Tulpenrallye 1960

  • 3700Kilometers
  • 204Equipes at the start
  • 127Equipes at the finish
  • Guy Verrier | Rene Trautmann
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The rally again has no approach-routes; all participants start from Noordwijk. The final test at the Circuit of Zandvoort has been cancelled, in order to have more time to continue the rally to the south (Monte Carlo). In Monte Carlo a rest is planned (22 hours), which leads to comments that the rally is not heavy enough to count for the European Championship. New this year is the National Tulpenrallye, an attempt to give the growing number of amateurs their own competition and classifications. For the first time, stamp clocks (Longines) are used to ensure that there will no longer be any deviations between the time cards of the participants and the logs kept by the officials (this was the reason for some of the protests in 1959).

From Noordwijk the route goes via Eindhoven, Liège and Vichy to the Auvergne. This is followed by a route through the Alps with five special stages, after which only the test on the Col de Turini (12 km) separates the participants from the rest in Monte Carlo. This test must be driven with an average speed of 60-64 km / hour. Only ten teams succeed. This test has the largest impact on the results in this edition of the Tulpenrallye. In the route from Monte Carlo to Noordwijk, 1844 km, the other six of the seven tests of this Tulpenrallye are being scheduled.

Despite the worries after the successful, but barren, eleventh edition, 204 participants registered for the 12th Tulpenrallye. 82 of these contenders come from England. Among the most important participants are Tak-De Boer with Mercedes 300SL, Morley-Morley (the winners of 1959) with Austin Healey and Slotemaker-Crellin with Triumph TR 3A. Other contenders are Gatsonides-Steunebrink with Jaguar 3.8, Kreisel-Flinterman with Renault Dauphine, Barendregt-Blansjaar with Citroën ID 19, Carlsson-Karlsson with Saab 96 and Langestraat-Van der Wansem with Austin Seven.

Piet Jetten and Louis van Noordwijk do need to retire at the Col de Turini at the eleventh and twelfth participation respectively, by breaking a simple split pin in the rods to the gearbox. The Mercedes 220SE teams, Schock-Moll, Mähle-Ott and Böhringer-Socher are now in a combine to help Schock win the overall victory. He is particularly keen on this, because he won Monte Carlo earlier this year and a second win gives him a firm lead in the European Championship standings. During the route, the Germans talk extensively about the combine and this is when the French, normally not really friends, decide to help Verrier and Trautmann in the same way. For this reason, Marang has halted for eight and a half minutes in the final test. Afterwards, when calculating the detailed result, it appears that this had not been necessary. Verrier drives on the last route from Eindhoven to Den Bosch straight through the roundabout at Deil and damages his car extensively. Fatigue is the cause, but the victory can no longer escape him. The ladies Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom, with Austin Healey, are the only British team that reaches the finish without penalty points.

The rally has no protests and disqualifications at the finish for the first time in many years. The French team Guy Verrier and Rene Trautmann wins this edition. The Citroën after the heavy collision no longer resembles the original model, but none of the other teams protest against this. The car is ready for the junkyard at the finish. Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom with Austin Healey win the Coupe des Dames. The national Tulpenrallye is won for the first time by Hoogslag / Honhof with Volvo PV544.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1E.J. Haddon GBCh.H. Vivian GBJaguar xk150s
2O. Swahn SF. Sager SAston martin db4
3E.A.H. Scholten NLJanny W. van 't Eind NLJaguar xk150
4S.H. Burton GBJ. Cuff GBJensen saloon
5E. Whatton GBJ. Whatton GBJaguar xk150
7W.J.J. Tak NLR.S. de Boer NLMercedes-benz 300sl roadster
8B. Crone-Rawe DH.J. Peemöller DFerrari 250gt pinin farina coupé
9D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBAustin-healey 100-6
10Pat Moss GBAnn Wisdom GBAustin-healey 100-6
11M. Sutcliffe GBG.Ph. Crabtree GBFord zephyr
12K.W. Karolus DG. Plörer DAustin-healey 100-6
13G. Burgess GBS. Croft-Peasson GBFord zephyr
15Annie Soisbault F Annie Spiers BTriumph tr3a
16R. Slotemaker NL R. Grellin GBTriumph tr3a
17J.C. Wallwork GBJ.H. Brooks GBTriumph tr3a
18D. Seigle-Morris GBV.H. Elford GBTriumph tr3a
19K. Ballisat GBS. Turner GBTriumph tr3a
20J.W.E. Banks GBF.W.W. Banks GBVauxhall cresta
21J. Moyne FChristiane Moyne FTriumph tr3
22L.O. Sims GBW.B. Hercock GBMorgan plus four
23D.A. Schwarz NLG.J. Vié NLTriumph tr3a
24J. Kolff NLP.H. Homoet NLAlfa romeo 1900ss
25J.J. Tak NLPhil Redeker NLTriumph tr3a
26G.D. Grimshaw GBH. Beighton GBTriumph tr3a
27D.F. Gray GBS. Actman GBTriumph tr3a
28I.A. Grant GBA.J.W. Fisk GBTriumph tr3a
29J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Whitworth GBJaguar 3.8
30S.A. Andersen DKW. Schmodt DKMercedes-benz 220se
31G. King GBC. Sproxton GBFord zephyr
32Anne Hall GBValerie Domleo GBFord zephyr
33P. Riley GBJ.A. Ambrose GBAustin a105
34J. Gott GBW. Shepherd GBWolseley 6/99
35R. Trautmann FJ.C. Ogier FCitroën id19
36K. Gerster DK. Heilmann DAlfa romeo sv
37J.E. Griffith GBJ.H. Suter GBPorsche carrera
38C. Clemens D F.G. de Vogel NLPorsche carrera
39J. Meur F N. Rebetez BPorsche carrera
40C.G. Mäder DA. Falkenberg DPorsche carrera
41H. Bengtsson SS. Lindström SPorsche 1600 s90
42A. Bouwmeester NLW.L. Poll NLPorsche 1600 s90
43H. Gerhards DF. Rohsky DPorsche 1600 s90
44R. Dooijes NLG.J.F. van Dijk NLPorsche 1600 s90
45J. McPhail GBH.F. Murland GBPorsche 1600 s
46Christel Meinecke D Porsche 1600 s
47F.J. Powell GBS.H. Ashcroft GBMg a twin cam
48R.G. Vicat-Cole GBH. Mainz GBMg a twin cam
49M.H. Goddard GBR.E. Abbott GBMg a twin cam
50H. van der Meeren NLChr. Pennings NLPorsche 1600
51W.D. Hall USAA. Schafer USAPorsche 1600
52J.L.W. Blonk NLE.J. Groen NLPorsche 1600 s
53J.S. McCartney GBD. Gill GBLotus elite
54Count Charles de Salis GBThe Viscount Boyne GBLotus elite
55D.H. Perring GBW.R. Chipperton GBSunbeam alpine
56R.L.G. Borgerhoff NLMulder J. den Hollander NLAlfa romeo veloce
57J. Nielsen DKR. Rottböl Örum DKVolvo attio fem
58F.H. Richmond GBJ.P.A. Crothall GBSunbeam alpine
59F.A. Attwood GBAlice Attwood GBMg tf1500
60J.C. Gunn GBA.G. Hughes GBTvr grantura
61Yolande Debra BJ. Vernaeve BLotus elite
62Ewy Rosqvist SAnita Rosqvist SVolvo pv544
63D.L. Delling USAW.W. Dodd USAVolvo pv444
64G. Kolwes DW. Leithoff DVolvo pv544
65C. Syberg DKK.E. Jensen DKVolvo pv544
66R.N. Richards GBG.C. Davies-Eileen Richards GBRiley 1.5
67S.R. Skelly GBG. Youngson GBRiley 1.5
68G. Andersson SB. Martensson SVolvo p544
69H. Aldenkamp NLJ. van Ulzen NLPorsche 1600 s
71M. Gatsonides NLdrs.H.L. Steunebrink NLJaguar 3.8
72G.H.F. Parkers GBG.W. Howarth GBJaguar 3.8
73E. Brinkman GBD. Silverthorne GBJaguar 3.8
74A.D. Winzor GBP.J. Shaw GBJaguar 3.4
75E.J. Snusher GBC. Pain GBJaguar 3.4
76A. de Saumarez Dacre Lacy GBJ.F. de Havilland Hall GBJaguar 3.4
77E. Elliott GBD. Wright GBFord zodiac
78G.K. Stratton GBP. Foden GBAustin a99
79L.F. Mulders NLJ.A.M. Sadée NLBmw 501
80S.Th. Lenton GBG. Cooper GBJaguar 3.8
82W. Schock DR. Moll DMercedes-benz 220se
83V. Lepori IA. Pascucci IMercedes-benz 220
84E. Mahle DR. Ott DMercedes-benz 220se
85E. Böhringer DH. Socher DMercedes-benz 220se
86J.A. Walker GBF.O. Dimblebee GBVauxhall cresta
87P.J. Jetten NLL. van Noordwijk NLChevrolet corvair
88W. van Zijl Jr. NLJ.A. Brinkman NLChevrolet corvair
89Jac. Zwart NLL.M. Hebbelinck NLChevrolet corvair
90Dr.P.C.M. Esser NLH. Conijn NLJaguar 2.4
91A.J.P. Jetten NLH.A.A.W.v.d. Velden NLChevrolet corvair
93R.M. Wall GBD.M. Allen GBAustin-healey sprite
94H.A. Appleby GBR.L. McGhie GBAustin-healey sprite
95P. Rutland-Barsby GBM. Baker GBAustin-healey sprite
96T.A. Gold GBM. Wood GBAustin-healey sprite
97R. Domey USAL. Needham USAAustin-healey sprite
98J. Kreisel NLJ. Flinterman NLRenault dauphine
99J. Sprinzel GBM. Hughes GBMorris mini minor
100L. Bertorelli GBA. Gay GBTriumph herald
101I. Mantle GBP.F. Steiner GBBerkeley b105
103R. Sjöström SA. Bohm SCitroën id19
105J.A.J. Heidendahl NLR.L.G.M. Gorris NLAlfa romeo 1900ti
106K.S. Barendregt NLP.H. Blansjaar NLCitroën id19
107H. Marang FJ. Badoche FCitroën ds19
108J.C. den Ouden NLDr.Ir.J.Th. Quant NLCitroën id19
109H.G. Pellikaan NLL. Jurgens NLCitroën id19
110A. Missner DA. Spork DMercedes-benz 190
111R. Leysieffer DM. Kierdorf DFord taunus 17m
112G. Verrier FR. Trautman FCitroën id19
113J. Ray GBW. Bleakley GBSunbeam rapier
114O. Birke SK.W. Anderson SVolvo p12206
115D.R. Rawson GBM.B. Day GBSunbeam rapier
116P. Hopkirk EIRJ. Scott EIRSunbeam rapier
117D. Rossdale GBE. Kry GBRiley 1.5
118G.R. Cook GBD. Bowes GBSunbeam rapier
119H. Ingier NN. Hagen NVolvo pv544
120G. Wood GBB.R. Waddilove GBSunbeam rapier
121I.H. Cameron GBD.P. Baker GBRiley 1.5
122Nancy Mitchell GBRosemary Sears GBSunbeam rapier
123W.C. Lier CHH. Walter CHSunbeam rapier
124R. Carlsson SB. Sveden SVolvo pv544
125R.W.H. Hodson GBR. Pickup GBSunbeam rapier
126F.W. Brown GBG. Arnold GBRiley 1.5
127V. Loupart GBE.B. Washeder GBSinger gazelle
128Mary Handley-Page GBNesta Gilmour GBSunbeam rapier
130E.F. Gillissen NLR.H.R. Dee NLVolvo pv544
131G. Callbo S Volvo 122s
132H.J. Ströh DH. Scheller DPeugeot 403
136N. Falk SK.E. Schlegel SAlfa romeo giulietta ti
137K.R. Ericsson SL.E. Thisell SAlfa romeo giulietta ti
138F. Räker DK. Schöttler DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
139A.J. Burton GBH. Burke GBSimca montlhéry
140F. Pollé NLL.B. Biesheuvel NLSimca montlhéry
141H.M. de Man NLA. van Eck NLSimca montlhéry
142O. Rosenblatt – v. Sminia NL Simca p 60
143J.H. Nielsen DKO.T. Pedersen DKVolkswagen
144Th.J. Koks NLG.Th.E. van der Werff NLVolkswagen
145L.J.F.A.v.d. Berg NLL.P.l.M. de Schutter NLAuto union 1000
146M.J. Webb GBD.H. Holland GBTriumph herald
147J.H. La Trobe GBA. Crawford GBTriumph herald
148J. Dorsett GBJoy Cook GBFord new anglia
149R.J. Wright GBA.S. Doble GBTriumph herald
150W. Stoddard GBR. Burn GBTriumph herald coupé
151J.P.M. Roestenburg NLJ. Spijker NLAuto union 1000s sport
152Jean Crossley GBMargaret MacKenzie GBMorris minor 1000
153R. Halmi USAD. Kennedy USATriumph herald
154P.M. Fisk GBB. la Trobe GBTriumph herald
155I.D.L. Lewis GBH.A.R. Nash GBTriumph herald coupé
156G.J. Mabbs GBJ.H.J. Flook GBTriumph herald
157A.P. Horn GBR. Pengelly GBTriumph herald
158J.M. Swaab NLM. Zemmelink NLRenault gordini
159Patricia Ozanne GBPatricia Allison GBMorris mini minor
160T.B.D. Christie GBN.L. Paterson GBMorris mini minor
161K.H. James GBR.J. Jones GBMorris mini minor
162E. Carlsson SW. Karlsson SSaab 96
165Ir.W.H. Visser NLW.J. van Rekum NLPeugeot 203
166L.S. de Meza GBA. Mitchener GBFord new anglia
167K.C. Chambers GBP. Marshall GBFord new anglia
168W. Levy D J.H. Boekhout NLAu 1000s
169J. Patten GBG. Procter GBFord new anglia
170S. Eikelmann DH. Kühne DAuto uinion 1000s sport
171I.A. Langestraat NLB.L. van der Wansem NLAustin seven
172J. Handley GBA.G. Moy GBAustin seven
173R.S. Wiedouw NLA. van Doorn NLRenault gordini
174C. Orrenius SR. Dahlgren SSaab 96
175H. Veth NLIr.H. Brouwer NLRenault gordini
176J. van Nes NLW.C.L.J.v.d. Klugt NLAustin seven
177P.A. Petersen DKR. Samuelssen DKSaab 93f
178Monica Kjerstadius SMargaretha Holm SSaab 96
179Louk Heidendahl NLIda de Fouw NLDkw junior
180Diana van Strien NLTruus van der Voorst Vader NLRenault gordini
181Beryl Neate GBOlga Johnson GBRenault floride
182H.J. te Siepe NLP. Seegers NLRenault gordini
184B.U. Ramsing DKP. Mourier DKSaab 93f
185J. Geesink NLO.H. Brouwer NLRenault gordini
187G. Seifert DW.O. Müller DNsu prinz
188H. David DW. Börner DNsu prinz
189F.J.A. Vivian GBAmy Vivian GBRenault dauphine
191W.C. van Hest NLH. Bessem NLPorsche 1600
191W.C. van Hest NLH. Bessem NLPorsche 1600
192A. Verschoor NLEls Simons NLAustin-healey 100/6
193M. Huisman NLJ. Bessem NLVolvo attio fem 444
194N.J. Prickaertz NLH.C. van Arum NLVolvo 122s
196G. Hoogslag NLF.W. Honhof NLVolvo pv544
197J.A.W.C. Smit NLTh.M. Niemantsverdriet NLMercedes-benz 220a
198K.F. Wunnink NLMevr.F.M. Wunnink NLFord zephyr
201C.D.W. van Schaick NLC. Zegveld NLMercedes-benz 190
202H. Holman NLGepkea Holman NLAuto union 1000s sport
203MejJ.J. de Lange NLMevr.J. Bast-Goedhart NLPeugeot 403
204K. Nierop NLJ. Huismann NLRenault gordini
205A. Groenewegen NLJ. Kuiper NLAustin-healey sprite
206Ir.O.M. Planten NLP.J. Jansen NLMg tf
207E.J.v.d. Heuvel NLL.J. Nuyen NLVolvo 444
208J. de Rooy NLTh.J. van Dijk NLFord new anglia
209B.J. Meijer NLMevr.B. Meijer-de Winter NLFord new anglia
210S. Jaarsma NLE.S. Jaarsma NLFord anglia
211H. Gerritsen NLG.P. Pieters NLFord new anglia
212J. Michielen NLMevr.P.T. Michielen-Ansen NLVolkswagen
213A. Martini NLA. de Jager NLVolkswagen
214W.H. Thunnissen NLA. Maertens NLVolkswagen cabrio
215W. van 't Hoog NLO.W. Post NLIsar t700
218G.F. Roeloffzen NLH.H. Roeloffzen NLDaf 600
219Kouwenberg NLA.J. Kiebert NLDaf 600
220J.J. van Zuylen NLJ. Bussink NLDaf 600
221W. Zarychta NLA.H. Beumkes NLDaf 600
222A. van den Eerenbeemt NLJ. Smulders NLDaf 600
223R. Eigenraam NLH. Eigenraam NLDaf 600
224J. van den Berg NLJ.H.L.M. Derks NLDaf 600
225J. Berends NLJ.H. Kreyenbrock NLDaf 600


  • Nationaal

  • Overall



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Eindhoven
  3. Luik
  4. Vichy
  5. Avignon
  6. Monaco
  7. Gap
  8. Grenoble
  9. Nurburgring
  10. Noordwijk



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