Tulpenrallye 1977

  • 1200Kilometers
  • 83Equipes at the start
  • 53Equipes at the finish
  • Wolf Berger
  • Rotterdam (NL)
  • Rotterdam (NL)


The Gulf Tulpenrallye is starting to regain something of its former glory, after the difficult editions in the early seventies. The enormous enthusiasm of the large group of inspectors and officials plays an important role in this. There is no permission to drive in Luxemburg this year.

A number of foreign participants with (semi-) works material do appear at the start. The favorites include the numbers 1 and 2 from 1976, Carlsson-De Jong with Opel Kadett GTE and Staepelaere-Bessem with Ford Escort 1800. The foreign professionals participating are the winners of the Safari Rally Shekhar Mehta and Yvonne Pratt with Datsun Violet , Brookes-Bryant with Ford Escort, Tony Drummond with Ford Escort, Eklund-Sylvan with a Saab 99 EMS and John Taylor (Ford Escort) who is well known from the rallycross in Valkenswaard. The ladies-team Titia Westerhof and Lilian Andela, composed by Veronica TV and Opel, make their debut during this rally.

The technical scrutinizing takes place on Thursday at Zestienhoven airport near Rotterdam, after which the crews start at De Doelen on Friday in Rotterdam. The 36 tests included in the rally are in total about 180 km long, of which more than 115 km is hardened. The first eleven trials of the rally are in the Netherlands. The trials on the military sites are again included in the route. The first test after the start in Rotterdam is on the Vlasakkers in Amersfoort, while the second test on the tank track of the Wittenberg army camp in Stroe has to be cancelled. The following tests are the Dikkenberg in Rhenen and the sports center Papendal. Then, via a route through Belgium with seven special stages, the  crews drive to Arlon where on Saturday during the day the participants take a rest. On Saturday night the crews drive back from Arlon to Rotterdam, again through seven tests in Belgium and eleven in the Netherlands. The final test, accessible to the public, will be held at Zestienhoven airport. All other tests are secret in advance, to prevent the participants from recceing. Nonetheless, the top teams are on the road before the rally, driving thousands of kilometers. Based on the route of previous years and rumors, the crews do drive in areas where a trial is expected this year. The route runs via the Veluwe and South Limburg to Liège where a short rest is held.

The atmosphere is tense prior to the rally, because Staepelaere and De Jong, in particular through the media, are constantly discussing prior knowledge of other rallies. Ford factory driver Russell Brookes, partly at the start because his sponsor ‘Andrews Heat for Hire’ recently opened a branch in Belgium, takes the lead from the outset and has ten minutes ahead of Staepelaere after ten tests. However, Brookes makes a mistake on the 15th test and then loses most of his lead. On the 16th trial, at Marche in Belgium, Brookes goes off the road because there is ice. Staepelaere takes over the lead. When Carlsson gets at the end of the night on the tests in Belgium (it is pouring with rain at that time) one minute behind, he decides to start the counterattack. The Escort of Staepelaere can not deploy its horsepower  on the slippery roads and Carlsson benefits from this: at the break in Arlon, his backlog has been reduced to 32 seconds. Brookes is at that moment exactly as much behind Staepelaere-Bessem. On the first tests of the back-route, Brookes is faster than Carlsson and the end result seems to be certain. Carlsson also gets off the road on one of the trials near Maastricht. Carlsson continues to attack, but later gets off the road on a trial and after that spins on the test on the military area PIROC near Eindhoven. Fifty kilometers before the finish however, Staepelaere breaks his throttle cable. Brookes smells the victory and then decides to play all or nothing at the final test at Zestienhoven. With this attempt, a stub axle breaks as a result of which he stays in third place at which he has actually driven all day. Per Eklund also almost loses his fourth place when he cannot run more than 3500 rpm at the last three tests, due to problems with its engine. Jan van der Marel and Jan Berkhof take this place from him, but fall back when they get five minutes of penalties because they have been speeding between Turnhout and Veldhoven.

Staepelaere and Bessem eventually win the rally. The prize-giving ceremony is delayed by three hours due to a number of protests and shortcomings in some cars detected during the post-scrutinizing. Especially the Fords have problems here. These cars, including those from winner Staepelaere, are equipped with a non-official mechanical handbrake. When the cars are approved anyway, Opel is considering to protest. De Jong opposes this because he thinks that the Ford team Staepelaere-Bessem has rightfully won. The national class is won by Van Espelo-Van Lent with Opel Ascona. The award ceremony is again at the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1S. Mehta EAKY. Pratt EAKDatsun violet
2P. Eklund SH. Sylvan SSaab 99 ems
3L. Carlsson SB. de Jong NLOpel kadett gte
4R. Brookes GBP. Bryant GBFord escort 1800
5G. Staepelaere BE. Bessem NLFord escort 1800 rs
6J.v.d. Marel NL J. Berkhof NLOpel kadett gte
7T. Drummond GBPh. Short GBFord escort 1800
8J. Taylor GBJ. Jensen GBFord escort
11T. Maslen GBD. Booth GBFord escort 1800
14A. Kridel LM. Gilles LFord escort 2000
17H.v.d. Lee NL B.v. Traa NLOpel kadett gte
18A. Jetten NLJ. Meester NLOpel kadett gte
19R. Guliker NLA.v.d. Brink NLBmw 2002 tii
20H. Vossen NLJ. Pieterman NLOpel kadett gte
22G. Richard NLB. Dickhout NLOpel ascona
23W.L. Guillaume NLP. Eine NLVolvo
24J. Bestebreurtje NLH. Brouwer NLPorsche carrera
25J. Dams NLR. Goris NLFord escort 2000
27D. v.d. Pol NL H.v.d. Horst NLDatsun 100a
28H. Robers NLG. Sanderink NLPorsche 911t
29A. Kempff NLK. Verbunt NLAlfa romeo sud ti
30W. Eedem NLH.v. Tunen NLFord escort 2000
31T.v. Beusekom NLR. Jonkers NLLancia stratos
33H. Ahlberg NLW. Vroegop NLToyota carina 1600 st
34E.v. Peer NLC. Bos NLOpel kadett gte
35R. Fiddelers NLH.v. Valen NLFord escort rs 1600 bda
36M. Wafelbakker NLF.v. Zutphen NLFord escort 2000
37J.v.d. Bosch NLM.v. Bruggen NLDatsun 1600 sss
38G. Tyrbjoern SA. Blomkvist SDaf66 sedan
39M. Evers NLM. Eichholtz NLOpel ascona 19 sr
40E. Lejeune BC. Leelerg BOpel kadett gte
41A. Boogaerts NLJ.v. Dooren NLOpel kadett gte
42B.v. Lunteren NLG. Koreman NLSunbeam avenger 1600
43J. Massay BP. Kempeneers BOpel kadett gte
44L.v. Roey Bv. Lommel BOpel ascona
45J. de Veer NLA. Anthony NLFord escort rs 2000
46A. Frunt NLH. Zondag NLOpel kadett gte
47R. Wiedeman NLR. Vis NLBmw 2002 ti
48F. ten Hage NLA. Schoonenwolf NLFord escort
49W. Coremans NLM. Viergever NLFord escort 2000
50T. Nachtegeller NLC.v. Waardenburg NLFord mexico
51H.v. Gerve NLG.J. Ypenburg NLOpel ascona 16s
52C.A.M. Brink NLR.H.v.d. Heuvel NLFord mexico
53J. Scholten NLG.J. Weier NLLada 1300
54J.v. Dijken NLT. Wirtz NLBmw 2002 tii
55A.C. Martens NLA. Simons NLBmw 2002
56C.v. Ginkel NLH. Donkers NLFiat 128 coupé
61G.v. Espelo NLJ.C.v. Lent NLOpel kadett gte
62W. Wormgoor NLH.E. ten Cate NLDatsun 1600 sss
63P.C. Dubbeldam NLG.H. Edixhoven NLBmw 2002 tii
64F.v.d. Valk NLT. Badenberg NLMini cooper 1300
65P.v.d. Berg NLJ.J. Hooimeijer NLFord escort
66E.M. Edixhoven NLP.I.v.d. Burg NLDaf 55 m
67C.v.d. Aar NLW. Griensven NLOpel ascona 16 s
68H. Rensink NLR. Tijs NLAlfa romeo 1600 super
69G.v. Lit NLG. Nomen NLMini 1275 gt
70B.I. Sprokholt NLH. Bullens NLOpel ascona 19 sr
71M. Ramaekers NLR. Nieuwboer NLBmw 2002 tii
72G.J. Vermeulen NLF.W.L. Bruitsman NLSimca 1100 s
73V.v. Dantzig NLA. de Groot NLRenault 5 ls
74L.J.R.v.d. Est NLJ.P.R. de Jonge NLOpel ascona 19 sr
75G.J. Roseboom NLG. Mulhuijzen NLFord taunus gt
76D. Slagboom NLM. Smeets NLOpel ascona 16 sr
77A.M. Bedorf NLA. Lekkerkerker NLBmw 2002 tii
78J. Kuipers NLN. Smeets NLOpel ascona 16 s
79J.M. Medenbach NLR.J.M. Ramaekers NLOpel ascona 19 sr
80T. Westerhof NLL. Andela NLOpel kadett gte
81J. Brouns NLP.M.H. Loyson NLFord capri 2300 gt
82J. de Winter NLM.A. Visser NLDaf 55
83Onri Lupo NLTom Hill NLSimca 1000 rallye ii
84A.J.M.v. Alst NLJ.A. Siebers NLToyota corolla
85E.P. Eigenbrood NLR. Mackenbach NLSunbeam 1500 tc
86R.C.v. Gent NLA.P.J. Zandvliet NLOpel ascona
87M.G.M. Brink NLR. Kok NLOpel ascona 19 sr
88J.v. Boven NLG. Hoekstra NLVolkswagen golf gti
89M. Hagendoorn NLL. de Hooge NLDaf 55 m
90L. Verberne NLv.d. Vorstenbosch NLOpel kadett


  • International

  • National



  1. Rotterdam
  2. Balgooij
  3. Gulpen
  4. Marche-en-Famenne
  5. Fauvilliers
  6. Tienen
  7. Tienray
  8. Berg en Terbijt
  9. Zestienhoven
  10. Rotterdam



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