Tulpenrallye 1958

  • 3375Kilometers
  • 219Equipes at the start
  • 97Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Nurburgring (D)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The tenth edition contains ten special stages and ten special trials. The organization hopes in advance that the fourth ten will be formed by the score that the participants of this edition will award. The 219 entries are divided between the competition class (202) and the rally class (17), in which no times are recorded on the special stages. The number of Dutch (76) and English (70) registrations has declined in comparison with previous years. At the start there are four cars of the type Mercedes 300 SL, including those of the Dutchman Hans Tak who drives together with Niemöller. Ian Appleyard, successful in previous editions, is back at the start with Bleakley with his Jaguar 3.4. The Ford Fairlane of the Carstedt couple is the car with the largest engine (5440 cc).

The first two tests have been planned on the Nürburgring, from Schwalbenschwanz to the Karussel and from Breidscheid to the Gegengerade. In the Vosges, the first 20 kilometers of route have to be covered at Le Hohwald, because the road is unreachable because of the high snow. There is a blizzard at the moment that the rally comes by. The third test is the Ballon d’Alsace (on Sunday), which is driven from Giromagny. Via the Jura the route then goes to the Swiss border. In Gex the route starts for the second night (which would later be described as the ‘Night of Terror’) on the program. A test of more than 10 km follows on the Col de la Faucille, followed by a particularly difficult special stage from the Col de la Faucille to Le Port (with an average of 70 km / hour). After 21 km the special stage from St. Martin to Belle follows, as well as stages in the Auvergne and from Lamastre to Tourlon. After a short break in Valence, the second day starts with the climb of the Col du Pin, followed by the special stage to Dunière. Via the Col du Rousset the participants then drive over the Chamrousse to Chambéry, after which the special stage of Belley is driven back to St. Martin.

Via Champagnole and Besançon the crews arrive in Belfort, where the third night will start. This night through the Vosges is particularly heavy, especially because of the fog and the heavy rain, and the participants are very tired when they arrive in Luxembourg the next day (the night has a large number of dropouts). After a rest of one hour, a trial follows and the Route of the Thousand Bends (100 km) as a special stage. The last test is at Francorchamps, after which a check is made at the Philips Recreation Center in Eindhoven followed by the final route in the direction of Noordwijk. Afterwards, it turns out that this tenth edition is indeed the best of all Tulpenrallye’s that have been organized until that moment.

Two English Rileys get off the road at the Nürburgring. The first one, from Brooks-Sutcliffe, crashes just after the start. They are put back on the road by a group of spectators. Father and son Brookes have the same, but 3 km from the start. The old Brookes runs back to the start and asks the same group of spectators to walk along the 3 km and also help them on their way again. This succeeds and the team finally reaches the finish in Noordwijk where they thank the helpers once again. After the first three tests, there are still four teams without penalty points: Tak, Carstedt, Anderssen and Skogh. Tak gets problems when a crack in the exhaust manifold causes carbon monoxide in the car. They are therefore forced to drive with open hood, in particular bad weather. The rally is particularly heavy for all participants. After six tests, 77 dropouts have already been registered. Tak and Niemöller decide to stop the battle at the Ballon d’Alsace when, in addition to the problems with the exhaust, they also have a broken alternator. Ian Appleyard also gives up on the third night, while contenders Carstedt and Carstedt in Luxembourg fail with a faulty petrol pump. A number of Dutch teams are doing particularly well in this tenth edition: Schorr-Poll (Porsche), Coenen-Butter (Ford), Jetten Sr.-Van Noordwijk (Vauxhall), Visser-Van Renkum (Peugeot) and Gatsonides-Jetten Jr. (Standard Ten). Only 24 teams reach the finish line without penalty points. The classification was largely formed during the route, and the final test in Zandvoort has little influence on this.

The rally is overshadowed by two fatal accidents. In the special stage to Dunière, the Saab from the Sweden Weider and Richardson does collide with a tractor. A Dutch doctor is immediately on the spot, but Weider dies the next day. Werner Engel is killed at the final test in Zandvoort. He was European champion in 1955 and did not want to miss the 10th edition of the Tulpenrallye.

The awards ceremony this time has a sober character, given the two fatal accidents. The German mixed-team Günther Kolwes and Ruth Lautmann win the rally with a Volvo. Madeleine Blanchoud and Renée Wagner win the ladies prize with Auto Union 1000, while the Dutch team wins the Nations Trophy (Poll, Coenen, Schorr, Jetten Jr., Gatsonides and Butter). Schorr and Poll are the best Dutch in third place with Porsche.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1W.J. Tak NLW.C. Niemöller NLMercedes 300sl roadster
2W. Engel DD. Lissmann DMercedes 300sl roadster
3B. Crone Rawe DH.J. Peemoller DMercedes 300sl gullwing
4Major I.B. Baillie GBS. Cooper GBJaguar xk140 fhc
5W.E. Teague GBB.V. Smith GBJaguar xk140 fhc
6J. Reece GBK. James GBAston martin db 2/4
7D.H. Perring GBW.C. Carter GBAston martin db 2/4
8Count Charles de Salis GBR.A. Morritt GBAston martin db 2/4
9P.A. Andersen DKR.R. Örum DKMercedes 300sl gullwing
10H. Veth NLMr. Drs. A.W. Bokma NLLancia aurelia gt 2500
11B. Roos NLH.M. de Man NLAustin-healey
12R.A. Dando GBA. Edmundson GBAustin-healey
13J. Sears GBP. Garnier GBAustin-healey
14K. Schottler DH.P.S. Korte DTriumph tr3
15Miss J.M. Sunley GBMiss M. Sunley GBAc bristol
16Th.E.S. White GBJ. Baars GBJaguar xk140
17Th.A. Gold GBA.L. Dyke GBTriumph tr3a
18A. Gacon FL. Borsa FAc ace bristol
19C.R. Leigh Jones GBN.E. Denison GBAc ace
20A.J. Burton GBM.D. Einhorn GBAc ace bristol
21H.A. Maasland NLD.Th. van der Kleij NLAlfa romeo 1900 super sprint
22B.R. Waddilove GBJ.D. Wood GBTriumph tr3
23Chr. Harlaar NLK. Pijper NLTriumph tr3a
24J. Shand GBA. Newsham GBTriumph tr3a
25J. Kat GBPh. Kat GBTriumph tr3a
26H. Aldenkamp NLH. Prins NLPorsche 1600
27H.J. Walter DIpse DPorsche carrera
28L.O. Sims GBR.E. Stokes GBMorgan plus 4
29A.E. Cleghorn GBW.B. Hercock GBMorgan plus 4
30J. van Nes NLA.L.A. v. Oudgaarden NLMg a
31J. Kolff NLP.H. Homoet NLMercedes-benz 190sl
32Mlle. A. Soisbault FMiss P.A. Ozanne GBTriumph tr3a
33J.C. Wallwork GBC. Corbishley GBTriumph tr3
34J. Voigt Nielsen DKH. Goldschmidt DKPorsche carrera
35Frau Chr. Meinecke DFrau D. Kühling DPorsche carrera
37K.S. Richardson GBHon. Mrs. V. Richardson GBPorsche carrera
38Th.J. Koks NLG.Th.E. v.d. Werff NLPorsche 1600s
39H. Bengtsson SS. Lindström SPorsche 1600s
40F.G. de Vogel NLA.R. Slotemaker NLPorsche 1600s
41F. van Yperen NLDr. Ir. J.Th. Quant NLPorsche 1600s
42R.L.G.M. Gorris NLJ.M. Proost NLPorsche 1600s
43W. Schorr NLW.L. Poll NLPorsche 1600s
44R. van Bennekum NLH. Brouwer NLPorsche 1600s
45J.L. Blonk NLE.J. Groen NLPorsche 1600
46M. Matthes DA. Divall DPorsche 1600
47C.E. Clemens DK. Greis DPorsche 1600
48L.J. Mens NLH. de With NLPorsche 1600
49Mrs. Nancy Mitchell GBMrs. G. Wilton Clark GBMg a
50H. Mainz GBR.G. Vicat Cole GBMg a
51B. Meyer NLG.W. van Essen NLAlfa romeo giulia sprint
52W. Levy DFritz Becker DAlfa romeo giulia sv
53Dr. A. Pascucci IV. Lepori IAlfa romeo giulia sprint
54R.A. Gouldbourn GBS. Turner GBTriumph tr3a
55K.N.R. Ballisat GBE. Marvin GBTriumph tr3a
57M. Carstedt SMrs. G. Carstedt SFord fairlane (1958)
58C.I. de Vries NLJ.A. Moorman NLFord fairlane
59A.T. Fiege NLM. Peen NLFord fairlane (1956)
60E. Brinkman GBMiss Zoë Jenner GBJaguar 3.4
61I. Appleyard GBW. Bleakley GBJaguar 3.4
62G.H.F. Parkes GBJ. Cuff GBJaguar 3.4
63E.J. Haddon GBCh. Vivian GBJaguar 3.4
64F.C. Ward GBG. Cooper GBJaguar 3.4
65R.H. Wilkins GBJ. Alexander GBJaguar 3.4
66G. Isenbügel DFrau M. Isenbügel DBmw 502
67Th.C. Harrison GBJ.F. Harrison GBFord zephyr
68D.G. Scott GBK. Armstrong GBFord zephyr
69G.J. Grant GBN. Davis GBFord zephyr
70W.F. Coenen NLJ. Butter NLFord v8 (1956)
71G.G.W. Timmer NLJ.A. Veldkamp NLChevrolet v8 (1955)
72D.G. de Boer NLD. Oosthoek NLLincoln (1952)
73K.S. Barendregt NLI.A. Langestraat NLChevrolet bel air (1956)
75F.P. Grounds GBL.N. Hands GBJaguar 2.4
76D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBJaguar 2.4
77L.F. Mulders NLH.J. Mulders NLBmw 501
78H.A. Herwijer NLH.J. Boekhout NLFord zephyr
79Mrs. A. Hall GBMrs. D.M. Osborn GBFord zephyr
80G. King GBC. Sprocxton GBFord zephyr
81A. Geil DKC.C. Sørensen DKFord zephyr
82F.J.Ch.W. van der Mast NLP. Rozenberg NLFord zephyr
83E. Harrison GBJ.W. Fleetwood GBFord zephyr
84J.F. Dickinson GBP.R. Procter GBFord zodiac
85E.O. Holland GBR. Jackman GBFord zephyr
86G. Burgess GBS. Croft Pearson GBFord zephyr
87H. Hoogeveen NLA. Veln NLFord zodiac
88P.J. Jetten NLL.B.P. van Noordwijk NLVauxhall cresta (1958)
89W. van Zijll Jr. NLW.J.O. van Litsenburg NLOpel kapitän de luxe
90J. Zwart NLA. Bouwmeester NLOpel kapitän de luxe
91G.F. Roeloffzen NLH.H. Roeloffzen NLOpel kapitän
93F.P.M. v.d. Meulen NLG.C.H.A. Dereumaux NLCitroën ds19
94Miss J. Werner Laurie GBMiss D. Freeman GBSunbeam rapier
95P. Harper GBDr. E.W. Deane GBSunbeam rapier
96J.H. Ray GBD.R. Humphrey GBSunbeam rapier
97Miss M. Handley Page GBMrs L. Grounds GBSunbeam rapier
98J. Patten GBI. Walker GBRiley 1.5
99K.D. Fraser GBMrs M.Ch. Fraser GBRiley 1.5
100E.P. Foden GBJ.M. Bond GBRiley 1.5
101J. Gott GBD. Johns GBRiley 1.5
102H. Ingler NH. Ingler NVolvo pv
103G. Kolwes DFrl. R. Lautmann DVolvo
104W.H. Visser NLW.J. van Rekum NLPeugeot 403
105R. van Nispen NLMevr. R. van Straten NLCitroën ds19
106C.J. den Ouden NLH. Buining NLCitroën ds19
107P.C.M. Esser NLDr. H.B. van Rijn NLMercedes 190
108C.J. Vermue NLW.C.A.M. Rey NLMercedes 180d
109G. Anderson S Volvo
110R. Bäcklund SB. Vesterberg SVolvo
111A. Lohmann Jørgensen DKB. Thorsøe DKVolvo
112C. Dubois BJ. Jacqmin BVolvo
113J.A. Nielsen DKV.B. Dam DKVolvo
114O. Carlson Swahn SG. Garpo SVolvo pv
115P. Trock Jansen DKH. Juel Nielsen DKVolvo
116N.P. Ellemann Jacobsen DKH.G. Drews DKVolvo
117C. Syberg DKH. Baun Christensen DKVolvo
118N.J. Prickaertz NLD.H.H. Molenaar NLVolvo amazone
119H. Smits NLH. Bleeker NLVolvo pv
120M. Huisman NLMevr. T. Huisman van Boord NLVolvo pv 444
121J.A.P.C. Smijers NLJ.G. Smulders NLBorgward isabella ts
122J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Withworth GBBorgward isabella ts
123F. Raker DR. Herrel DBorgward isabella ts
124J.D.L. Melvin GBN.A. Kennedy GBSunbeam rapier
125J.H. Suter GBJ.E. Griffith GBSunbeam rapier
126E.K. Parsons GBD.W. Vaughan GBSunbeam rapier
127J.W.E. Banks GBG.F. Dunham GBSunbeam rapier 1390
128J.H. Brooks GBM. Sutcliffe GBRiley 1.5
129Miss P. Moss GBMiss A. Wisdom GBRiley 1.5
130R.E.C. Brookes GBE.W.H. Brookes GBRiley 1.5
131Mevr. E.F. van Strien NLMej. D.M. van Strien NLFord taunus 15m
132D. Seigle Morris GBJ. Sprinzel GBMg magnette
133E.T. Madoc Stephens GBE. Roy Evans GBMg magnette
134J. van den Klooster NLP. van Steynen NLVauxhall victor super
135C. Morin FMme. Th. Morin FPeugeot 403
136J. Eykelboom NLA.Fr.A. van Weezel-Errens NLPeugeot 403
137P. Messing NLM.A.J. Wolf NLPeugeot 403
138T.H. Zwikstra NLP.F. Docter NLPeugeot 403
139Major N.F.Th. Allen GBR. Wauters GBHillman minx
140H. Pellikaan NLE.J. Bloem NLBorgward isabella ts
142Egon Graf von Westerholt DW. Scheube DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
143I. Eikrem NC.E. Borch NAlfa romeo giulietta ti
144J.A.J. Heidendahl NLMevr. G.G. Heidendahl Hartog NLAlfa romeo giulietta ti
145N. Falk SL. Simonsson SAlfa romeo giulietta ti
146M. Riess DH. Wencher DAlfa romeo giulietta ti
147W.G.D. Verzijl NLJ.F. Schieck NLSimca monthléry
148M.G.J. Bouma NLF. Dijkstra NLSimca monthléry
149A. Aarse NLB.J.J. van Kesteren NLSimca monthléry
150F.M. Pollé NLL.B. Biesheuvel NLSimca monthléry
151J.G.J. Ligtvoet NLF.W. Honhof NLSimca monthléry
152Drs. H.L. Steunebrink NLW.L. Deibel NLSimca monthléry
153J. van Nieuwenhuyzen NLH.A.A. van der Laan NLSimca monthléry
154O. Rosenblatt NLA.W. Elshout NLSimca monthléry
155C. Rijke NLL. Prinz NLSimca grand large
156J.L. Goodwin GBW.J. Wardle GBFiat 1100tv
157J.D. Struyk NLC. Verschuur NLFiat 1100tv
158W.A. van Gruythuysen NLD.H. Dekker NLLancia appia
159A. de Jager NLL. van Sunder NLVw
160E.F. Gilkissen NLMevr. M. Gillissen Rossinskaja NLVw (1955)
161P. Mourier DKB.E. Ramsing DKVw
164S. von Schroeter DK. von Loesch DAu 1000
165E. Mahle DH. Vogt DAu 1000
166S. Eikelmann DH. Kühne DAu 1000
167P.H. Wren GBW.B. Barlow GBBerkeley
168K. Ward GBFl/Lt. H.F. Murland GBBerkeley
169A. Wheeler GBR. Bensted Smith GBBerkeley
170E. Carlsson SA. Kilden SSaab 93b
171I. Johansson SG. Abrahamsson SSaab 93b
172D. Weider SM. Richardson SSaab 93b
173C.M. Skogh SL. Carlsson SSaab 93b
174C. Orrenius SS.G. Rehn SSaab 93b
175Th.B.D. Christie GBN.L. Paterson GBMorris minor 1000
176I.H. Cameron GBF.J. Hook GBStandard ten
177J.H.J. Flook GBS.Ph. Briginshaw GBStandard ten
178S.D. Silverthorne GBC.J. Plummer GBRenault dauphine
179W. Hannaert BJ. Pauwels BRenault 4cv
180H. Freese DW. Müller DLloyd alexander
181Mrs. M. Kjerstadius SMrs. S. Björklund Andersson SSaab 93
183Mme. M. Blanchoud FMme. R. Wagner FAu 1000
184P. de Schutter NLM. Hendrikx NLAu 1000
185H.C. van Arum NLA. Fröhlking NLAu 1000
186H.L. Verhaar NLH.R. Haagsman NLDkw f94
187A. van Eck NLA. van Doorn NLDkw f93
188A.G.L. Mollink NLJ.T. Veer NLDkw f93
189H.J. te Siepe NLP. Seegers NLDkw f93
190F.J. van der Vlugt NLP.W. Pijpelink NLDkw f91
191H.P. Wynands NLH. Wynands NLDkw f93
192P. Prien DE. Vidal DDkw f93
193M. Gatsonides NLA.J.P. Jetten NLStandard ten
194K. Otto DH. Hanf DAwe wartburg
195G. Rüttinger DD. Hommel DAwe wartburg
196K. Rüdiger DW. Wöllner DAwe wartburg
197W. Jäger DE. Möller DAwe wartburg
198N. Rollings GBI.A. Grant GBMorris minor 1000
199J. Walker GBL. Needham GBMorris minor 1000
200K. Barrow GBR. Boucher GBRenault dauphine
201W. Stoddart GBR.T. Burn GBStandard ten
205K. Reidl DKJ.L. Jørgensen DKSaab 93b
206S.A. Bach Poulsen DKS.A. Andersen DKSaab 93b
207R. Fisher DKO.B. Olsen DKSaab 93b
208W. Schüler DG. Ostefeld DFiat 600
209B.H. Eerligh NLJ. Martens NLFiat 500
210N. Neuman DK. Schwaneberg DLloyd alexander
211E.C. Kittel Jr. NLA. Bloemendaal NLLloyd alexander
213W. van ‘t Hoog NLO.W. Post NLGoggomobil t400
214C.A. Hardebelt NLMevr. A.P.M. Vader–Vlaanderen NLGoggomobil t400
215C.A. Hardebelt Jr. NLJ.B. Hardebelt NLGoggomobil t400
216J.J.M. de Rooy NLTh.J. van Dijk NLGoggomobil t400
217M.S. Berghuis NLM. Berghuis NLGoggomobil t400
224W. Eichmann DW. Börner DMercedes 220s
225L.J.Ph.M. Thole NLMevr. A. Koole Honig NLChevrolet bel air
226Graf Eberhard Kuenburg AJ. Niederdorfer AMercedes 190sl
227G.L. Sanderson GBP.A. Sanderson GBFord zephyr
228C.D.W. van Schaick NLC. Zegveld NLMercedes 190
229C.D.P. de Visser NLJ.L. Rijkers NLRenault frégate
230J.E.Ph.M. Regout NLJ.A.W. Smit NLPeugeot 203
231J.R. Cotter GBL.G. Smith GBSunbeam rapier
232J. Stedehouder NLB.C. Dresens NLAustin a50
233L.J.L. Martin NLA.A.J. Pennings NLHillman
234D.G. Lloyd GBD. Vipond GBStandard pennant
235K. Block DW. Bertram DDkw f93
236G.A. Bailey GBJ. Boxter GBVw
237D.I. Urbanc NLMevr. C.J. Tak NLAlfa romeo giul. spr.
238Tan Kauw Sing NLTan Ing Hwa NLFiat 1100
239A.H. van der Werff NLP. van Ouwerkerk NLVw
240Mevr. J. Hymans Insinger NLA.C. Gathier NLVw


  • Overall

  • Rallye klasse



  1. Nurburgring
  2. Saarbrucken
  3. Besancon
  4. Champagnole
  5. Valence
  6. Chambery
  7. St. Claude
  8. Sarrebourg
  9. Metz
  10. Luxemburg
  11. Eindhoven
  12. Noordwijk



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