Tulpenrallye 1973

  • 3200Kilometers
  • 70Equipes at the start
  • 22Equipes at the finish
  • Ton Zwikstra
  • Warschau (PL)
  • Aviodome Schiphol (NL)


The magazine Autovisie introduces the idea in 1973, after two years without Tulpenrallye, to organize a next edition of the event in Poland. The idea is picked up by Maarten van Wamelen who is considered the great animator of this edition. The organization committee consists of Nortier, Zwikstra, van Wamelen, Hulsker, Jansen Venneboer, Hamel, Bos and Rijshouwer. The roadbook is made by the experienced navigator Jooks Klein, based on the famous tulips system. Calanda is the first major sponsor of the event and director Verwey is committed to recruiting the other sponsors. 120 local officials are deployed, while only 10 Dutch officials join the rally. The participants drive to the start in Warsaw on their own. One of the problems is that the best gasoline in Poland is octane 98.

The number of registrations of 61 is disappointing, and only just enough to maintain the European status of the rally, especially when one considers that 20 of them start in the national Tulpenrallye in which the program is slightly less task-setting. The rally promises to be particularly heavy, and cannot be compared to the French editions from the past.

Participants do ultimately not include the Polish crack Zasada (ex-European champion); he is not very satisfied with his high start number (factory Opel Ascona). Also the announced Marlboro-sponsored factory Lancia’s Fulvia are not present. However, there are four cars from the team Polski Fiat of the factory. The most important Dutch contenders are Kees van Grieken – Rob Wiedenhoff with BMW 2002ti, Wim and Kees Luijbrechts with the Gulf STAR DAF 66, Bert Dolk and Bob de Jong with Opel Ascona and the Radio Noordzee team with Datsuns for Han Tjan-Dirk Buwalda and Theo Koks-André Jetten. André Jetten rides his first Tulpenrallye this year, and is a nephew of the successful Dries Jetten, who participated in many previous editions.

The route includes eleven special stages and five special tests are included. The first part of the route is formed by the 1029 km to Wista which have to be driven with an average speed of 66 km / h, followed by a rest of two and a half hours. After this, three special stages follow shortly after each other, followed by five special tests. stages. These routes must be driven at average speeds of around 100 km / h. The stage of Sokolec is the most challenging and must be driven three times; each time with a higher average. After another test, the participants reach the border with East Germany. For the trip through Germany to the border between East and West, five hours is planned. At the border, at Helmstadt, is the first rest. Three more tests were made on the route through West Germany. There are two tests in the Netherlands; at Oldenzaal, the Holterberg (with 5000 spectators early in the morning) is climbed and rides on the southern loop of the TT Circuit in Assen are also included. Via the Afsluitdijk the participants then set course towards Schiphol Airport where the finish will take place at the Aviodome.

The Opel Ascona of Dolk and De Jong, supported by Dutch the General Motors dealer association, is accompanied by three service cars containing 40 tires and more than 300 liters of petrol from the Netherlands. All seven DAF’s retire in this rally. Beforehand it was already predicted that most of the tests would be too fast for the Dutch product, while most of the cars are simply being destroyed during the trip. Bert Dolk leads for a long time in the first phase of the rally, but before the break in Wista, he incurs a delay. After Wista he rapidly resets this by a number of fast times. Van Grieken also gets penalties by not clocking in at the right time during a control, as a result of which Dolk takes over the lead. Dolk and De Jong are supreme in this 23rd edition and eventually secure their win. The team Zegwaard-Bruin wins the national class.

At the finish a large number of protests follow, partly due to the lack of communication between the participants and the Polish officials and due to different interpretations of the neutralizations described in the regulations.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1K. van Grieken NLR. Wiedenhoff NLBmw 2002 ti
2K. Komornicki PLB. Krupa PLBmw 2002 ti
3M. Clarke GBJ.R. Gray GBFord escort rs1600
4B. Dolk NLB. de Jong NLOpel ascona 1900 sr
5V.J. Carlow GBJohnstone Syer GBFord escort mexico
6S. van Doorn NLB. van Doorn NLAlfa romeo 1750gtv
7L.H.H. Bergsteijn NLS. Thomas NLOpel ascona
8A.H.M. Lutkemeyer NLR.C. Bateman GBFord escort rs1600
9T. Suijkerbuijk NLA. Franken NLFord escort tc
10P.C.A. Eine NLH.W. van Valen NLVolvo 144
11H.P.T.A. Dekkers NLL.B.L. de Boer NLBmw 2002 tii
12J.R.J. van Rijn NLR.J.M. van de Veek NLOpel kadett rallye
13Mc. Dorwell GB
14P.C. de Vries NLF.T. van Zutphen NLBmw 2002 tii
15C. Syberg DKE. Syberg DKOpel ascona 1.9
16J.L. de Veer NLA.B. Boot NLVolvo 142
17J. Steenwinkel NLH.F. Aaij NLOpel manta sr
18P.de Haan NLA.H. Baeten NLBmw 2002 tii
19P. Driessen NLG. Haanen NLBmw 2002 tii
20S. Mouwes NLHarry Bierman NLPorsche 911
22H.W. Schewe DP. Mystowksi PLPorsche carrera rsr
23G.A. Kempff NLW. Valkema NLAlfa romeo gta
24G.H. Maneschijn USAA. Berkel NLTriumph tr6
25T. v. Beusekom NLH. v. Beusekom NLLancia fulvia 1600hf
27S. Zasada PLA. Komorowski PLOpel ascona
28R. Mucha PLR. Zyszkowski PLPolski fiat 125p
29J. Bachtin PLT. Ciecierzynski PLPolski fiat 125p
30A. Jaroszewics PLB. Dragowski PLPolski fiat 125p
31C. Zegwaard NLJ.S. Bruin NLOpel ascona 16s
32G.G. Waugh GBD. Spence GBHillman avenger
33A.J. Swijghuisen Reigersberg NLH. Robers NLAlfa romeo giulia super 1600
34H.G. Britth SM. Olsson SFord capri
35J. Lenderink NLR. Schultz DSaab 96
36F.C.P. Gordijn NLJ.L. Gordijn NLBmw 1600t ti
37L.J. Nuijen NLJ.L. Mijnans NLOpel ascona 16s
38A.W. Niemeijer NLE. Hoogkamer NLOpel ascona
39A.C.M. Martens NLG.H. Edixhoven NLBmw 2002
40J.M. Lindenburg NLF. Wessels NLVw 1302s
41H.M.N. Vossen NLG.J.M. Engels NLSaab 96 v4
42E. Wesstrom SS. Soderhund SToyota cor. cube 1600
43C. Hoogendoorn NLT. de Bruin NLAlfa romeo 1600 super
44P. van Hulst NLH. Anthony DBmw 1600
45M. Stawowiak PLJ. Czyzyk PLPolski fiat 125p
46Th.J. Koks NLA.P. Jetten NLDatsun 1600 sss
47R. Jonkers NLJ. de Jonge NLMercedes-benz 220 d
54H.S. Tjan NLD. Buwalda NLDatsun 1200 coupé
55M.J.G. Simons NLF.J. Simons NLMazda 1300 estate
56M. Varisella PLJ. Jedynak PLPolski fiat 125p
57H. Bokenkamp NLH. Broekhans NLSimca rallye
58J.G.M. van Veen NLL.A.A. van Veen NLLada 1200
59T. Wijnbelt NLC.W. Bax NLDatsun cherry
60S. Boogaard NLP. Beckers NLMini cooper 1275
63J. Wojtyna PLJ. Rozanski PLSkoda rallye a2
64H. van den Bosch NLH. v.d. Horst NLDaf 55 marathon
65W. Luijbregts NLK. Luijbregts NLDaf 66 marathon
66E.L. Bessem NLB. Dickhout NLDaf 55 marathon
67B.M.A. Konst NLR.C. Pieterse NLSunbeam chamois
68R.W. Leyds NL Hans de Jong NLDaf 55 combi
69J.G.M. Smeets NLP. Smeets NLDaf 55 marathon
70J.A. Simons NLL.H. van Hulst NLDaf 55


  • International

  • National



  1. Warschau
  2. Lublin
  3. Wista
  4. Helmstadt
  5. Jerxheim
  6. Holterberg
  7. Assen
  8. Schiphol



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