Tulpenrallye 1961

  • 3800Kilometers
  • 180Equipes at the start
  • 143Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Noordwijk (NL)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The original planning has been to start the rally on Monday, May 1st. However, this is a national holiday in France and organizer Piet Nortier does not manage to get the necessary gendarmes on that day to manage the special tests. The start is now on Tuesday, May 2 (albeit at midnight), so the finish is only on Friday evening and the results office has to work through the night to publish a classification on Saturday morning. The fastest team per class gets zero penalty seconds on each test and special stage. The subsequent teams will receive penalty points based on the time they finish behind the class winner: 1 penalty point per second later. This system is particularly aimed at the prevention of combines, as in the previous edition. Furthermore there are 60 penalty seconds per minute late to a (time) check and various other reasons for possible penalty points. During the rally, the intermediate classification will be kept secret for the participants; this is also to prevent the combines. 3000 gendarmes are used for the rally, while the organization sends out another 250 officials.

For the second time, a national rally is organized. This includes four DAFs, for Roeloffzen, v.d. Berg, Blansjaar and Kouwenberg. A total of 38 participants in the 2nd National Tulpenrallye, including the brothers De Wild with a Volkswagen Beetle under number 208. The BMC team enters a particularly strong team for the international rally, with the Morley brothers (winners of the Tulpenrallye in 1959 ), Pat Moss-Ann Wisdom, Gold-Hughes, Morris-Elford and Riley-Ambrose. Other acquaintances at the start are Maus Gatsonides-Dries Jetten, the ladies Hall and Domleo, Hans Tak, the Swede Erik Carlsson (Saab) and the couple Carstedt. Dooijes-Slotemaker do not start because of Slotemaker’s illness. The British team Fischer-Rawkins joins the rally as a honeymoon. 142 participants will start in the International Tulpenrallye.

The route is largely similar to that of 1960. In the rally, fifteen special stages and four special trials have been included. After the start, the participants drive directly through Luxembourg to the Vosges. On Wednesday night there is a rest at the Ripotot hotel in Champagnole, after which the route continues through an almost entirely new area. Wednesday afternoon the participants arrive in Monte Carlo for a rest of 17 hours. An acceleration and braking test will be held there. The return route consists for a significant part by driving the same route in the opposite direction. The final test will be held at the Francorchamps circuit in the Belgian Ardennes. The Vredestein service cars are at seven different locations during the route. In addition, they transport the luggage of the participants and the large bus serves as timekeeping centre in Monaco.

Tonio Hildebrand has to give up when the organization gives him a note in Champagnole stating that he is not allowed to continue because he was temporarily denied the right to drive. The Germans Umbach and Riesenberg come upside down in a ditch. Walter and Steunebrink help them to get out of the car; if this happens too harshly the unfortunate Germans warn them to be careful with the paint of the Porsche. They continue later, with pants and a pair of shoes outside the car so that these can get dry. Although the battle during the rally is not easy to follow (no intermediate positions are being published), it gradually becomes clear who the main contenders are: Hans Joachim Walter (Porsche) and Carl Magnus Skogh (Saab). Leslie Griffiths and Jeff Mabbs are however the unexpected winners of this 13th Tulpenrallye. They win, among other things, through the new system; after all, they drive in a class with not too many strong opponents and therefore run only few penalty points in tests where they do not finish first. The only real opposition in their class comes from the team Lewis and Stone, also with a Triumph Herald, so that Griffiths and Mabbs do not get enough victory points.

In Eindhoven it is discussed and agreed that Lewis will not finish so that Griffiths gets enough points to get the victory. Lewis gives up 50 meters before the finish in Noordwijk. The new system therefore fails in this area, leading to the necessary criticism at the finish. Mabbs wants his wife to come over for the prize-giving ceremony, but this is not possible at first because her passport is in the safe and Mabbs has the key. Via the intervention of the K.N.A.C. she can travel to the Netherlands without a passport, but unfortunately she is still half an hour late to see her husband receiving the prizes. Pat Moss and Ann Wisdom win the Coupe des Dames with Austin Healey 3000. Jan Smulders and Luc van den Bergh win the national rally with DAF 600. They had in the weeks before the rally focused on reducing weight to a true art. All necessary upholstery was removed from the DAF. They used matches instead of lighters. A small fog lamp was the only concession that the team did. Even clothing, food and drinks were left at home. This led to the joke that Smulders and Van den Bergh shared a pajama (one wearing the jacket, the other wearing the pants).


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1O. Swahn SF. Sager SAston martin db 4
2Pat Moss GBAnn Wisdom GBAustin-healey 3000
3W.J.J. Tak NLW. Lijmer NLMercedes-benz 300slr
4D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBAustin-healey 3000
5G. Spinedi CHJ. Jonneret CHFerrari 250gt swb
6B. Crone Rawe DH.J. Peemoller DMercedes-benz 300slr
7G.D. Grimshaw GBB. Melia GBAustin-healey 100-6
8C.O. Bremer SF Ferrari gt250
9F.J. Powell GBJ. Tait GBAustin-healey 3000
10D.M. Allen GBJ.R. Hill GBAustin-healey 3000
11P.J. Smith GBCh.B. Smith GBAustin-healey 3000
12M.B. Day GBR. Douglas GBAustin-healey 3000
14E.W. Judge GBC.M. Seward GBAustin-healey 100/6
15R. Vicat Cole GBH. Mainz GBAustin-healey 3000
16A.G. Makein GBW.H. Ramsden GBFord zephyr
19M. Carstedt SGulli Carstedt SFord galaxie
20E. Brinkman GBP. Steiner GBJaguar 3.8
21P.C. Wadham GBW.H. Wadham GBJaguar 3.8
22R.H. Pinder GBC.A. Cooke GBJaguar 3.8
23Viscount Boyne GBCount Charles de Salis GBJaguar 3.8
24R.W. Merrick GBTh. Dougray GBJaguar 3.8
25P.G. Walton GBD. Rossdale GBJaguar 3.8
26E.R.V. Walker GBB. Hughes GBJaguar 3.8
27S.R. Skelly GBG. Youngson GBFord zephyr
28P. Mogensen DKO.B. Olsen DKFord zephyr
29G. King GBC. Sproxton GBFord zephyr
30Drs. H.L. Steunebrink NLK.S. Barendregt NLJaguar 3.8
33H. Bengtsson SS. Lindström SPorsche s90
34R. Dooijes NLR. Slotemaker NLPorsche s90
35J.L.W. Blonk NLE.J. Groen NLPorsche s90
36H.J. Walter DE. Stock DPorsche carrera
37H. Umbach DK. Riesenberg DPorsche s90
38H.J. Mulder NLT. Hildebrand NLPorsche s90
39J. Jamott BG. Sander BPorsche s90
41J. Meur FN. Rebetez FPorsche s90
42A.J. Beurton GBP. Rutland-Barsby GBTvr grantura
43D.F. Gray GBL. Needham GBTriumph tr3a
44J.P. McCartan USAJ.F. Overlock USATriumph tr3
45A. Pascucci IS. Ros IAlfa romeo 1900 ss
46R.L.G. Borgerhoff-Mulder NLJhr.A.J. Sminia NLAlfa romeo giulietta sv
47J. Grimshaw GBH. Beighton GBSunbeam alpine
48L. Chamberlain GBP. Mullen GBSunbeam alpine
49J.G. Fairer GBJ.W. Bowdage GBSunbeam alpine
50F.G. van der Hoeven NLA. Paulen NLFiat 1500
52K. Knoop DH. Ströh DMercedes-benz 220se
53E. Böhringer DH. Socher DMercedes-benz 220seb
54R. Trautmann FJ.C. Ogier FCitroën ds19
55G. Andersson SH. Lundin SVolvo p544
56P. Toivonen SFR. Aaltonen SFCitroën id19
57M. Gatsonides NLA.J.P. Jetten NLVauxhall cresta
58G. Kolwes DH. Wencher DVolvo pv 544
59W. van Zijll Jr. NLW.J.O. van Litsenburg NLChevrolet monza
60Chr. Boulay FJ. Badoche FCitroën id19
61E. Kristensen DKB.S. Preben DKOpel 1700
62Claudine Vanson FFrançoise Vallier FCitroën id19
63C.J. den Ouden NLH.J. te Siepe NLCitroën id19
64W.H. Visser NLW.J. van Rekum NLPeugeot 404
66A. Spork DS. Missner DFiat 1800
67G. Lenaerts BR. Demaerschalk BChevrolet monza
68H.P. Verkamman van Keulen NLTj. de Boer NLVauxhall cresta
69K.H. Reynolds GBE.F. Moorat GBVauxhall velox
70J.C. Avery GBF.X. de Vivenot GBVauxhall velox
71R.W. Holmes GBM.M. Cruickshank GBVauxhall velox
72H.W. Burke GBF.W. Alluto GBVolvo 122s
73L. Boström SA. Helger SVolvo pv 544
74D.L. Delling USAG.R. Kreisel USAVolvo 122s
75Riordian FG. Houel FPeugeot 404
76H.G. Pellikaan NLJ.Th. Quant NLFiat 2100
78Ewy Rosqvist SMoni Wallraf SVolvo pv 544
79E. Elliott GBD. Wright GBSunbeam rapier
80W. Lier CHH. Walter CHSunbeam rapier
81O. Dahl SF. Andreasson SVolvo pv 544
82J. Rey FG. Burggraf FAlfa romeo giulietta ti
83A.D. Winzor GBP.J. Shaw GBSunbeam rapier
84K. Keijzer NLJ.H. Lieuwma NLVolvo pv 544
85J.R. Cotter GBD.R. Hill GBSunbeam rapier
86Mary Handley Page GBPauline Mayman GBSunbeam rapier
87R.L.G.M. Gorris NLR.H.R. Dee NLSunbeam rapier
88R. Karlsson SL. Asplund SVolvo pv 544
89J. Nielsen DKK.E. Jensen DKSunbeam rapier
90R. Sjöström SB. Hermansen SVolkswagen
93E. Carlsson SS. Turner SSaab 96
94B. Shawzin GBB. Makin GBAustin-healey sebring
95J. Sprinzel GBM. Wood GBAustin-healey sebring
96S. Rosenkvist SC.E. Schlegel SSaab gt750
97T.A. Gold GBM. Hughes GBAustin-healey sprite
100I.V. Miller GB GBAustin-healey sprite
101L.A. van Almkerk NLS. Hauser NLAustin-healey sprite
102J.R. Kirkman GBK. Hall GBAustin-healey sprite
103B.T.G. Ljungfeldt SB. Rehnfeldt SFord anglia
106Anne Hall GBValerie Domleo GBFord anglia
107J. Nielsen DKH. Henriksen DKSimca montlhéry
108R.A. Gridley GBW.G. Evered GBTriumph herald
109Th.J. Koks NLG.Th.E. van der Werff NLVolkswagen
110O. Thrana NL. Samsing NAuto union 1000
111E. Gjølberg NL. Askersrud NSkoda octavia ts
113K. Schöttler DJ. Säckel DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
114J.A.J. Heidendahl NLB. Bakker NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
115L.B. Biesheuvel NLF.M. Pollé NLSimca montlhéry
116H.M. de Man NLA. Aarse NLSimca montlhéry
117K.T. Hansen DKP. Reinholdt DKSimca montlhéry
118A. Andersen N NSkoda octavia ts
120P.H.M. Hendrikx NLL.P.M.C. de Schutter NLAuto union 1000
121G.J. Mabbs GBL. Griffiths GBTriumph herald coupé
122S.G. Davey GBR. Wilson GBFord anglia
123A. McCracken GBJ.W. McInnes GBFord anglia
124I.D.L. Lewis GBD.M. Stone GBTriumph herald
125J.R.G. Dance GBM.E.G. Chandler GBTriumph herald
128J.P.M. Roestenburg NLMargaret MacKenzie NLAuto union 1000s
130Rosemary Sears GBSheleagh Aldersmith GBTriumph herald
131K. Brierley GBJ.B. Laing GBTriumph herald
132S. La Roche Salter GBP.D. Morgan GBDkw f93
135D. Seigle-Morris GBV.H. Elford GBMorris mini minor
136P. Riley GBJ.A. Ambrose GBMorris mini minor
137N. Falk SL.E. Tisell SSaab 96
138J. Swaab NLH. Oei NLRenault gordini
139J.L. Flinterman NLP. Seegers NLDkw junior
140K. Block DW. Bertram DBmw 700 sport
141E. Berger SG. Häggbom SSaab 96
142J. McPhail GBH.F. Murland GBSaab 96
143J. Handley GBA.G. Moy GBAustin seven
144D.G. Dixon GBP.S. McNally GBAustin seven
145J.H. La Trobe GBH.A.C. Woolf GBMorris mini minor
146B. O’Hara GBM. Marsden GBMorris mini minor
147D.G. Chapman GBB.J. Sherwood GBSaab 96
148Patricia Ozanne GBPatricia Wright GBAustin seven
149P. Easter GBR.A. Freeborough GBAustin seven
152Monica Kjerstadius SHenny Ehringe SSaab 96
153C.M. Skogh SR. Skogh SSaab 96
155Diana van Strien NLTruus van Voorst Vader NLRenault gordini
156J.L.M. Kuijken NLK.F.J. Wallrath NLDkw junior
157Jean Crossley GBJ. Spijker GBAustin seven
158J. Dorsett GBJoy Cooke GBMorris mini minor
160Louk Heidendahl NLIda de Fouw NLSaab 96
161P.J.R. Jonkers NLL.Sj. Dekker NLRenault gordini
162E.G. Vanner GBR. Parker GBDkw junior
163H. Veth NLA.J. de Pater NLRenault gordini
164A.T. Fischer GBPatricia Rawkins GBAustin seven
165J. Persson SR. Samuelsson SSaab 96
166P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKSaab 93f
167Ans Vader NLMary Vermeulen NLBmw 700 sport
168P. Rosenblatt NLH.A.A. v.d. Laan NLBmw 700 sport
171W.J. van Rompu W.J.D.M. van Rompu Mercedes-benz 300slr
172W. Kampschuur J.L. Krom Porsche s90
173C. Zegveld C.D.W. van Schaick Ford zodiac
174A.C. Herweijer P.J. Blok Triumph tr3
175J. Kolff P.H. Homoet Porsche 1600s
176H. v.d. Meeren E. Lucchesi Porsche 1600
177W.C. van Hest H. Bessem Porsche 1600
178F. van der Meeren Chr. Pennings Porsche 1600
179E.J. van den Heuvel Volvo pv 444
182P.C.M. Esser H.M. Conijn Jaguar 2.4
183A. Groenewegen B. van Gelder Austin-healey sprite
184J.H. Boekhout Chr.J. Eekels Austin-healey sprite
185J.A. Linschoten E.P. Linschoten Citroën id19
186M. Huisman J. Bessem Volvo pv 544
188W.H. Thunissen A. Maertens Peugeot 404
189J. Michielen Mevr. P.Th. Michielen Ansem Simca montlhéry
191C.G. Maasdijk H.W. Maasdijk Simca elysée
192R. van der Werf M.B. Vergter Saab 96
193A. Martini A. de Jager Saab 96
194Mevr. J.J. de Lange Mevr. J. Bast Goedhart Peugeot 403
195J. Lemckert G. van der Heide Peugeot 403
196W. Keuker G.W.J. van Schaik Borgward isabella
197O.M. Planten P.J. Jansen Riley 1.5
200H. Veder H. Silbernberg Panhard p117
201J.J.M. de Rooy Th.J. van Dijk Ford anglia
202D.H. Hulsinga Mevr. C.E. v.d. Stadt Werner Renault gordini
203Kl. Nierop C. Zeeman Renault gordini
204J. Geesink Mevr. C.S. van Dansik Kelderman Renault gordini
205T. van Dalen W. van Zanten Bmw 700
206J. van Nes M. Peen Austin seven
207A.C. van Eijk M. den Hartog Volkswagen ghia
208D. de Wild W.F.K. de Wild Volkswagen kever
209J.H.M. Konink A.C.H. Lisonne Volkswagen cabriolet
210B. Meijer W.G. Kluck Fiat 500 bianchina
211J. Smulders Luc v.d. Bergh Daf 600
212G.F. Roeloffzen H.H. Roeloffzen Daf 600
213P.H. Blansjaar J.W. Bakker Daf 600
214A.J.J. Kouwenberg A.J.M. Haans Daf 600


  • Nationaal

  • Overall



  1. Noordwijk
  2. Eindhoven
  3. Luik
  4. Luxemburg
  5. Belfort
  6. Champagnole
  7. Grenoble
  8. Castellane
  9. Monaco
  10. Noordwijk



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