Tulpenrallye 1994

  • 1600Kilometers
  • 158Equipes at the start
  • 132Equipes at the finish
  • Hilmar Andersen | Henning Friborg
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The inventive organizers of the AMAC decide to further change the rally. The European FIA championship is not getting off the ground and attracts too few participants, while further organizing special stages, even with classic cars, remains a difficult business in the Netherlands. It is decided to organize a rally that approaches the original Tulpenrallyes from the fifties and especially sixties as closely as possible. On the initiative of VVV Noordwijk director Hans Broekmeulen it is also decided to return to the roots of the rally: Noordwijk. The cooperation in this municipality is particularly large and the Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’, which has since undergone extensive renovation after a major fire, will once again serve as a location for the start and finish of the rally. The rally will now be held on the basis of the regulations of the Federation Internationale des Véhicules Anciennes FIVA. The rally consists of long road routes based on different map reading systems that have to be covered at a predetermined average speed. Along the way, various route and time controls need to be reported to and the failure to do so, including too late or too early, yields penalty points. Furthermore some tests have been included in the rally. There are again two classes. The Sporting class (101 participants) runs a longer route, and a night route in Belgium. The Touring class (57 participants) drives a slightly easier route. The rally is open to cars that were built before 1972.

The concept is particularly appealing and immediately attracts more than 150 participants. Greta Molander, now more than 80 years old, returns to the start after winning the Coupe des Dames in the 1950s. Another well-known participant is Maus Gatsonides, now 83 years, together with André Jetten in a Citroën ID 19. Dries Jetten is also present, together with son Piet in a Ferrari 250 GTE. Nick Porter and Andrew Bodman, winners of the Monte Carlo Challenge earlier this year, are also present as well as Collin Francis and Mike Cornwell with the beautiful Porsche 356 and the Danes Hilmar Andersen and Henning Friborg with Volvo. Eddy van den Hoorn starts again with the Volvo, while Renger Guliker is at the start with a Fiat 16005. Among the oldest cars are the Lagonda M4.5 from 1934 by Macko Laqueur and the Alvis 4.3 from 1939 by Bob Meijer. Dutch Healey Competition enters twenty Austin Healeys, while the Porsche 356 Club appears at the start with three cars.

On Thursday morning the participants leave from Noordwijk. Via a route control at Duinrell, from Tulpenrallye winner Count Hugo van Zuylen van Nijevelt, the course is set towards Belgium. The main rally terrain of that day is in Belgium, after which the participants arrive in Spa for a reception by the mayor. On Friday a long route has been created through the Ardennes, including a route on the Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, and the north of France. The weather is particularly bad and the crews are struggling with rain, snow, fog and hail. At the beginning of the evening the teams return to Spa, after which there is an exciting night-stage for the Sporting class. This consists of about 250 km to be covered in five hours; the route is mainly in Luxembourg. Only a few teams are able to reach the finish line with zero penalty points, including Leerdam-Gordijn (Ford Lotus Cortina MKI-1965). On Saturday, the participants then return to Noordwijk via a lunch at the Autotron in Rosmalen where they finish during the afternoon.

The rally yields an exciting battle. The Danes Andersen and Friborg are the whole rally in the front of the standings and ultimately win the rally. They are followed by Eric Leerdam-Hans Gordijn in 24 seconds, and father and son Bart and Timo Rietbergen in 27 seconds. The Touring class is convincingly won by Dries and Piet Jetten. In the first five sections they know how to stay completely without penalty points and only run 31 penalty seconds in the final part of the rally. The award ceremony takes place for the first time in ‘Huis ter Duin’ and is a great success. The organization can look back on a very successful event and is determined to continue on this path next year.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Maus Gatsonides NLAndré Jetten NLCitroën id 19
2John Bekker NLJan v.d. Heijden NLMg midget td
3Renger Guliker NLGerard Simon NLFiat 1600 s
4Hans van Doorn NLAntoinette v. Doorn NLAustin-healey 3000 mkii
5Nicky Porter GBAndrew Bodman GBMercedes-benz 220 se
6Eddy v.d. Hoorn NLRené Smeets NLVolvo 122 s
7Evan Mckenzie GBHans Wils NLTriumph tr 4
8Marc van Rompaey BMyriam Martens BAustin-healey 3000 mki
9Hans Deen NLBarry Zand-Scholten NLJaguar xk 120 ots
10Reinier Mutsearts NLPetrus Mutsearts NLMorris mini cooper
11Hugo v.d. Berg NLJohn Wasserman NLTriumph tr 3 a
12Loek de Rooij NLPeter Bezemer NLVw kever 11
13René Boswinkel NLWillem van Loon NLVolvo pv 544 sport
14Lex van Tienhoven NLNick Wright GBJaguar e-type fhc
15Constant Steger NLAriane Steger NLJaguar xk 120 se dhc
16Rinus Sinke NLDick Vis NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
17Titia Westerhof NLAnja v.d. Marel NLFord cortina 1600
18Peter Hendriks NLJan Berkhof NLJaguar e-type
19Michael Cornwell GBKeith Ferry GBPorsche 356
20Herman v.d. Bosch NLBas v.d. Heide NLMg mgc gt
21Henk Baars NLWilco Beijer NLTriumph tr 4
22Henk Janus NLFred Ouwerling NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
23Robert 't Hoen NLCaecile 't Hoen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
24Bart Rietbergen NLTimo Rietbergen NLMorris mini cooper s
25Arnold van Dolder NLDanny Cami NLMg mgc roadster
26Ferninand Eekels NLJeroen Dudok van Heel NLTriumph tr 3 a
27Pim Hagen NLJacob-Aart Hagen NLTriumph tr 5
28Douwe Heida NLFerry Veenema NLLancia aurelia b20 gt
29Eric Leerdam NLHans Gordijn NLFord lotus cortina mk1
30Rob v.d. Sigtenhorst NLFred Maatman NLVolvo 122 s
31Peter Marshal GBJohn Vipond GBFord zodiac
32Mike Harison GBJulian Chitty GBSunbeam tiger
33Hans Kooy NLPeter Staal NLTriumph tr 3 a
34Jurgen Langensiepen DIngrid Langensiepen NLTriumph tr 3 a
35William Holding GBMartin Neal GBFord cortina gt mk1
36Stephan Schrauwen BAnthony Schrauwen BAustin-healey 100/6
37Ben v.d. Rijst NLBert Folkerts NLTriumph tr 3 a
38Dieter Schopp DPieter Lijesen NLTatra 603
39Detlef Wannagat DTheo Atzen DMg mga
40Carel Kuthe NLNiels Kuthe NLAustin-healey sprite mki
41Kurt Koper DGerhard Konig DBmw 700 s
42Elias Ott NLNoschka Ott NLAston martin db 2/4
43Piet van Bijsterveld NLBenno Schmitz NLTriumph tr 3 a
45Jacob Theelen NLChris van Erkel NLMg td roadster
46Ron Schuiten NLAad van Krimpen NLRenault dauphine
47Rob van Arendonk NLJeroen van Arendonk NLAustin-healey sprite mk4
48Hilmar Anderson DKHenning Friborg DKVolvo 123 gt
49Chris Bakker NLRuud Gijbels NLHillman imp
50Guido Hoffman BAnnette Seffer BFord anglia
51Roger Munda BGuy Genet BTriumph tr 4
52Rudi Theissen BRaymond Braquet LVw kever
53Jan Jaap Schretlen NLYvonne Schretlen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
54Menno Schaafsma NLHan van Zelm NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
56Peter Wolthers NLJohan Berwers NLFerrari 250 gte
57Anton aan de Stegge NLWillemien aan de Stegge NLAston martin db 2 mkiii
58Willem Lemstra NLJeroen Keppels NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
59Lambert van Keulen NLMartin van Dam NLVolvo 133 gt
60Linus Verhoeks NLMartin Roosenboom NLMg mgc
61Lin v.d. Slikke NLAndré de Jong NLPorsche 356 b
62Aart Marechal NLBoudewijn Meeuwese NLOpel gt 1900 coupé
63Jan v.d. Meer NLErik van Wieringen NLMg mgb
64Willo Morsink NLJos Schreuders NLPorsche 356 b
65Rob Muhring NLOnno van Balen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
66Evert Jan Dijkstra NLLindy Margadant NLPorsche 356 b
67Maarten Nederkoorn NLGarvelink NLLancia fulvia 1.3
68Heino Piepers DJurgen Bocker DVolvo p 1800
69Jouke Post NLJouri Post NLLotus elan s3
70Richard Pugh GBLiz Pugh GBMg mga coupé
71Gerrit Reinders NLGoris van Lit NLMorris cooper s
72Tom Roepers NLEva Roepers NLMg mgb
73John Pascoe GBColin Francis GBVolvo 122 s
74Hans Bronsgeest NLJaap Boender NLFord lotus cortina
75Guido Buijs NLJoris Buijs NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
76Reinoud de Kort NLRob Bogaerts NLTriumph tr 4
77Richel Thomas FPhilippe Hugues FBmw 2002 ti
78Alex Twer DWilli Potjans DBmw 2000 ti
79Klaus Treude DLothar Schmitz DPorsche 912
80Reinout de Waal NLAnnemarie de Waal NLPorsche 356
81Karel Westerman NLHenk Sloots NLPorsche 911
82Eric Violier NLPeter Drenth NLAlfa romeo giulia
83Ron van 't Schip NLJunior Stoutenbeek NLNsu 1600 4/4
84Dick Schiferli NLErik Mekkes NLPorsche 356
85Eberhard Schimid DStefanie Schufer DPorsche 345 a
86Eric Ligtvoet NLHarry Spoel NLAston martin db 6 mk2
87Frits Swinkels NLErik Stegeman NLFord zephyr six
88Harold Ridder NLPeter Burger NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
89Frits Textor NLMaxim Textor NLVolvo pv 544 sport
90Harm Trip NLErnst van Arendonk NLPorsche 911 s
91Jos Fruytier NLThijs Polle NLAston martin db 6 volante
92Nico van Esch NLErich Olmer NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
93Ron Jordaan NLStoffel den Drijver NLPeugeot 404
94Ulf Johannessen NKjell Hilsen NAlfa romeo giulietta spr.
95Friedhelm Demandt DPeter Stephan DLancia fulvia 1.6 hf
96Giovanni Casander NLRonald Brons NLAston martin mk3
97Peter Beuk NLPeter Beuk NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
98Paul Bender DWolfgang Decker DPorsche 912
99Joachim Rupp DEleanore Rupp DAlfa romeo giulia sprint
100Aad Lourens NLPiet den Boef NLAston martin db 4
101Greta Molander NBengt Sahlstrom SChrysler p2
102Dries Jetten NLPiet Jetten NLFerrari 250 gte
103Macko Laqueur NLJoachim Laqueur NLLagonda m4.5
104Rob v.d. Zalm NLHarry Boele NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
105Bob Meijer NLWillem Meijer NLAlvis 4.3
106Gerrit Espelo NLAb Molkenboer NLPorsche 356 a
107Wouter de Mooy NLHans de Mooy NLMg mga roadster
108Ineke Mouthaan NLEmma Collete NLTriumph tr 4
109Jaap v.d. Borg NLTom v.d. Borg NLCitroën ta 15 6h
110Stephan Berghuis NLRonald van Wijk NLMg tf roadster
111Jan van Velzen NLGaston Koelemij NLMg mga mk2
112Jeroen Wilbrink NLLeo v.d. Linde NLFiat 500
113Nico Aaldering NLSilvia Aaldering NLFiat dino spider
114Bleijenberg NLEric Beerhorst NLMg mga
115Marc de Bruyn NLToon van Beusekom NLLancia aurelia b20
116Bernd Schlachter DHorst Harmann DPorsche 356 c
117Antoinilla Matla NLGerardus Vergeer NLJaguar e-type cabrio
118Leo v.d. Stek NLRob van Waart NLTriumph tr 3 a
119Robert Boon NLAriane Boon NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
120Dennis Boon NLElisabeth Boon NLMercedes-benz 190 dc
121Cor de Bode NLJohan Sterkenburg NLMg mgb
122Nan Beers NLFrank Bogtman NLFord zephyr 2500
123Theo van Gammeren NLJohan Heijnen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
124Fred. van Hasselt NLNelly van Hasselt NLTvr grantura
125Klaus Grebowicz DUschi Grebowicz DPorsche 356 c
126Arjan Hodes NLVincent Muller NLAlfa romeo gt 1300
127Kees Veldhuizen NLTony van Dijk NLJaguar mk ii 3.4
128Leunis de Kam NLRichard de Kam NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
129Joop Kap NLJoke Kap NLMg td roadster
130Helmut Lung DBirgit Lung DFiat 118 cabrio
131Tony Caldwell GBNeil Revington GBTriumph tr 3 a
132Dick van Leeuwen NLJaap Nagtegaal NLVolvo 121
133Don Platteel NLRogier van Laren NLPanhard 24 ct
134Johan Post Uiterweer NLKees Kooy NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
135Bertus Uwland NLTony Uwland NLAustin-healey 100/6
136Ronald Zieltjes NLJoke Schoon NLJaguar e-type
137Rinze Yetsinga NLDolf Beins NLMorris mini cooper
138Pieter Thole NLGijs van Geloven NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
140Theo v.d. Hoek NLGerard van Bruggen NLCitroën id 19
141Martin Taal NLPeter Taal NLFord lotus cortina
142Philip Poell NLCarlo Magnoli IAlfa romeo gt 1300
143Anthony Wolters NLRoland Peters NLTriumph tr 4 a
144Alan Vogel GBAnneliese Vogel GBMercedes-benz 280 sec
145Mike v.d. Stelt NLWalter Slierings NLTriumph gt 6 mk2
146Tim van Ramselaar NLFrank Eijk NLNsu 1200 tt
147Gerro Schepel NLEveline Schepel NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
150Paul Langendonk NLElisabeth Langendonk NLMaserati mistral
151Maries Dinaux NLRené Manders NLTriumph tr 6 c
152Hans van Eden NLRogier van Eden NLJaguar e-type
153Peter Hubers NLTheo Kok NLAlfa romeo 1750 berline
154Peter Kant NLJoost Michgelsen NLTriumph tr 6
155Hendrik Klokgieters NLElisabeth Lankes NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
156Niek Bastiaan NLAnja v.d. Mark NLDaimler sovereign 4.2
157Bert Klomp NLLeslie Treffers NLVw kever
159Paul Klomp NLAd Meeuwsen NLJaguar s-type
160Rob Klaarenbeek NLHans Meffert NLVw-porsche 914
162Rob Kerssemakers NLHuub van Gompel NLNsu 1200 tt


  • Sporting

  • Touring



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Wassenaar
  3. Culemborg
  4. Beneden-Leeuwen
  5. Vaals
  6. Spa
  7. Francorchamps
  8. Rosmalen
  9. Noordwijk



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