Tulpenrallye 1999

  • 2300Kilometers
  • 220Equipes at the start
  • 195Equipes at the finish
  • Kees Stoel
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


50 Years Tulpenrallye! Maurice Gatsonides dies in the autumn of 1998. The organization decides to pay extensive attention in 1999 to the fact that it has been exactly 50 years ago that the Tulpenrallye was organized for the first time. The National Tourist Board and the Keukenhof share this ambition and decide to sponsor this special edition. In good alignment between the parties it is decided to also make the route very special and a route back and forth from Noordwijk to Berlin is designed. The route is 2300 km long and as a result, the rally is one day longer and is started this year on Monday from Noordwijk.

Via Barneveld, a first stop in Münster and a second in the East German town of Arolsen, the center of Berlin will be reached on Wednesday, among other things via “checkpoint Charly”. All participants stay overnight in the Forum Hotel and dinner is served at high altitude in the “Fernsehturm” of Berlin. Via the Holländisches Viertel in Potsdamm, the participants will drive to Winterberg on Thursday. Here they end up in the snow, just like on the way to Berlin on Wednesday, after which they drive to Vaals in the Netherlands on Friday. Via the Keukenhof in Lisse, the participants will reach Noordwijk again on Saturday. The roads in the east of Germany are pretty bad. Afterwards, the organization and the participants agree that the route to Berlin was indeed a special experience, but that the next Tulpenrallye’s will again be driven to a significant extent in France.

The main contenders are Bert Dolk (winner in 1973), Renger Guliker (winner in 1983), Hilmar Andersen (winner in 1994), Dries Jetten, Eric Leerdam, Aernout Lindner, Bart Rietbergen, Don van der Vaart, Linus Verhoeks and Karel Westerman . Again many foreign participants are at the start with Horst Deumel (D), Mike Cornwell (GB), French Zapfe (D) and the Brit Neil Wilson whom appears at the start with the ex-World Championship rider John Buffum (USA). For the first time this year the Vintage class is being organized for participants with cars from before WW II. A number of very nice Bentley’s and also the Mercury Kwik-1 of Bert Kersten, designed by Maus Gatsonides in 1938, appear at the start. A total of 220 teams participate in this special anniversary edition of the Tulpenrallye.

The Sporting class is won by the experienced and sympathetic team Horst Deumel (D) / Willi Potjans (B) with BMW 2000 Ti 1967. They are followed after an exciting battle by father and daughter Renger and Ingeborg Guliker (Fiat 1600S) who become 2nd and in third place Adrie Brugmans / Jaap Daamen (Alfa Romeo). The Coupe des Dames is won by the ladies Sandra Deumel and Regine Hansche with MG-B. Martin Polak and Marco Cornelissen with Ford Cortina win the Touring class and Paul Sassen / Harry Knoop with Bentley 4.5 Liter from 1937 are the first winners of the Vintage class.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Bart Rietbergen NLBen Roetgerink NLAlvis speed 25
2Hilmar Andersen DKHenning Friborg DKVolvo 123 gt
3Karel Westerman NLMartin Roosenboom NLPorsche 356 b
4Gilbert Wilssens NLFilip de Munck NLMg mga fhc
5Franz Zapfe DAnja Bögershausen DMercedes-benz 220 se
6Adrie Brugmans NLJaap Daamen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
7Linus Verhoeks NLJan Berkhof NLVolvo pv 544
8Don van der Vaart NLJohan Mulder NLOpel kadett coupé
9Aernout Lindner NLMaarten van Kekem NLBmw 2002
10Eric Leerdam NLHans Gordijn NLFord lotus cortina
11Dries Jetten NLDick Jetten NLFerrari 250 gt
12Renger Guliker NLIngeborg Guliker NLFiat 1600 s cabrio
13Monty Karlan NFrank Hussey IRLPorsche 911 s
14Horst Deumel D Willi Potjans DBmw 2000 ti
15Neil Revington GBTony Caldwell NLTriumph tr 4
16Neil Wilson GBJohn Buffum USAPorsche 356 sc
17Bert Dolk NLRob v.d. Valk NLAlfa romeo sprint
18Peter Hendriks NLPeter Rushforth GBFord lotus cortina
19Rolf Lie NTom Granli NMg mgb roadster
20Titia Westerhof NLAnja van der Marel NLVolvo 121
21Herman v.d. Bosch NLBas v.d. Heide NLVolvo 122 s
22Kees Buurman DJan Veening NLFerrari 250 gt
23Ron van ’t Schip NLJunior Stoutenbeek NLAlfa romeo giulitta sprint
24Constant Steger NLJean v.d. Elst BJaguar xk 120 dhc
25Dick Schifferli NLHerman Schipper NLPorsche 356 c
26Frans Diepeveen NLErik van Hardeveld NLAustin-healey sprite mk i
27Martin Pettitt GBBrian Parker GBRover 90 p4 saloon
28Dries Willems NLBart Willems NLTriumph tr 3a
29Klaas-Willem van Ommen NLPim Vogelaar NLMorris mini cooper
30Carel Küthe NLNiels Küthe NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
31Lindy Margadant NLPeter van Koppen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
32Cees Dobbe NLHaiko Neidig NLTriumph spitfire mk iii
33Lilian van der Vaart NLMieke Tijsterman NLDaf 55 marathon
34Leif Poulsen DKAnders Fisker DKMercedes-benz 350 slc
35Mike Cornwell GBColin Francis GBPorsche 356
36Sandra Dreumel DRegine Hansche DMg mgb
37Loek de Rooij NLPeter Bezemer NLAustin mini cooper
38Ben van der Rijst NLPeter Staal NLTriumph tr 3a
39Leunis de Kam NLRichard de Kam NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
40Maries Dinaux NLErik van Straaten NLTriumph tr 6
41Peter-Hans v.d. Nat NLMarcelle v.d. Leur NLMg mgb
42Henk Baars NLWilco Beijer NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iia
43Jaap v.d. Borg NLAd Janssen NLTriumph tr 4
44Philip Prettejohn GBMalcolm Mackay GBJaguar e-type
45Eric Ligtvoet NLRob Ligtvoet NLPorsche 911 s
46Henk Touw NLWillem Uitenbroek NLPorsche 356 b
47Lex van Tienhoven NLEmile Schravendijk NLFiat abarth 1000 c
48Jan van Velzen NLGaston Koelemij NLMg mga mk ii
49Dick de Wild NLWil de Wild NLPorsche 911 s
50Frits Swinkels NLErik Stegeman NLFord zephyr six
51Robert-Jan ’t Hoen NLLiesbeth v.d. Plas NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
52Willem v.d. Mast NLEd Engwirda NLTriumph tr 3
53Aad Lourens NLPieter den Boef NLAston martin db 4
54Cees de Vries NLThomas Heikens NLMg mgc
55Toon Boogers NLMieke Boogers NLVolvo pv 544 s
56Rob Mühring NLAndré Kivit NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
57Nico Baas NLYves Gosset NLTriumph tr 3a
58Henk Janus NLFred Ouwerling NLAston martin db 2/4 mk ii
59Lex Avis NLJos Rumping NLAustin-healey sprite
60Kees Heutink NLJan Hogendoorn NLVolvo 122s
61Lin v.d. Slikke NLRob v.d. Beek NLPorsche 356 c
62Paul Kok NLNico Cortlever NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
63Freek Geurink NLHuib Geurink NLLancia fulvia coupé
64Frits Janus NLPim Janus NLAston martin db 2 mk iii
65Cees Hogendoorn NLCor Verbrugge NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
66Jan v.d. Meer NLBertus Raats NLMg mgb roadster
67Georg Bögershausen DHeinrich Zwickert DNsu prinz iii
68Henk Hogeveen NLFrans van Voorst Vader NLMorris mini cooper s
69Tjoe Houw Kwee NLYu Tjay Kwee NLLotus europa s2
70Rob Huisman NLAlbert-Jan Huisman NLVolvo 122 s
71Rinus Sinke NLJaap Sinke NLAustin-healey 100/6
72Gert-Jan v.d. Klashorst NLMartijn Levert NLTriumph tr 4
73Jan Vaandrager NLKees Vaandrager NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
74Gerrit Schippers NLRoland Holland NLAustin-healey 100/6
75Fred van Lingen NLJaap Verplanken NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
76Joost Michgelsen NLKees Wezenaar NLPorsche 911 s
77Jan ten Cate NLRonald Brons NLAston martin db5
78Evert-Jan Dijkstra NLGuido Rouwhorst NLPorsche 356 sc
79Jan van Doorn NLFred van Doorn NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
80Ina de Hoop NLArthur Denzler NLTriumph spitfire mk iii
81Pieter Booij NLJeroen Booij NLAustin-healey 100m
82Ferdinand Eekels NLJeroen Dudok van Heel NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
83Rob Peters NLFred Wulff NLTriumph tr 4
84Hans Lampier NLEric Lampier NLPorsche 911 t
85Emma Collette NLIneke Mouthaan NLTriumph spitfire 4
86Janet Erdtsieck NLBart Postumus NLTriumph 2.5 pi
87Jan de Croon NLMichel Rutenfrans NLPorsche 911 t
88Hans van Doorn NLAntoinette van Doorn NLTvr tuscan
89Nick Bastiaan NLAnja Bastiaan NLTriumph tr 3a
90Frans Froger NLFred Froger NLAlfa romeo giulietta sprint
91Hans van Baaren NLDick Leeksma NLFord consul cortina
92Edgar Krug NLFerry van Egmond NLSunbeam alpine série i
93Wolter Gratama NLRené Bakker NLPorsche 911 coupé
94Jack Gosselink NLBen Mulder NLTriumph tr 3a
95Frank Kloppert NLFrank Leeman NLBentley s iii
96Arie van Erkel NLAuke v.d. Weg NLPorsche 911 s
97Hans van Eden NLLeo Koster NLJaguar e-type
98Boudewijn v. Ouwerkerk- NLPaul Klinckhamers NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
99Jouke Post NLJomar Post NLLotus elan s 3
100Gerrit Brouwer NLHuib Berkelaar NLPorsche 912
101Niek van Gils NLMarianne van Gils NLTriumph tr 3a
102Pim Brunet de Rocher NLMarc de Bruin NLTriumph tr 4
103Paul Laurey NLJan Rijnink NLAustin-healey 100/6
104Laurens Moes NLRonald Moes NLTriumph spitfire gt6
105Norbert Wiesmeier NLKlaus Wiesmeier NLBmw 2002 ti
106Reinier Mutsaerts NLPiet Hein Mutsaerts NLFord cortina 1600
107Patrick Damen NLRob v.d. Torre NLPorsche 911 t
108Rogier van Eden NLRens van Eden NLTriumph tr 6
109Stef Mooiman NLEd Bijster NLVolvo p 1800 s
110Brian Chase GBGisela Erwin DMg za magnette
111Jeroen van Mil NLPieter Bartelse NLTriumph tr 3a
112Ralf Stamm DAndrea Griesinger DMercedes-benz 220 se
113Peter Pratt GBJulie Eaglen GBTriumph tr 2
114Rob Kool NLEd Davelaar NLVolvo 1800 es
115Fokko Rietveld NLCarolien Jordaan NLVolvo pv 544
116Peter Beuk NLMike Beuk NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
117Michael Abram GBMargaret Abram GBFord cortina mk i gt
118Ad v.d. Kroft NLJoke v.d. Kroft NLMorgan plus 4 dhc
119Jan Koerts NLBart Spoelstra NLLancia fulvia sport i
120Rob Woud NLLouk Alders NLAlfa romeo gt 1300 junior
121Bart v.d. Kloet NLMiriam v.d. Kloet BFerrari 330 gtc
122Rob Klaarenbeek NLRonald Batenburg NLVw-porsche 914
123Edward Keus NLRonald Keus NLTriumph tr 3
124Frans Smits NLTheo van Erkel NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint gt
125Marius Hoogendam NLRob v.d. Poel NLMg mgb
126Jos Willems NLHenk Koning NLRenault r 8 gordini
127Marc van Rooij NLOscar van Overeem NLPorsche 911 s
128Charles Offinga NLRosita Offinga NLSaab 96 v4
129Stoffel den Drijver NLRon Jordaan NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 ti
130Michel Thomas FRobert Schneck FVolvo 123 gt
131Leslie Treffers GBBert Klomp NLVolkswagen kever 1300
132Noschka Ott NLElias Ott NLTriumph tr 3a
133Jan Bink NLMichel Muurmans NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
134Bernard Honig NLBrigitte Honig NLPorsche 356 b cabrio
135Jan van Honschoten NLRichard van Honschoten NLPorsche 356 b
136Marco Schilder NLGerrie Meereboer NLPorsche 911 t
137Marcel Fruytier NLNiek Lamm NLTriumph tr 3a
138Pieter Walraven NLMichel de Maar NLLotus elan plus 2
139Sjaak Wagenaar NLMark Uleman NLMercedes-benz 190 sl
140Theo Verhoeff NLRobert Weitmann NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint
141Kees Krug NLAlain Handgraaf NLMorris mini cooper
142Eveline Stalling NLEsther te Hasseloo NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 s
143Hans Walraven NLGijs Zantvoort NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint
144Emile Heemskerk NLKees v.d. Tang NLTriumph tr 6
145Frank Thunnissen NLDennis Maas NLPeugeot 504 cabriolet
146Henk v.d. Veen NLHerman van Bolhuis NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
147Peter Taal NLMartin Taal NLPorsche 911 s
148Louk Rietveld NLRichard de Boer NLVolvo 132 s
149Jan Storm NLJohan van Ochten NLFord shelby 350 gt
150Jaqueline Gent NLCor Gent NLMg mgb gt
151Thom Houg NLHerry Houg NLLotus elan s3
152Fokko Speelman NLNiek Rietveld NLMg midget
153Peter Spanjaard NLJo Gubbels NLTriumph tr 4
154Cees Rodenburg NLKoos Bakker NLFerrari dino 246 gt
155Willem Hielkema NLMachteld de Vries NLFiat 1500
156Olaf Pothoven NLJan-Willem Elfring NLVolvo 122 s
157Douwe Struiksma NLKlaas Dijkstra NLAlfa romeo giulia 1300 s
158Thijs Pollé NLTyn Pollé NLTriumph tr 3a
159Don Platteel NLFlip Wentink NLPanhard 24 ct
160Marcel Overduin NLTineke Hilhorst NLPorsche 911 t
161Hans Barth NLJohn Wijnands NLMercedes-benz 250 sl
162Eric Kuin NLGuus Benistant NLAlfa romeo giulia 1600 ti
163Bas Diemer NLWouter Diemer NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
164Bau Winkel NLRob Meijer NLFiat 1100
165Jack Berk NLJip Barth NLVolvo pv 544
166Willo Morsink NLBob Hahn NLPorsche 356 a coupé
167Martine Bink NLMarie Luce Bree NLMg mgb roadster
168Pieter Oostdam NLKor de Groot NLPorsche 911
169Dieter Seidel DPaul Neeskens NLTriumph tr 4
170Henner Minke DHolger Birkigt DPorsche 356 a speedster
171Barry Weir GBPat Anderson GBAston martin db 2/4 mk i
172Cees den Haan NLLoes den Haan NLJaguar xk 150 fhc
173Peter v.d. Zon NLMaarten v.d. Putten NLVolvo 123 gt
174Bert Kersten NLTony Paalman NLMercury kwik-i
175Paul Sassen NLHarry Knoop NLBentley 4 ¼ litre
176Barbara Meijer NLFrancien v. Maasdijk NLRiley sprite
177Ruud Wesselink NLMiriam Wesselink NLCitroën traction avant
178Arnold Horn NLJuliette Horn NLBentley 3 ½ litre
179Rob v.d. Zalm NLRuud v.d. Zalm NLJaguar ss100
180Marc Straathof NLAlex von Mozer NLBentley 4 ½ litre le mans
181Hans Jouvenaar NLTheo Roozenburg NLMg ta midget
182Robbert Hin NLSiep van Lent NLBentley 3 ½ litre
183Jaap Nooij NLMieke van Zon NLSaab 96 gt sport
184Erik Bruêns NLJohan Madderom NLMg mgb
185Gerard Jans NLEric Jans NLPorsche 911 l
186Paul Colijn NLRalph The NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iii
187Ton van Helden NLGeerd van Helden NLMercedes-benz 300sl gullwing
188Geert Hein v.d. Neut NLFrank Verhoeven NLAustin a 30 saloon
189Hans Broekmeulen NLHak van Nes NLVolvo duet p 21134
190Frits Borst NLGeert Nouwens NLPorsche 914/4
191George Weeteling NLJasper Weeteling NLMg mgb roadster
192Hans Hofman NLJacques Lopes Cardozo NLAustin-healey 3000 mk iia
193Marry van Dijk NLDick van Dijk NLPorsche 356 b cabrio
194Nico Kuiper NLRichard Veldkamp NLPeugeot 203 c
195Martin Polak NLMarco Cornelissen NLFord cortina 1600 gt
196Ko den Herder NLTeun van Popta NLAustin-healey 3000 mk i
197Paul de Kuyper NLRon Schroer NLJaguar xk 120 fhc
198Pieter Smit NLRoel Cazemier NLVolvo 121
199Koos Visser NLTonny Zwanenburg NLFiat abarth 500/750
200Richard v.d. Heuvel NLAbe de Jong NLJaguar xk 120 ots
201Fried van Oirschot NLWim van Oirschot NLJaguar mk ii 3.4
202Paul Fluttert NLLaurent Fluttert NLLancia flavia coupé
203Will v.d. Boom NLJacques Theelen NLMg mgb
204Gabrie van Lin NLEdwin den Braber NLTriumph tr 4a irs
205Ranson Altman NLSimon Suesan NLMg mgb gt
206Frank Albeda Jelgersma NLLiann Albeda Jelgersma NLJaguar xk 140 dhc
207Jan-Willem Hanrath NLMarcel Wolff NLAustin-healey mk iii
208Bart Boerboom NLPeter v.d. Wal NLMg mga 1600 mk ii
209Anita Geertman NLLeo Geertman NLJaguar 420 saloon
210Pieter Singelenberg NLAnke Boomsma NLDodge custom club coupé
211Rutger Kwant NLGea Kwant NLTriumph vitesse mk ii
212Jaap van Tol NLDick van Doorn NLChevrolet corvette
213Ger Kerkenaar NLFranc van Sark NLTriumph tr 6c
214Michiel A. Spoor NLMichiel Spoor NLAustin-healey 3000 mk ii
215Theo Dommershuizen NLMarion van Maanen NLTriumph spitfire gt 6
216Daan Peters NLMaarten Peters NLMg mgb gt
217André Struik NLPeter Dirven NLJaguar xk 140
218Nico van Dord NLDick Pieksma NLAlfa romeo 2600 spider
219Jos Haans NLJoep Alkemade NLBmw 1600 cabrio
220Piet van Doesburg NLJan Schoenmakers NLMercedes-benz 300 sl roadster


  • Sporting

  • Touring

  • Vintage



  1. Munster
  2. Kelbra
  3. Berlin
  4. Winterberg
  5. Vaals
  6. Noordwijk



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