Tulpenrallye 2001

  • 2650Kilometers
  • 203Equipes at the start
  • ...Equipes at the finish
  • Kees Stoel
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


Kees Stoel withdraws after the 2000 edition as clerk of the course, but remains the chairman of the organizing committee. Abe van den Brink takes over from him as a clerk of the course and André Jetten will continue to help Hans Brinkman with the route of the rally.

The rally starts early on Monday morning, May 14 and therefore the crews are, after a lunch in Brecht (Belgium), that evening already in Verdun in the north of France, where dinner takes place in a beautiful castle (le Coq Hardi). On Tuesday we drive to the characteristic Hotel Le Lac in Malbuisson where the rally will have its HQ for two days. On Wednesday, an interesting loop is driven through the Vosges and Jura with lunch at 100 km south of Geneva, followed by another trip through the Vosges on Thursday to St. Avold. On both days a number of original routes from the Tulpenrallye of 1956 are held, including the Col de la Faucille (the highest point of the rally this year). On Friday the crews drive from Clervaux in Luxembourg to the factory of Philips Carlamps (one of this year’s sponsors) in Aachen, Germany. Philips has created an atmospheric tent where, under the supervision of a local orchestra, a German meal is consumed. On the Saturday route, the participants wait for another secret test prior to lunch at the Autotron in Rosmalen: this time on the DAF Trucks test track in Brabant. At Time Control 77, the participants receive the instruction for this special test of 9 km. With 2650 km this is the longest Tulpenrallye organized by the AMAC so far.

Among the most important favorites this year are Dolk / Rorife, Ebus / Berkhof, Wilssens / de Munck, Zapfe / Bögershausen, Westerman / Roosenboom, van Baaren / Dentzler, Guliker / ‘t Hart and father and son Huisman. 189 teams will start in this edition, divided between Sporting (120), Touring (65) and Vintage (4).

The German Frans Zapfe takes the lead after the first day with zero penalty points. In the following days, a very interesting fight develops in which Bert Dolk / Robert Rorife take the lead on Tuesday. They have an exciting battle in the next four days, but on Friday afternoon they increase their lead decisively on the other teams in the Ardennes. The knowledge of the terrain in Belgium of the experienced Rorife undoubtedly plays an important role in this. During the prize-giving ceremony, Dolk drives the winning Volvo into the Pické room at “Huis ter Duin” and thanks his navigator Robert Rorife on stage. Jan Ebus / Jan Berkhof are second in the Sporting class, followed by Belgians Gilbert Wilssens and Filip de Munck. The Coupe des Dames is also presented again and this year is won by the ladies Lisa Klokgieters / Anja Lieuwma with Austin Healey. The Touring class is won by Richard Veldkamp and Nico Kuiper. The couple Ruud and Miriam Wesselink this year win the Vintage class with Citroën. The newly established team prize is won by the Ebrex Rally Team with Dolk / Rorife, Ebus / Berkhof and Touw / Uitenbroek. All participants agree that this was the most beautiful Tulpenrallye of the last years.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Jos Fruytier NLAndré Hoek NLBentley 3 1/2 litre
2Brian Chase GBGisela Erwin GBMg midget ta
3Toon Boogers NLMieke Boogers NLBentley 4 ½ litre
4Ruud Wesselink NLMiriam Wesselink NLCitroën ta 7 c cabrio
6Marry van Dijk NLDick van Dijk NLLagonda v 12 le mans
7Bart Kleyn NLRaoul Boer NLLancia aprilia berline
8Wim v.d. Lagemaat NLKlazien v.d. Lagemaat NLPeugeot 203 a
10Tom van Oostende BAnn van Oostende BJaguar xk 120 fhc
11Koen Lamp NLPaul Koppen NLJaguar xk 120 fhc
12Alex Boerboom NLSergio Fonseca RAJaguar xk 120 dhc
13Arie de Vries NLPeter Kerkhof NLMercedes-benz 300 sl gullwing
14Joop Koch NLJosé Koch NLJaguar xk 140 ots
15Philip Hartog NLMarianne Heemskerk NLLancia aurelia b 20s
16Flip Wentink NLMarc Bredero NLSaab 93 a de luxe
17Frank van Deudekom NLMaurice van Ulden NLTriumph tr 3
18Jos Haans NLJoep Alkemade NLBmw 507 cabriolet
19Lianne Alberda elgersma NLFrank Alberda Jelgersma NLJaguar xk 140 dhc
20Richard Veldkamp NLNico Kuiper NLPeugeot 203 c
21Fried van Oirschot NLWim van Oirschot NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster
22Hans Peen NLHak van Nes NLSimca aronde p60 gl
23Theo Schoester NLAndreas Tschanz CHJaguar mark ix berline
24Mike Cramer NLLeon Janssen NLChevrolet corvair berline
25Frans van Kemenade NLMarie Th. v. Kemenade NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
26Jeroen Geertman NLLeo Geertman NLJaguar mark ii – 3.8
27Bart ter Borg NLRutger ter Borg NLMg mga 1600
28Guy Vermant BJohan Nieuwenhuizen BVolvo pv 544 sport b 18
29Theo Nooteboom NLAns Nooteboom NLJaguar mark ii – 3.8
30Marcel Fruytier NLNiek Lamm NLTriumph tr 3a
31Martin v.d. Zeeuw NLMichel Verbeek NLJaguar mark ii – 3.8
32Bart Boerboom NLPeter v.d. Wal NLMg mga 1600 mk ii
34Joost Meijering NLRuud Nijhout NLSaab 96
35Michiel Hehenkamp NLJos van Zijl NLJaguar mark ii – 3.8
36Oscar Zaalmink NLDaniel Schulz DWartburg 311 - 108
37Zwaan Jan NLTombrock Maarten NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
38Piet van Doesburg NLJan-W. Schoenmakers NLPorsche 356 b
39Paul Vonk NLEdit Hallensleben NLTriumph tr 4
40Jan van Velzen NLHerman Posthumus NLVolvo pv 544 b 18
42Hans van Dalen NLTheo v.d. Broek NLPorsche 356 sc
43Rob Vermaas NLHuito Tinga NLMorris minor traveller
44Peter Spanjaard NLPeter-Paul Spanjaard NLTriumph tr 4
45Eric Oosterveen NLHenri Oosterveen NLMg mgb
46Jaap van Tol NLDick van Doorn NLChevrolet corvette sr
47Hans Verhoeff NLJoppe Verhoeff NLVolvo pv 544 sport b18
49Nico Wierper NLGeorge Weeteling NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
51Theo Nooteboom NLAns Nooteboom NLMercedes-benz 300 se l
52Henri v.d. Lugt NLWim Oostlander NLVolvo p 130
53Jan Janssens BJaqueline Pessers BTriumph tr 4
54André Struijk NLGert Landlust NLPorsche 356 c
55Ronald Melieste NLFrans Blankemeijer NLNsu wankel spider
56Ilona Gatsma NLJaap Gatsma NLMg mgb
57Frits Borst NLGeert Nouwens NLLancia fulvia coupé
58Leendert de Haan NLInez v.d. Poll NLVolvo p 1800 s coupé
59Marcel Jans NLEric Jans NLPorsche 911 l
60Richard van Nijkerk NLRobert Wagenmakers NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
61Toby Bouman NLMariken Bouman NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
62Robert Fluttert NLEric Olthof NLLancia flavia coupé
63Hans-Mart Groen NLWim Rootselaar NLPorsche 911 s coupé
64Jeroen Levert NLMarjolein Sutmuller NLCitroën ds 21 cabriolet
65Jan-Maarten Geertman NLJeske Walraven NLJaguar 420 saloon
66Theo v.d. Laan NLTheo v.d. Laan NLLancia fulvia gt
67Rob Kerssemakers NLRob Jetten NLVolvo 123 gt coach
68Hans Barth NLAbe de Jong NLMercedes-benz 250 sl
69Hans Bakkers NLCarry Bakkers NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
70Marc de Bruijn NLBart de Bruijn NLLancia flaminia c3 2+2
71Peter v.d. Zon NLMaarten v.d. Putten NLVolvo 123 gt coach
72Leslie Treffers NLBert Klomp NLVolkswagen kever 1300
73Simon v.d. Heden NLDesirée Heeswijk NLAlfa romeo duetto 1750
74Paul Fluttert NLLaurent Fluttert NLLancia flavia coupé
75Constant Steger NLMaarten van Kekem NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
76Barry Weir GBSophy Gardner GBAston martin db 2/4 mk i
77Richard v. Maanen GBIan Howson GBAustin-healey 100m roadster
78Peter Pratt GBRyan Pickering GBTriumph tr 2
79Jan Kemps NLChristine Kemps NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
80Karl-Heinz Hintz DJurgen van Eck DAustin-healey 100 bn 2
81Henk Janus NLHenk v.d. Berg NLAston martin db 2/4 mk ii
82Pieter Booij NLJeroen Booij NLAustin-healey 100 m roadster
83Willem v.d. Mast NLBen v.d. Rijst NLTriumph tr 3
84Marcel Geurts NLAlfons Geurts NLAustin-healey 100 m roadster
85Dries Jetten NLPiet Jetten NLFerrari 250 gt
86Rob van ‘t Schip NLRinus Nieboer NLPorsche 356 a 1600 coupé
87Rinus Sinke NLFred Froger NLAustin-healey 100/6 roadster
88Michael Axhausen DMonika Axhausen DTriumph tr 3
89Jan v. Honschoten NLRichard v. Honschoten NLPorsche 356 speedster
90Bau Winkel NLRob Meijer NLFiat 103 e sedan
91Jan Vaandrager NLKees Vaandrager NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
92Nan Beers NLIvar Wittebrood NLFord zephyr 2500
93Frits Janus NLTon Janus NLAston martin db 2/4 mk iii
94Gilbert Wilssens BFilip de Munck BMg mga coupé
95Nico van Dord NLDick Pieksma NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
96Hendrik de Jaegere BMarieke van Uffel BTriumph tr 3a
97Leinis de Kam NLRichard de Kam NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
98Kees Buurman NLWilko Vaandrager DFerrari 250 gt
99Cees Hogendoorn NLCor Verbrugge NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
100Dries Willems NLBart Willems NLTriumph tr 3a
101Frans Froger NLMarije Froger NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
102Rob Muhring NLAndré Kivit NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
103Edgar Krug NLFerry van Egmond NLSunbeam alpine serie i
104Dick Schiferli NLBertus Raats NLPorsche 356 b gs coupé
105Nico Baas NLYves Gosset BTriumph tr 3a
106Aad Lourens NLPieter den Boef NLAston martin db 4
107Derek Skinner GBDavid Kirkham GBAustin-healey 3000 roadster
108Luc de Vos BGeert Cuypers BPorsche 356 b coupé
109Jan Ebus NLJan Berkhof NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600
110Niek Bastiaan NLAnja Bastiaan NLTriumph tr 3a
111Pieter Oostdam NLKees v.d. Tang NLJaguar e-type fhc
112Lisa Klokgieters NLAnja Lieuwma NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
113Rob Peters NLMartin Petitt GBTriumph tr 4
114Hans Hubbeling NLGerda Hubbeling NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
115Don v.d. Vaart NLPim Vogelaar NLTriumph tr 3a
116Henk Touw NLWillem Uitenbroek NLPorsche 356 b
117Tjoe Houw Kwee NLPaula van Hogezand NLAlfa romeo giulia ti
118Dieter Seidel DPaul Neeskens NLTriumph tr 4
119Robert van Dongen NLGert-Jan Brillenburg NLMorris mini cooper s
120Karel Westerman NLMartin Roosenboom NLPorsche 356 b
121Cees de Vries NLThomas Heikens NLMg mgb
122Cees Rodenburg NLKoos Bakker NLTriumph 2000 berline
124Rob Woud NLMarion Woud NLPorsche 356 b
125Adrie Brugmans NLJaap Daamen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
126Jan Scholtens NLPeter Kipp NLMg mgb
127Hans de Bruin NLWillem Touw NLPorsche 356 c
128Wim van Hoogstraten NLEefke Appels NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii a
129Jos Lommerse NLTon Lommerse NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300
130Rob Huisman NLAlbert-Jan Huisman NLVolvo 122 s coach
131Franz Zapfe DAnja Bögershausen DMercedes-benz 220 se b
132Eric v.d. Klippe NLPaul Borloo NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
133Jan v. Doorn NLRoel Rosbag NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
134Cock Goedegebuur NLFokko Speelman NLPorsche 356 c
135Klaus Foerster DHans Keller DPorsche 356 sc coupé
136Renger Guliker NLPim ‘t Hart NLFiat 1600 s
137Pim Brunet De Rochebrune NLRaoul Brunet De Rochebrune NLVolvo 122 s
138Lin v.d. Slikke NLRob v.d. Beek NLPorsche 356 c
139Sandra Deumel DRegine Hansche NLMg mgb
140Jaap Nooij NLMieke van Zon NLSaab 96 gt sport
141Emile Heemskerk NLRogier Duijndam NLVolvo p 130
142Lindy Margadant NLAd Janssen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
143Wolter Gratama NLJaap Kiel NLPorsche 911 coupé
144Thom Houg NLHerry Houg NLFord lotus cortina
145Jack Berk NLJip Barth NLVolvo pv 544
146Fokko Rietveld NLCarolien Jordaan NLVolvo 131
147Gaston Koelemij NLPeter Koelemij NLPorsche 356 c
148Hans van Baaren NLArthur Denzler NLFord consul cortina
149Arie van Erkel NLTheo van Erkel NLPorsche 911 coupé
150Marius Hoogendam NLErik Bruens NLMg mgb
151Bert Dolk NLRobert Rorife BVolvo 122 s
152Bob White GBAlan Petitt GBFord lotus cortina
153Øystein Lie NOddvar Moland NPorsche 911
154Peter Taal NLMartin Taal NLPorsche 911 s
155Olaf Pothoven NLBram Rutgers NLVoilvo 122 s
156Joeri Post NLJomar Post NLLotus elan s3
157Sander Drijber NLMaarten Drijber NLLancia fulvia coupé s1
159George B?gershausen DHans Werner Muller DNsu 1000 tt
160Maries Dinaux NLEric van Straaten NLPeugeot 404 berline
161Gert Brouwer NLErnst-Jan van Kouwen NLAlfa romeo giulia super
162Maarten Nederkoorn NPaul v.d. Berg NLancia fulvia hf
163Henk Kats NLKenan Aksular NLFord mustang v8 289
164Gerrit Teerink NLDik Postma NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
165Don Platteel NLHelle Bonke NLPanhard 24 ct
166Guido Buijs NLMarco Buijs NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
168Pieter Bartelse NLRobert Weitmann NLMg mgb gt
169Aasmund Kleve NJan Egil Jensen NVolvo 123 gt coach
170Stef Mooiman NLEd Bijster NLBmw 1602 coach
171Reinier Raadshooven NLHuib Geurink NLLancia fulvia rallye
172Peter Beuk NLLilian v.d. Togt NLVolvo 123 gt
173Joris Buijs NLWilco Beijer NLPorsche 911 targa
174Caecile Veltman NLJoan v.d. Lustgraaf NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
175Paul Bruniche-Olsen DKChristian R. Hansen DKVolvo p 1800 s
176Willem Hielkema NLMachteld de Vries NLJaguar 340 berline
177Edwin Doesburg NLMartijn v.d. Roer NLAlfa romeo duetto 1750
178Frans Smits NLNiek Rietveld NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gtv
179Louk Rietveld NLRichard Boer NLVolvo 132
180Dolf Beuk NLPetrus Beuk NLFiat 1800 b
181Patrick Damen NLArent Rosdorff NLPorsche 911 s
182Bart v.d. Kloet NLMiriam v.d. Kloet NLFerrari 330 gtc
183Paul Kok NLNico Cortlever NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
184Pieter Walraven NLMichel de Maar NLLotus elan plus 2
185Kees Krug NLLoek Alders NLMorris mini cooper s
186Charles Offinga NLRosita Offinga NLSaab 96 v4
187Lilian v.d. Vaart NLJoke v.d. Kroft NLOpel kadett coupé
188Otto Kristensen DKBritta Kristensen DKLancia fulvia rallye
189Hans Lampier NLEric Lampier NLPorsche 911 s targa
190Harm Lamberigts NLPeter Saanen NLFord escort gt
191Daan Peters NLMaarten Peters NLMg mgb gt
192Rolf Lie NTom Granli NPorsche 911 t
193Peter Boon NLPeter Jansen NLTriumph vitesse 2l mk ii
194Mark Petter NLJacques Limpens NLLancia fulvia gt
195Frans de Zoete NLMarleen Hendrikse NLMg mgc gt
196Paul Colijn NLRalph The NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
197Martijn Levert NLInés Plasmans NLPorsche 911 s
198Peter Hendriks NLReinier Mutsaerts NLVolvo pv 544
199Peter Bakker NLMisha Soesman NLFordtina lotus cortina
200Koen Koenders NLLonneke Koenders NLJaguar xk 120 dhc
201Jan ten Cate NLKarel ten Cate NLAustin-healey 3000 roadster
202Loek de Rooij NLPeter Bezemer NLVolkswagen kever
203Rob v.d. Zalm NLHarry Boele NLJaguar xk 120 ots


  • Sporting

  • Touring

  • Vintage



  1. Verdun
  2. Malbuisson
  3. St. Avold
  4. Aachen
  5. Noordwijk



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