Tulpenrallye 1959

  • 2900Kilometers
  • 163Equipes at the start
  • 95Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Parijs (F)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The organization has decided this year to drop the approach-routes and let all participants leave from one starting point. The route for all teams is exactly the same and the classification is being started to be built right after the start on the basis of tests and trials. The rally is divided into two classes: one main group for the normal and improved series cars and the second main group for the normal and improved Grand Turismes plus the special series cars. The number of registrations is disappointing, especially the number of British, German and Dutch teams is lower. The start is in Paris, so many teams cannot start in their home country. The main class classification, whereby participants with normal series cars do have little chance, is given as the main cause. 2500 gendarmes are used during the rally to close the roads or to close and regulate traffic. Hans Tak starts under number 1 with his Mercedes 300 SL. Piet Jetten and Louis van Noordwijk start their ninth and tenth Tulpenrallye respectively.

Paris is only used as an indication for the start. The actual start will take place at the Circuit de Monthléry, 25 km south of the French capital. The first part of the route leads through new terrain in the middle of France. The mountain massif between Auvergne and Valence is a fascinating setting for the rally. Through the Provence and the eastern part of the French Alps, with a climb on the Puy de Dome, the participants reach Valence. In the first night, with very bad weather, a route of more than 500 km follows to Bedoin with no less than ten time checks in the first 300 km. The next day they leave from Bedoin, the southernmost point of the rally, to the north.

The first special stage, 21 km against the Mont Ventoux, is new in the rally and forms a special challenge with fog, hail, snow and a very strong wind. Via the Chamrousse the crews drive to Switzerland where on the Côte de Givrin a trial is being held for the first time in the Tulpenrallye. The routes in the Vosges are particularly heavy as a result of fog and rain, and fog also plays a role on the Route of the Thousand Bends in Luxembourg. The final test on the Circuit of Zandvoort is run under bad weather conditions, but does not result in any changes to the classification. The rally will go down in history as ‘De barre Elfde’.

Hans Tak is soon out with a broken oil pan. Only four teams remain without penalty points in the first night stage to Bedoin. Joop van Nieuwenhuijsen meets three deer on a trial in the Vosges. He manages to avoid the first two, but the third one gets a full hit. The heavy animal ends up as a result of the collision between the stones. Ten minutes later the deer is removed from the road, the stones are piled up again and Van Nieuwenhuijsen continues. Cees den Ouden loses two hours when a sixteen-year-old boy stumbles when he gets frightened by the passing cars. He sprained his thumb, the police found that the boy would not be able to work for a month and puts Den Ouden in prison on that basis. It takes him two hours and 10,000 francs to be released on bail.

In Noordwijk, three teams have been wrongly entitled to waive the penalty points they have incurred on the tests: Morley, Ballisat and Wallwork. Due to several problems in the timing of the rally and various controls, many protests are being filed. There will be more than ten hours of meetings about these protests and eventually a final classification is being published. Morley / Morley / Hercock with Jaguar 3.4 are the winners of this eleventh edition, despite a number of protests. The Coupe des Dames is won by the Norwegian Greta Molander, together with Helga Lundberg with a Saab. Wiedouw and Gorris are the best-ranked Dutch. The English win the Nations Trophy.

The organization realizes afterwards that the rally in this way probably is digging its own grave. The most outspoken (and therefore top) drivers have asked for such a heavy edition for years, but for most amateurs this goes too far and the fun soon goes away. The class classification applied this year is another reason that makes it less attractive for amateurs with a car that they have to use for the rest of the year on the regular roads.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1W.J.J. Tak NLJ. Swaab NLMercedes-benz300sl roadster
2R. Rottböl Örum DKL. Schakenburg DKMercedes-benz300sl gullwing
3N.P.I.M. Keusters Detering NLIr.A.S.J.v.d. Wegen NLMercedes-benz300sl roadster
4R.Ph. Faure FG. Guyot FFerrari 250gt tour de france
5J.G. Sears GBP. Garnier GBAustin healey 100/6
6Pat Moss GBAnn Wisdom GBAustin healey 100/6
7E.W. Judge GBC.M. Seward GBAustin healey 100/6
8F.J. Powell GBR.D. Tilley GBAston martin db 2/4
9R.v. Nispen NLE.H. de Vries NLChevrolet corvette
12A.J. Burton GBJ. Heppenstall GBAc ace
13M. Gatsonides NLA.J.P. Jetten NLTriumph tr 3a
14R. Slotemaker NLH.v. Zalinge NLTriumph tr 3a
15Chr. Harlaar NLKl. Pijper NLTriumph tr 3a
16L.J.L.A. Beaulen NLJ. Vandenboorn NLTriumph tr 3a
17C. Corbishley GBG.D. Haggie GBTriumph tr3a
18J.C. Wallwork GBJ.H. Brooks GBTriumph tr 3a
19K. Ballisat GBE. Marvin GBTriumph tr 3a
20H.D. Seigle GBMorris GBTriumph tr 3a
21S.T. Pateman GBK.T. Jones GBTriumph tr 3
22R.D. Masters GBP. Dingley GBTriumph tr 3a
23A.P. Horn GBM.J. Cotton GBTriumph tr 3
24A. Soisbault FR. Wagner FTriumph tr 3a
25William Sørensen DKE.J. Reinholdt DKCitroën id 19
26L. Jurgens NLH. Pellikaan NLPorsche 1600s
27K.S. Barendregt NLI.A. Langestraat NLPorsche carrera
28J. Gott GBChr. Tooley GBMg a twin cam
29J. Sprinzel GBS. Turner GBMg a twin cam
30R.G. Vicat GBCole GBMg a twin cam
31J.B.G. Campbell GBK.W.W. Simpson GBMg a twin cam
32S.R. Skelly GBG. Gaud GBMg a twin cam
33Adr. Bouwmeester NLJac. Zwart NLMg a twin cam
34J.E. Griffith GBJ.H. Suter GBPorsche carrera
35H. Bengtsson SB. Lundberg SPorsche 1600s
36I. Johansson SG. Abrahamsson SPorsche 1600s
37Th.J. Koks NLG.Th.E.v.d. Werff NLPorsche 1600s
38W.L. Poll NLW. Schorr NLPorsche 1600s
39F.G. de Vogel NLJ. Bootz NLPorsche 1600s
40J.L.W. Blonk NLE.J. Groen NLPorsche 1600s
41R.L.G.M. Gorris NLR. Wiedouw NLPorsche 1600s
42K. Hertzdahl NLV.P.I.H. Dassen NLPorsche 1600s
43E. Vidal DA.S. Divall DPorsche 1600s
44P.M. Fisk GBG.E. Watts GBPorsche 1600s
45J.Ch. Meur FR. Meure née De Vriese FPorsche carrera
46R.L.G. Borgerhoff Mulder NLJ.L.den Hollander NLAlfa romeo g.sprint
47E.P. Foden GBG.K. Stratton GBAlfa romeo g.spr.vel.
48H. Aldenkamp NLJ. Oude Wolbers NLPorsche 1600s
49F.W. Brown GBG.J. Arnold GBWolseley 1500
50Anny Spiers D Fiat abarth zagato
51E. Carlsson SK.E. Svensson SSaab 93b
52D.H. Wilson GBSpratt GBAustin-healey sprite
53Lord Strathcarron GBLady Strathcarron GBAustin-healey sprite
54K.C. Chambers GBP.H. Marshall GBFord anglia
55K. Reidl DKS.A. Andersen DKSaab gt 750
57M. Carstedt SG. Carstedt SFord thunderbird
58R.H.R. Dee NLJhr.W.J.Teding v. Berkhout NLChevrolet impala
59W.v. Zijll jr NLW.J.O. Litsenburg NLChevrolet impala
60P.G. Walton GBJ. Cook GBJaguar 3.4
61D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBJaguar 3.4
62D.P. Barker GBI.H. Cameron GBJaguar 3.4
63E. Brinkman GBW. Holding GBJaguar 3.4
64D.J. Uren GBL. de Meza GBJaguar 3.4
65F.C. Ward GBG. Cooper GBJaguar 3.4
66Drs.H.L. Steunebrink GBG. Zwolle GBJaguar 3.4
67W.F. Coenen NLJ. Butter NLFord v8
68A.P. Lambregts NLB.Reintjes v. Veerssen NLStudebakerpowerhawk
70W. Schock DH.H. Hölder DMercedes-benz 220 se
71G. Burgess GBS. Croft GBFord zephyr
72F.P. Grounds GBL. Grounds GBFord zephyr
73P. Riley GBR. Bensted GBFord zephyr
74P. Bolton GBG. Shanley GBFord zephyr
75J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Whitworth GBFord zephyr
76E. Elliott GBD. Wright GBFord zodiac
77R. Nelleman GBC. Christensen GBFord zephyr
78C. Harrison GBJ.F. Harrison GBFord zephyr
79G. King GBC. Spoxton GBFord zephyr
80G.L. Jopp GBC. Davis GBJaguar 2.4
81J.A. Walker GBL. Needham GBVauxhall cresta
82J.W.E. Banks GBF.W.W. Banks GBVauxhall cresta
83P.J. Jetten NLL.v. Noordwijk NLVauxhall cresta
84G.G.W. Timmer NLW. Ton NLOpel kapitän
85W.v. Twist jr NLW.G.D. Verzijl NLOpel kapitän
86W.P.A.v. Lammeren NLT.W.v. Lammeren NLFord taunus 17m
87Jhr.J. Loudon NLJhr.A.v.d. Goes NLRiley pathfinder
88C.J. den Ouden NLDr.Ir.J.Th. Quant NLCitroën id 19
89M. Hansen DKP. Bertouch DKFord zephyr
90S. Postma NLJ.v.d. Lei NLCitroën id 19
91G. Kolwes DMrs.R. Lautmann DVolvo pv544
92N.O. Persson SG. Blomquist SVolvo pv544
93G. Andersson SV. Karlsson SVolvo pv544
94O. Swahn SG. Carpo SVolvo 122s
95Hans Olsen DKH. Juel DKVolvo pv544
96N.P. Ellemann DKJakobson DKVolvo pv444
97C. Syberg DKS. Nielsen DKVolvo pv444
98A. Lohmann Jørgensen DKP. Olsen DKVolvo pv544
99J. Nielsen DKV.B. Dam DKVolvo pv544
100B. Neate GBO. Johnson GBVolvo 122s
101M. Huisman NLT. Huisman NLVolvo pv444
102N.J. Prickartz NLC.N.M. Hamer NLVolvo 122s
103E.F. Gillissen NLA. de Jager NLVolvo pv444
104Cl. Morin FTh. Morin FPeugeot 403
105M.J.M. Eras NLH.A.D. Walder NLPeugeot 403
106D. Ackermans NLM.J. Ackermans NLPeugeot 403
107P. Jopp GBF.W. Scott GBSunbeam rapier
108J.J.H. Raij GBG.P. Crabtree GBSunbeam rapier
109M. Handley GBPage GBSunbeam rapier
110I.A. Grant GBS. Fisk GBSunbeam rapier
111P.R. Procter GBM.J. Mennell GBSunbeam rapier
112J.M. Easten GBJ.B. Wagstaff GBSunbeam rapier
113K.H. James GBM.T. Hughes GBRiley 1.5
114M. Sutcliffe GBD.C. Astle GBRiley 1.5
115C.J. Plummer GBS.D. Siverthorne GBRiley 1.5
116E. Hunt GBJ.C. Gunn GBHillman minx
117P.A. Ozanne GBA. Hall GBRiley 1.5
118P. Messing NLP. Rollmann NLPeugeot 403
119F. Dijkstra NLM.G.J. Bouma NLSimca montlhéry
120F. Karrer CHK. Foitek CHAlfa romeo giulietta ti
121L. Tavola IL. Marini IAlfa romeo giulietta ti
122N.G. Falk SC.E. Schlegel SAlfa romeo giulietta ti
123H. Umbach DK.H. Schucht DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
124J.A.J. Heidendahl NLMevr.G.G. Heidendahl NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
125H.J. teSiepe NLP. Seegers NLSimca montlhéry p60
126O. Rosenblatt NLE.R. Planteydt NLSimca montlhéry p60
127Th.J. Thies NLR.G.J. Willighagen NLSimca montlhéry 1300
128A. Aarsen NLC. Kalkman NLSimca montlhéry p60
129J. van Nieuwenhuyzen NLH.A..A.v.d. Laan NLSimca montlhéry p60
130F.M. Pollé NLL.B.. Biesheuvel NLSimca montlhéry p60
131J. Andersen DKS.B. Torsøe DKFiat 1200
132H. Verbeek NLH.C. Hoogeveen NLSkoda octavia
133T. Olsen DKJ. stergaard DKSimca aronde
135Ir.W.H. Visser NLW.J. van Rekum NLPeugeot 203
136P. Mogensen DKO.B. Olsen DKFord anglia
137H. Klinken DH. Socher DVolkswagen
138Mevr.M. Vermeulen NLThunack NLFiat 1100b
139W. Levy DH. Wencher DAuto union 1000
140S. Eikelmann DH. Kühne DAuto union 1000
141C.G. Mäder DF.L. Koch DAuto union 1000
142W. Jäger DE. Möller DAwe wartburg
143G. Otto DH. Hanf DAwe wartburg
144J. Flinterman NLJ.P. Veer NLAuto union 1000
145J.S. de Vries NLJ. Klijnsma NLAuto union 1000
146R. Binter LA. Wies LAuto union 1000
147J.L.M. Kuijken NLK.F.J. Wallrath NLAuto union 1000
148P.W. Pijpelink NLC.H.L.H. ten Horn NLAuto union 1000
149W. Stoddart GBR.Th. Burn GBStandard 10
150G.J. Grant GBB. McCaldin EIRStandard 10
151J. Kreisel NLJ.J.Ch. Perk NLRenault dauphine gordini
152H. Veth NLA. Sinke NLRenault dauphine gordini
153J. Geesink NLH.W. Geesink NLRenault dauphine
154A. Grøngaard DKH.J. Olsen DKRenault dauphine
155Th.B.D. Christie GBN.L. Paterson GBMorris 1000
156W. van 't Hoog NLO.W. Post NLGoggomobil t700
157Greta Molander NHelga Lundberg NSaab 93b
158Monica Kjerstadius SMargareta Holm SSaab 93b
159C. Orenius SS. Lindström SSaab 93b
160P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKSaab 93b
161J.J.M. de Rooy NLTh.J. van Dijk NLSaab 93b
162H. Kiviet NLG. van Zijll NLSaab 93b
163A.M. van Weezenbeek NLH.B. ter Meulen NLFiat 600
164Ch.A.M. Pennings NLW.F. Hughes NLNsu prinz
165L.P. de Schutter NLdrs.M. Hendriks NLAuto union 1000
168B. van der Kamp NAD.J. Bijl NATriumph tr2
169R. van der Werf NLD.v.d. Werf NLMercedes-benz 220a
170B,. Van Dijk NLW.L. Stuivenbergen NLPeugeot 403
171C.J. Vermue NLW.C.A.M. Reij NLMercedes-benz 180d
172R. Dehaudt FC.L.A. Leblond FPeugeot 403
175H. Grossmann DG. Sieh DMercedes-benz 190d
176V. Lepori IA. Pascucci IMercedes-benz 220
177F.G.I. Reidt GBK.W. Kaolus GBAustin-healey 100/6
178D.A. Vetch GBP.G. Bhiley GBMercedes-benz 220s
179F.A. Attwood GB Mg tf
180J.R. Cotter GBD.A.R. Hill GBSunbeam rapier


  • Overall

  • Rallye klasse



  1. Parijs
  2. Orleans
  3. Montlucon
  4. Clermont-Ferrand
  5. Valence
  6. Mende
  7. Avignon
  8. Gap
  9. Grenoble
  10. Bellegarde
  11. Belfort
  12. Luxemburg
  13. Eindhoven
  14. Noordwijk



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