NLMieke Boogers NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
142Emile Heemskerk NLCees v.d. Tang NLTriumph tr 6
143Ulrike Meßing DHarold Ridder DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
144Bart v.d. Kloet NLMiriam van de Kloet BFerrari 330 gtc
145Bob Meijer NLWillem Meijer NLRiley sprite
146Ton Helden NLGeerd van Helden NLFord club cabrio v8
147Ruud Wesselink NLMiriam Wesselink NLCitroën ta 7 cabrio
148Toine Nefkens NLRobert de Zinger NLPeugeot 202 bh
149Nicolette Janssen NLAnnelies Diederik NLAustin a 30
150Paul Gallegos GBDanny Deraymaeker BJaguar xk 140 roadster
151Ramses Nieuwenhuizen NLLeo Nieuwenhuizen NLRenault 4 cv de luxe
153Jeroen van Mil NLPieter Bartelse NLMercedes 190 sl
154Frank Alberda Jelgersma NLLianne Alb.Jelgersma NLJaguar xk 140 dhc
155Tjaco Biesheuvel NLWilma Peterse NLMercedes 220 s cabrio
156Gertjan van der Klashorst NLMartijn Levert NLTriumph tr 3 b
157Helmut Lung DBirgit Lung DFiat118 spider
158Rob Brouwer NLHenco Bouwman NLJaguar e-type fhc
159Erik Bungener NLFrancois Remie NLFiat 850 s coupé
160Menno Vermaas NLRonald Vermaas NLCitroën ds 21 cabrio
161Johan Sterkenburg NLCor de Bode NLMg mgb
162Jaap Nooy NLAnnemarie van Zon NLSaab 96 gt sport
163Dolf Beuk NLEric Beuk NLFiat 1800 b
164Rob Fruithof NLRon Herlaar NLAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
165Jacques Verduijn NLAnnoeska Winkelaar NLChevrolet corvette
166Jan de Croon NLMichel Rutenfrans NLJaguar e-type
167Marcel Fruijtier NLThijs Pollé NLTriumph tr 3 a
168Mike van der Stelt NL-NLWalter Slierings NL-NLTriumph spitfire gt6 mk ii
169Peter v.d Zon NLMaarten van Putten NLVw kever 1200
170Dries Willems NLAly Willems NLMercedes 190 sl
171Marc Beuk NLRonald Beuk NLFiat 1500 comfort
172Pepijn Santcroos NLAdriaan Pelt NLChevrolet corvette
173Joop Knoop NLWil Knoop NLAustin-healey3000 mkiii
174Willem Zandbergen NLWout Feddema NLSaab 93 f coach
175Marry van Dijk NLDick van Dijk NLPorsche 356 b cabrio
176Ed Poland NLRené Bakker NLFord escort rs 1600
177Hans van Eden NLLeo Koster NLJaguar e-type
178George Weeteling NLBart ter Borg NLMg mgb roadster
179Jeroen Hunfeld NLMarc Straathof NLMorris mini cooper s
180Hans Lampier NLEric Lampier NLTriumph tr 4 a irs
181Jaap Nooteboom NLTo Nooteboom NLJaguar xk 150 dhc
182Henny Bruynel NLIsaac Delfos NLDatsun 1200 coupé
183Marius Hoogendam NLJoost Otterloo NLMg mgb
184Arie van Erkel NLThom van Kleef NLPorsche 356 b
185Willem Zweers NLHans Zweers NLAustin-healey 3000 mkiii
186Edith Klomp NLKarina de Jong NLVolvo p 131
187Theo v.d. Hoek NLGerard van Bruggen NLCitroën id
188Leo Hombroek NLErik de Man NLPeugeot 404 i cabrio
189Pim Brunet De Rochebrune NLHan Joosten NLTriumphtr 4
190Joep Havik NLHenk Janus NLMercedes-benz 220 se coupé
191Eveline Stalling NLEsther te Hasseloo NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 s
192Dieter Schöpp DMike Beuk NLVolvo p 1800 s coupé
193Ben Hoebée NLJeannette Hoebée NLMg mgc gt
194Kitty Stijnman NLWill Batenburg NLMg mgb
195Harry Vlot NLEduard Bijster NLVolvo p 1800 s
196Frank van Voorst NLRutger Merks NLMorris minor 1000


  • Sporting

  • Touring



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Bergen op Zoom
  3. Chaam
  4. La Roche
  5. Turckheim
  6. Monschu
  7. Berg en Terblijt
  8. Grathem
  9. Veenendaal
  10. Noordwijk



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