Tulpenrallye 1993

  • 550Kilometers
  • 60Equipes at the start
  • 54Equipes at the finish
  • Peter van Merksteijn | Hans van Beek
  • Barneveld (NL)
  • Barneveld (NL)


The organization is expanding the historical concept that was started in 1992 and is supported by European status this time. The Tulpenrallye counts this year towards the F.I.A. Historic Rally Trophy. For the first time since 1978 the event counts again towards an official European championship. Only the competition class is included in the Trophy. Participants (38 teams registered) must be in possession of an International license, the cars must comply with various safety regulations, such as a roll cage, and must have been built before 1966. This rally will again be held on closed special stages. The same tests are used by the regularity class (24 participants) as a regularity route which must be driven as much as possible at the same average speed. During the stage this is checked in various places by means of secret time checks.

Peter van Merksteijn and Hans van Beek are at the start to defend the title of last year, and have to compete against the Porsches of father and son Schildkamp, ​​Blok-Smeets and Ellermann-Moormann. Mike Cornwell and Keith Ferry start in a Porsche 356. Also the Porsche Classic Team from Sweden, this year on the hunt for the FIA ​​Trophy, is setting up three Porsches. Paul Maaskant starts again in the Ford Shelby Mustang of Cars of Yester Year, this time navigated by Sylvia Huisman. Other Dutch registrations are Eddy van den Hoorn (together with René Smeets), in 1991 still winner of the national class in the Tulpenrallye, and the brothers Van Thiel who are also hunting for the European title this year. Rosemary Smith won the Coupe des Dames in the Tulpenrallye in 1965. This year she starts together with Pauline Gullick in a Sunbeam Tiger from 1964.

The route this year is 550 kilometers long, including thirteen special stages (with a length of 100 km). On Thursday the scrutinizing does already take place in Barneveld. On Friday tests are being conducted in Nijkerk, Flevohof (2x), Doornspijk (known from Tulpenrallye’s in the 70s) and Putten. The route on Saturday consists of tests in Barneveld, Wijk bij Duurstede, Druten, Beneden-Leeuwen and Beuningen.

During the scrutinizing on Thursday, the necessary uproar is created when the technical inspectors appointed by the FIA ​​conclude that the three Swedish Porsches do not comply with the Annex K. The roll cages have too many fixing points and the pipes for the doors are also not provided for in the regulations. Although these cages are safer, they are not in accordance with the guidelines and also contrary to history, because in the years in which these cars were originally built such cages did not yet exist. A number of other participants, including Van den Hoorn, cut out the tubes, but Ake Andersson, Jerry Larsson and Hans Sellberg mainly opt for their own safety and decide not to start although they are basically planning to conquer the FIA ​​Trophy this year. On one of the first tests a German BMW sets flame, and it burns completely down.

Peter van Merksteijn and Hans van Beek again demonstrate the potential of their Porsche 911, prepared by Kobus Tuning. Although the car has not been driven for a single meter since the victory in the previous Tulpenrallye, the car is once again very fast. In 1992 they announced at the finish that they would come back this year with the mission to win all the tests. That does not work for them; on 8 of the 13 special stages they are the fastest. Maaskant however creates an exciting battle. He is only at 20 sec after the first day. On the first stage of the second day he immediately takes 4 back. In the next test however, he loses the rally. In dense fog on the famous test Kallenbroek he sees a right-angle turn left too late, and then runs at full speed against a small hill. The engine halts and he loses a minute and the chance of victory. Later they even have to stop the fight when the engine of the Ford starts giving too many problems. Eddy van den Hoorn loses the rally when he oversleeps and arrives too late at the start on the second. 90 penalty seconds are the result. He continues the rally and would have finished fourth without the penalty.

Hendrik Blok, who has previously gained experience with rallies in the US, is second and the debuting Frans Verbaas and Bettine Vlasman amaze many by finishing with the small Austin Cooper as third (they even win a test). Jan van der Heijden and John Bekker win the regularity class with Peugeot 404KF. The prize-giving ceremony is again on Saturday evening in the Veluwehal in Barneveld. The organization looks back on a successful rally, but is disappointed with the limited number of participants and wonders whether it is worthwhile to do so much work for such a small group.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Peter van Merksteijn NLHans van Beek NLPorsche 911
2Jerry Larsson STorbjörn Henriksson SPorsche 911
3Peter Hinderer DPatrick Cabanis DJaguar e-type fhc
4Paul Maaskant NLSylvia Huisman NLFord shelby 350gt
5Ake Andersson SLars Thorell SPorsche 911
6Mike van Thiel NLRandell van Thiel NLMorris mini cooper
7Eddy v.d. Hoorn NLRené Smeets NLVolvo 122 s
8Hendrik Blok NLMichel Smeets NLPorsche 911
9John Brigden GBNick Wright GBMorris mini cooper
10Evan Meckenzie GBPeter Bezemer NLTriumph tr 4
11Leo Schildkamp NLRobert Schildkamp NLPorsche 911
12Bernd Hadamczik DFrank Hadamczik DMorris mini cooper
13F. Ortenburg DPh. Mecklenburg STriumph tr 4
14Hans Sellberg SLennart Berggren SPorsche 911
15Mike Cornwell GBKeith Ferry GBPorsche 356
16Ton Fick NLFred Vojacek NLVolvo pv 544
17Jayne Wignall GBPaul Wignall GBSunbeam tiger
18Cees Schat NLRob v.d. Beek NLVolvo 121
19Peter Knoebel DWerner Jacobsmeier DFord 20 m
20Claus Ellerman DRolf Moormann DPorsche 911
21Rob v.d. Poel NLLeo van Houten NLFord lotus cortina
22Frans Verbaas NLBettine Vlasman NLMorris mini cooper
23Peter Marshall GBPaul Howcroft GBSunbeam tiger
24Hans Berle NLJaap v.d. Borg NLVolvo 121
25Eric Leerdam NLHans Gordijn NLFord lotus cortina mk i
26Rosemary Smith IRPauline Gullick GBSunbeam tiger
27Michiel Campagne NLPeter Kos NLVolvo 121
28Franz Folling DAndreas Wehner DVolvo 122 s
29Koge v.d. Woude NLWilma Suykerbuik NLAlfa rpmeo giulia sprint gt
30Roland Zoomers NLWendeline Zoomers NLMg mgb
31Dieter Meisner DFranz Moormann DBmw 1800 ti
32Andries Veen NLJoris Bergsma NLMercedes-benz 220
33Victor de Ridder NLRuud Oosterbaan NLFord lotus cortina
35Guy Moerenhout BWilly v.d. Bulck BFiat-abarth spider
36Italo Sedran IAxel Schmid DSaab 96
37Theun Bleijenberg NLRob v.d. Zalm NLMg mga
38Rinus Sinke NLHans v.d. Kerkhof NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
38Rinus Sinke NLHans v.d. Kerkhof NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
42Renger Guliker NLGerard Simon NLJaguar xk 120
43Hugo v.d. Berg NLJohn Wasserman NLTriumph tr 3 a
44Giovanni Casander NLRonald Brons NLAustin-healey bni
45Jan v.d. Heijden NLJohn Bekker NLPeugeot 404 kf
46René Boswinkel NLWillem van Loon NLVolvo 544 sport
47Wim Clijsen NLRon Tuijl NLAlfa romeo gt 1300
48Willo Morsink NLJos Schreuders NLPorsche 912
49Ineke Mouthaan NLEmma Collette NLTriumph tr 4
50Herman v.d. Bosch NLBas v.d. Heide NLMg mgc
51Henk v. Montfoort NLReinhard Mahler DAuto union audi super 90
52Bob Meijer NLWillem Meijer NLRiley mph
53Carel Kuthe NLNiels Kuthe NLAustin-healey sprite mk i
54Jan Storm NLAkko Borst NLJaguar xk 140 dhc
55Jan Siersema NLHenriet Siersema NLMg tf 1500
56Gerdo Schepel NLCees Wolfs NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
57Douwe Heida NLFerenc Veenema NLBugatti 49 grand sport
58Cristoph Johnen DChristine Marx DAlfa romeo giulia super
59Frank de Jong NLLouise Ravoo NLMg mgb gt
60Willemien aan de Stegge NLAnton aan de Stegge NLJaguar e-type dhc
61Bert de Boer NLErwin de Boer NLTriumph tr 3 a
62Jan d. Croon NLTh Grootbruindering NLMercedes-benz 250 c
63Jan J. Schretlen NLYvon Schretlen NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
64Jan v.d. Meer NLFelix de Jong NLMg mgb
65Lambert van Keulen NLMartin van Dam NLMercedes-benz 250 st
66Björn Kristoffersen NTor Linnerud NVw kever 11


  • FIA-B

  • Regularity



  1. Barneveld
  2. Flevohof
  3. Elburg
  4. Doornspijk
  5. Putten
  6. Wijk bij duurstede
  7. Druten
  8. Beneden-Leeuwen
  9. Bueningen
  10. Barneveld



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