Tulpenrallye 1962

  • 4000Kilometers
  • 144Equipes at the start
  • 96Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


Jacques Lioni, one of the men of the first hour, withdraws from the organization this year because he is too busy with other activities. The number of participants is disappointing this year, especially among the Dutch (41). The National Tulpenrallye has been abolished, because most Dutch crews prefer to participate in the international competition. However, they are not able to cope with the foreign factory teams, which is the main reason for the disappointing number of national registrations. The participants are divided over ten classes and the new system for calculating the final ranking seems even more fair and totally excludes the possibilities for forming combines. Although the number of participants is on the low side, the entire European top-league appears at the start. This is an achievement of the organization, especially if one considers that the Tulpenrallye is one of the few rallies that does not yet pay prize money.

The Morley Brothers start with number 1 in their Austin Healey. Other contenders are Riley-Astle (also with Austin Healey) Rauno Aaltonen with MG, the German Porsche factory rider Hans Joachim Walter, the former European champion Gunnar Andersson from Sweden (with Volvo 122 B 18), Erik Carlsson with Saab and Ben Pon-Rob Gorris with a Porsche Carrera.

The start takes place on Monday night at 11.51 pm. 21 special stages are included in the route, of which 18 will eventually also take place. Tuesday morning the participants are very early at the Nürburgring for the first special stage. After that the route goes through the Eiffel and then to Saarbrücken, after which the crews drive all day in the Vosges. The test at the Ballon d’Alsace starts only after a delay, because of a gendarme who is not well instructed and a farmer with his cattle that first has to pass roads of the test. At the beginning of the evening the participants arrive in Geneva for one night with two heavy trials (Mont Salève and Chamrousse). The next morning there will also be a large number of tests (Col St. Jean, Mont Ventoux, Col des Leques, La Roquette and the Col de Turini), after which the participants arrive in Monaco around noon. Here they can rest for 18 hours until Wednesday morning when the return route starts. During this break, no intermediate score will be published,so that all participants and stakeholders can fully speculate about this. Through various heavy special stages the route then leads to Champagnole, where there is a time check at night, after which the crews arrive in Belfort on Thursday morning. From there it goes again through the Vosges to Belgium, followed by some tests in Luxembourg. The final test will be held on Thursday afternoon in the Netherlands on the Camerigerberg near Maastricht.

The young Dutch team Vos – Den Boer gets off the road after the test on Mont Ventoux when a piece of metal tears a tire. Although they only ride at low speed, Henk den Boer is killed. During the rally the Dutch team Ben Pon / Rob Gorris will have an ever better chance of winning when first the faster Walter on the Col de la Charbonnière has to give up with rear axle problems and then the ladies Hall and Domleo, who then are in the lead, do leave from the road. On the way back however, Pon and Gorris get problems with the gearbox. At the check in Larochette there are pieces of iron in the bin. They are still trying with new oil, but outside of Larochette the rally for them comes to an end. The replacement gearbox that is already on its way to Camerigerberg is coming too late. Dries Jetten, at that time leader in his class, gets off the road on the Camerigerberg. He confesses that he was insufficiently concentrated because he knows the area too well. With a tractor he is dragged back on the road and he still reaches the finish.


The participants can rest on Friday, followed by the prize-giving ceremony on Saturday at five o’clock in the afternoon and the closing party that starts at eight o’clock. Pat Moss however, flies back and forth to Luzern in the meantime to take part in a jumping competition. The Tulpenrallye party at the end of the rally, largely organized by Mr. Tappenbeck from Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’, is particularly popular among the participants in these years. The hotel is decorated with tens of thousands of tulips, a huge cold buffet appears and various orchestras play at the hotel. ‘Huis ter Duin’ is celebrating 75 years this year! The ladies Pat Moss and Ann Riley are the first all-female team to win the Tulpenrallye and of course they also take the Coupe des Dames home. For Ann Riley this is a particularly nice conclusion to her rally career. She stops the sport because she expects a baby (Tulip runner participant Peter Riley is the father). Competition leader Nortier refers to this during the award ceremony by asking whether the ladies have won within the regulations, because they were in the car with three people. Joop Heidendahl and Bob Boekhout, with Alfa Romeo Giulietta, are the best Dutch crew. The country team prize goes to England, while the brand team classification is won by Auto Union / DKW. The team of the Royal Swedish Automobile Club wins the club team prize.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1D.J. Morley GBE. Morley GBAustin-healey 3000mkii
2F.J. Powell GBD. Baker GBAustin-healey 3000mkii
3B. Crone-Rawe DH.J. Peemöller DMercedes 300sl gullwing
4J. Cuff GBD. Anderson GBJaguar e-type
5P. Riley GBD.C. Astle GBAustin-healey 3000mkii
6A. Verschoor NLAn van Jaarsveld NLAustin-healey 3000mkii
7H.L. Steunebrink NLK.S. Barendregt NLJaguar e-type
8A.C. van Dongen NLJ.A. Blomjous NLMercedes-benz 300se
10J.J. Thuner CHJ.M. Gretener CHTriumph tr4
11R. Aaltonen SFS.G. Palm SMg a mk2
12M. Sutcliffe GBR. Fidler GBTriumph tr4
15J. Sprinzel GBA.A.G. Robson GBTriumph tr4
16P.R. Easton GBA. Rusling GBReliant sabre
17H.W.F. Hamblin GBD.C.E. Johns GBTriumph tr4
18R. van Nispen NLP.A.E.F. Dom NLTriumph tr3a
19Jhr. F.V. Beelaerts van Blokland NLP.H. de Koster NLVolvo p1800
21H.J. Walter DK. Schöttler DPorsche carerra
22B.M. Pon NLR.L.G.M. Gorris NLPorsche carerra
23K.S. Richardson GBHon. Mrs. Richardson GBPorsche carerra
24R. Dooijes NLD.F.H. van Lennep NLPorsche s90
25J.P.M. Roestenburg NLJ.A. Roestenburg NLPorsche s90
26D.F. Gray GBL. Needham GBPorsche s90
27J. Meur FP. Rouselle BPorsche s90
28H. David DW. Börner DPorsche 1600s
29K.H.J. Reynolds GBGillian A. Reynolds GBPorsche 1600
30A.J. Burton GBS.H. Burton GBTvr grantura
31Anne Hall GBValerie Domleo GBTvr iia
32H. Klinken DH. Socher DVolkswagen
33L.J.R. White GBA.J. Wells GBMg a
34J. Grimshaw GBD.H. Ralphs GBSunbeam alpine ii
35M. Lenke DH.H. Vollbehr DMg a
36Ad. Paulen NLF.G. van der Hoeven NLFiat 1500s
37R.L.G. Borgerhoff Mulder NLJ.L. den Hollander NLAlfa romeo giulietta sv
38S.T. Pateman GBJ. Broom GBTvr iia
41E.N. Brinkman GBD. Skuffington GBJaguar 3.8
42D.H. Ray GBF.S. Herwin GBJaguar 3.8
43H. Kühne DH. Wencher DMercedes-benz 220seb
44F.W. Scott GBR. Parker GBMercedes-benz 220se
45J. Demortier BJ. Patte BMercedes-benz 220seb
46Ewy Rosqvist SUrsula Wirth SMercedes-benz 220seb
47G. Harris BP. Ickx BMercedes-benz 220seb
48E. Böhringer DP. Lang DMercedes-benz 220seb
49S. Bettoja IGeorges von Baum IMercedes-benz 220se
50W. van Zijl NLW.J.O. v. Litsenburg NLChevrolet monza
51K.S. Perkins GBJ.B. Newton GBFord zodiac
52S. Postma NLJ. van der Lei NLBogward 2300
53M. Schippers NLG.W. Schippers NLFiat 1800
54K. Brierley GBJ.G. Fairer GBOgle trooper mini
55C.M. Skogh SR. Skogh SSaab 96
56K. de Keyzer NLR.v. Beem NLVolvo pv 544
57R.M. Wall GBR. Moody GBAustin-healey sprite
58P. Ruby DG. Raschig DDkw junior
59Th.A. Gold GBM. Hughes GBAustin-healey sprite sebring
60A. Guilhaudin FJ.P. Haurioud FDkw junior
61T.S. Baker GBW.P.D. Ross GBMg midget
62J.R. Hill GBD.M. Allen GBMg midget
63Miss Sheleagh E. Aldersmith GBD. Howick GBAustin seven
64R.J.G. Smith GBJ.L. Davies GBFord anglia
65J.L. Hicks GBB. Nokes GBAustin a40
66J.A. Pieterman NLM. Geldhof NLSaab 93f
67S.G. Davey GBR.G. Willson GBFord anglia
68H.A. Maasland NLH. Pellikaan NLAustin cooper
69B. Bakker NLH. Umbach DFord taunus 17m
70R. Trautmann FClaudine Bouchet FCitroën ds19
71G. Andersson SW. Karlsson SVolvo 544 b18
72J. Wallwork GBG. Emery GBVolvo 122 b18
73G. Kolwes DH. Heine DVolvo 544 b18
74P. Mogensen DKO.B. Olsen DKFord taunus 17m ts
75G. Vinke NLR.B. Pont NLVolvo 122 b18
76J.A. Linschoten NLE.P. Linschoten NLVolvo 544 b18
77Mej. J.J. de Lange NLMarijcke Englebert NLCitroën id19
78B.J. Meijer NLB. Meijer-de-Winter NLFiat 1500
79D.L. Delling USAP. Anderson USAVolvo 544
80B.J. Sherwood GBA. Oetterli GBSunbeam rapier
81M. Huisman NLG.H. Nijhuis NLVolvo 444
82L.F. Chamberlain GBP. Mullen GBSunbeam rapier mk3a
83H.C. van Arum NLM.B. v.d. Wetering NLVolvo 544
84J.S. Tait GBR.J. Wright GBSumbeam rapier iii
85M. Skarring DKS.A. Holst DKVauxhall vx 4/90
86K.G. Hook GBD. Davenport GBVauxhall vx 4/90
87H.P. Verkamman van Keulen NLTj. de Boer NLVauxhall vx 4/90
88R.W. Holmes GBG. Turner GBVauxhall vx 4/90
89A.J.P. Jetten NLH. Korte NLVauxhall vx 4/90
90A.H.C. Wyndham GBR.F.C. Butler GBVauxhall vx 4/90
91Th.J. Koks NLTh.J. Koks Jr. NLVolkswagen 1500
92O. Rosenblatt NLH.A.A. v.d. Laan NLSimca montlhéry
93C.J. den Ouden NLJ.Th. Quant NLPanhard tigre
94J. Nielsen DKH. Hendriksen DKAlfa romeo giulietta ti
95H.M. de Man NLA. Aarse NLSimca montlhéry
96J.A.J. Heidendahl NLJ.H. Boekhout NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
97C.G. Maasdijk NLH.W. Maasdijk NLSimca montlhéry
98E. Kristensen DKN. Blumensaadt DKFiat 1300
99L. Vos NLH.J. den Boer NLTriumph herald 1200 convertable
100H. Watson GBF.C. Mitchell GBTriumph herald 1200 saloon
101J.H.M. Konink NLA.C.H. Lissone NLVolkswagen
102J.J.M. de Rooij NLTh.J. van Dijk NLFord anglia
103J. Vernaeve BC. van Malleghem BAustin cooper
104(D)Pat Moss GBAnn Riley GBMorris mini cooper
105A.T. Fisher GBB. Melia GBAustin cooper
106J.W. Mc Alister GBJ.A. Copland GBAustin cooper
107G.J. Allen GBGb. Hughes GBAustin cooper
108M.C.D. Merrick GBJ. Fitzpatrick GBAustin cooper
109E.P. Foden GBF. Crossley GBMorris cooper
110J.B.G. Campbell GBK.W.W. Simpson GBMorris cooper
111N. Falk SK.E. Schlegel SMorris cooper
112W.H. Wadham GBS.D. Silverthorne GBMorris cooper
113D.G. Dixon GBP.S. Mc Nally GBMorris cooper
114W.L. Morrison GBJ.W. Mc Innes GBMorris cooper
115G. Humble GBR.C. Eaves GBMorris cooper
116C.G. Mäder DF.U. Koch-Bodes DAuto union 1000s
117H. Wienholt DS. Urbat DAuto union 1000s
118F. van der Meeren NLS.v. Tuyn NLAuto union 1000s
119P.H.M. Hendrikx NLP.L.M.C. de Schutter NLAuto union 1000s
121Mevr. G.J.J. Boerboom NLMabel ’t Hooft NLAuto union 1000s
122R. Slotenmaker NLF. Honhof NLDkw junior
123E. Carlsson SG. Häggbom SSaab 96
124R.H.R. Dee NL“Aiglon” v. Sminia NLSaab 96
126Monica Kjerstadius SHenny Ehringe SSaab 96
127A. Martini NLA. de Jager NLSaab 96
128Louk Heidendahl NLDiana van Strien NLSaab 96
129H.J.L. Veder NLJ. Hulsing NLRenault dauphine 1093
130Kl. Nierop NLC. Zeeman NLRenault dauphine 1093
131H. Veth NLJ. in ’t Veld NLRenault dauphine 1093
132W.C. van Hest NLJac. Dijkstra NLRenault dauphine 1093
133A. Kling DFrl.M. Racklé FDkw junior
134V.H. Elford GBF.M. Butler GBDkw junior
135P. Gelé FC. Laurent FDkw junior
136K.R. Björkin SS.O. Rosenkvist SSaab 96
137J.L. Flinterman NLJ.W. Bootz NLDkw junior
138Jean Crossley GBJoh. Spijker GBAustin seven
139P. Easter GBK. Stubbs GBAustin seven
140T.B.D. Christie GBN.L. Paterson GBMorris mini-minor
141Hazel Hand GBPatricia Fisher GBMorris mini-minor
142D. Seigle-Morris GBJ.A. Ambrose GBAustin seven
143J. Dorsett GBJoy Cooke GBMorris mini-minor
144Joh. Geesink NLL.A. Hartjesveld NLRenault dauphine gordini
145J.K. Mc Kechnie GBD.E.J. Thompson GBAustin countryman 7
146L. Gillmo SS. Lantz SBmw 700 sport
147R. Steffen DIngrid Steffen DBwm 700 saloon
148K.E. Jensen DKR. Rottbfl-Ærum DKBmw 700 sport
149C. de Jong NLH. Arkenbout NLFiat 600d
150L.J. Gillet NLS. Heyndijk NLRenault r4
151F. Barion van Aerssen Beijeren van Voshol BB. Scheppers de Bergstein BRenault dauphine gordini


  • Overall



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Eindhoven
  3. Nurburgrinh
  4. Belfort
  5. Monaco
  6. Valence
  7. Champagnole
  8. Luxemburg
  9. Eindhoven
  10. Noordwijk



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