Tulpenrallye 1957

  • 2700Kilometers
  • 216Equipes at the start
  • 191Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Stuttgart (D)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The rally is again being renewed this year. There are only four starting places and the route runs almost exclusively through Germany and Austria, with only a small part in France, due to the gasoline problems caused by the Suez crisis. Furthermore, the first part rally until the turning point has no rest-day and there is also no rest day between the final test at Zandvoort on Friday and the award ceremony on Saturday. The handicap system has been cancelled partly on the basis of the criticism in the previous year. As in 1953 and 1954, the classification is calculated on the basis of points achieved in the class on the special stages. Because there are five groups with eleven classes, each based on cylinder capacity (per class at least ten entries are required), the participants in their class compete against equal opponents. The rally came about with great difficulty this year, and a week before the start there is still a problem. The state of Baden-Wurttemberg at the last minute does not want to give permission. This also endangers the route in France, because the route from Germany to the Vosges passes through this state in Germany. A number of air trips from Nortier and his colleagues to Germany and some nightly rides in the area eventually yield the necessary permission. 118 of the 220 registrations consist of foreigners, spread over 13 nationalities. 20 brands and 66 different types of cars appear at the start. The rally class again attracts few participants: 10. Hans Tak is again one of the favorites with his Mercedes 300 SL, as well as the Danish Andersen with the same car. Piet Jetten and Louis van Noordwijk start with a Vauxhall Victor that the F.I.A. officially approved. The Swede Carstedt starts with his wife Gulli in his sixth Tulpenrallye.

The approach-routes come together in Stuttgart where the joint route starts. Due to the snow on the Autobahn, some of the eleven Goggomobils started, cannot reach the average speed (75 km / hour) and already obtain route penalty points. It rains particularly hard at the start at the Solitude ring. Later this will turn into snow and on the route in the Bavarian Alps people will suffer a lot of ice. On this ring is the first classification test, Glemseck-Dreispitz, about 3 km. In Nagold is the first regularity check. The participants receive a bulletin asking them how high the average speed is; this is a warning for possible subsequent checks. The next test runs from Freiburg to Schauinsland. The test is shortened by 4 km, because the highest part of the test consists entirely of ice. The route through France is 330 km, so that the participants can make it without refueling. The test on the Ballon d’Alsace this year is 9.5 km with a height difference of 500 meters. At an hour’s rest in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a breakfast at the Olympic ski stadium), the participants are tired and find the rally heavy, especially due to the harsh winter weather. A day later at the rest at the Nürburgring, when there have been no problems with snow and ice, there is still a vote that the rally is on the light side. After Garmisch the 3.4 km long run from Berchtesgaden to Obersalzberg follows with a percentage increase of 24%. Especially the route from the fourth to the fifth test, for a large part along the Czech border, is too simple. The organization had planned several tests, but no permission was given at the last moment. The test at the Nürburgring this year runs from Breidscheid to the Gegengerade over 9.5 km. From here the participants return via Eindhoven to the finish in Noordwijk.

Bill Banks, second in 1953 and 1955, lost his way and thus gained two penalty points. If he gets lost again on the route to Schotten, he gives up. Kreisel and Ten Hope do an excellent job with their Renault Dauphine, they show especially on the second test that they are significantly faster than the competitors in their class. The car has a five-speed gearbox and a fast engine. However there is no heating on board and at the finish of one of the tests it is -12 degrees in the car. After the test at the Ballon d’Alsace, both Kreisel and Tak each have 30 victory points, followed by Heidendahl at 1 point less. After the fourth test there are nine Dutch teams in the first ten, which increases the hope of a national victory. The British team Bayes-Abrams-Chapman collides with a Volkswagen that does not participate in the rally. The three Britons go to hospital with injuries, while one of the occupants of the Volkswagen is killed.

There is again a lot of public at the final races at Zandvoort. Admission prices vary from three quarters to seven guilders fifty. At Zandvoort, five rounds have to be made this year and a victory in the class yields 20 victory points (out of the total 75 points that can be achieved in the rally). Hans Kreisel drives for what he is worth; he knows that he has to win his class in order to maintain his leading position in the rally. Despite the opposition from Kalkman he succeeds in this. Hans Tak also wins his class. After the races at Zandvoort a number of participants will be disqualified and a number of protests will follow. Kreisel and Tak both have equal victory points, but with Kreisel the difference with number two in the class is much larger, which means he wins the rally. The rally eventually has a triple Dutch victory. Hans Kreisel and Dries ten Hope are, at the seventh participation in the Tulip Rally of Kreisel, the winners, followed by Tak-Niemöller and Koks-Gorris. Kreisel and Ten Hope also win the Three Zero Coupe this year. Obviously, the Netherlands also wins the Nations Trophy. The ladies prize is for the Ladies Hall (formerly second driver at Sheila van Damm) and Hopkinson. The club team prize goes to the Porsche Club Holland, with Koks, Schorr and Leerdam, while Ford wins the brand team prize. Dries Jetten and Hein Korte win the class with their Goggomobil and conquer a nice fifth place overall in their first Tulpenrallye.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1W.J.J. Tak NLW.C. Niemöller NLMercedes 300 sl gullwing
2K. Zeller DDr. W. Bieling DMercedes 300 slroadster
3P.A. Andersen DKJ. Voigt Nielsen DKMercedes 300 sl gullwing
4G. Wood GBT.E. Johnson GBMercedes 300 sl gullwing
5G. Marheineke DH.J. Peemöller DMercedes 300 sl
6F. Ries DH. Wencher DMercedes 300 sl gullwing
7M.S. Routley GBJ.D. Tarratt GBJaguar xk 140
8J. de Maubou FG. Brule FJaguar xk 140
9H. Veth NLMr. Drs. A.W. Bokma NLFord thunderbird
12J.W.E. Banks GBJ.W.S. Utley GBBristol 401
13J. Patten GBM. Carson GBAc ace bristol
14W. Scott GBD.F. Mc Nab GBAlfa romeo 1900c sprint
15H. Jacoby GBW.K. Webster GBTriumph tr 3
16M.R. Davies GBN.O.P. Taylor GBTriumph tr 3
17J.W. Waddington GBW. Cave GBTriumph tr 3
18T.A. Gold GBMrs. J. Gold GBTriumph tr 3
19P.B. Hopkirk EIRJ. Garvey EIRTriumph tr 3
20L. Griffiths GBT.N. Blockley GBTriumph tr 3
21C. Harlaar NLK. Pijper NLTriumph tr 3
22G.W. Best GBH.J.C. Liddon GBTriumph tr 3
23K.E. Wits NLW.A. Maarsen NLTriumph tr 3
24Comte L. de Villers de Grignoncourt NLD.R. Piper NLTriumph tr 3
25J.S. Cartney GBC.M. Brazier GBTriumph tr 2
26A.L. Dyke GBW.G.E. Macintosh GBTriumph tr 2
27H.N. Dixon GBC. Stanford GBSunbeam alpine spec.
30A. Sjunesson SMme. U. Sjunesson SAlfa romeo sprint veloce
31L. Coulibeuf FR. Aumaitre FAlfa romeo sprint veloce
32M.W. Ammann CHMlle. M. Suardi CHAlfa romeo sprint veloce
33C. Spiliotakis GRJ. Chronides GRAlfa romeo
34K.S. Richardson GBHon. Mrs. K.S. Richardson GBPorsche carrera
35J.E. Griffith GBT.J. Greenley GBPorsche carrera
36J.C.L.G. Meur FMme. R. Meur FPorsche carrera
37W.A. Gerlach NLTj. v.d. Brug NLPorsche 1600s speedster
38L.S. Stross GBD. Cartlidge GBPorsche 1600s
39J.A. Nielsen DKV.B. Dam DKPorsche 1600s
41N. Hickmet GBT.H. Fisk GBMg tf
42Th.J. Koks NLR.L.G.M. Gorris NLPorsche 1600
43W. Schorr NLW.L. Poll NLPorsche 1600
44A. Leerdam NLG. Zwolle NLPorsche 1600
45R. van Bennekum NLG.Th. v.d. Werff NLPorsche 1500
46G.F.K. Waelbers NLF.A.L.W. Wagemakers NLPorsche 1600
47C.M. Messemaeckers v.d. Graaff NLS. v.d. Burg NLPorsche 1600
48V.P.I.H. Dassen NLMevr. A.E.R.R. Vink-Insinger NLPorsche 1600
49A. Bouwmeester NLJac. Zwart NLMg a
50J. van Nes NLA.L.A. van Oudgaarden NLMg a
51L.J. Mens NLH. de With NLSimca aronde
52P. Remael BP. Remael BPorsche 1600
55E. Hodson GBR. Adamson GBJaguar 2.4
56L. Bueb GBR. Glenton GBFord zephyr
57D.G. Scott GBJ.D. Irlam GBFord zephyr mk ii
58R.J. Adams GBE.T. Mc Millen GBFord zephyr mk ii
59J. Kat GBP. Kat GBFord zephyr
61J. Sears GBK. Best GBAustin a105
62J.S. Reeves GBI.H. Tyrrell GBAustin a105
63W.M. Ries DG.R. Küfner DMercedes-benz 220s
65E. Graf von Westerholt DW. Scheube DBmw 502
66J.R.J. Mansbridge GBMrs. J.M. Mansbridge GBJaguar 3.4
67C.B. Pilgrim GBD.J. Farquharson GBJaguar mv ii
68V. Cooper GBK.V. Taylor GBJaguar mv ii
69R.A. Brightman GBJ.A.G. Ewer GBJaguar mv ii
70M. Carstedt SMrs G. Carstedt SFord fairlane 500
71C.I. de Vries NLJ.A. Moorman NLFord customline
72M. Kuipers NLTh.E. Meloen NLFord customline
73A.J. Burton GBM.D. Einhorn GBBentley m vi
74L.F. Mulders NLR.B.F.A. Pont NLChevrolet bel air
75P. Bakkum NLP. Bakkum Jr. NLChevrolet bel air
76W. Keyer NLTen Hope NLStudebaker champion
77G.K. Stratton GBG. Corlett GBAustin a105
80J.C. Wallwork GBMajor A. Pownall GBAlfa romeo 1900 super ti
81D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBJaguar 2.4
82D.J. Uren GBJ.M. Uren GBJaguar 2.4
83G.P. Jopp GBW. Frost GBJaguar 2.4
84K. Mc Lennan GBR. Carmichael GBJaguar 2.4
85E.N. Brinkman GBR.B. Bensted-Smith GBJaguar 2.4
86J.K. Kuiper NLG.F. Roeloffzen NLJaguar 2.4
87W. Eichmann DWalter Börner DMercedes 220s
88T.C. Harrison GBJ.E. Harrison GBFord zephyr mk ii
89W.G.R. Hayes GBJ.S. Cavill GBMercedes-benz 220
90Mrs A. Hall GBMiss M. Hopkinson GBFord zephyr
91G.N. Burgess GBS.E. Croft Pearson GBFord zephyr
92J. v.d. Klooster NLP. van Steynen NLFord zephyr
93H. Hoogeveen NLG. Voogd NLFord zephyr
94L.H.G. Handley GBMrs. P.H. Handley GBFord zodiac
95D. Ackermans NLv.d Hove NLFord regence
96J. Hamel NLJ. Jurgens NLRenault frégate
97P.C.N. Esser NLH.B.J. van Rijn NLMercedes-benz 190
98J.R. Jochems NLC.O.W. van Schaick NLOpel kapitän
99W. van Zijl Jr NLM.J.P. Biesterveld NLOpel kapitän
100Miss M. Handley Page GBMrs Wilton-Clarke GBSunbeam mk iii
101R.T. Haddow GBG.C. Mowatt GBSunbeam mk iii
102J.H. Suter GBM.H. Carreras GBSunbeam mk iii
103A.C. van Dongen NLW.J. Vermeulen NLMercedes-benz 180d
104P. Roos NLW.C.A.M. Reij NLMercedes-benz 180d
106Jhr W.J. Teding v. Berkhout NLW.F. Coenen NLBorgward isabella ts
107G. Kolwes DG. Isenbügel DBorgward isabella ts
108H. Pellikaan NLE. Bloem NLBorgward isabella ts
109J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Whitworth GBBorgward isabella ts
110D. Seigle-Morris GBT.J. Saunders GBBorgward isabella ts
111J.S. Shaw GBM.M. Wallace GBBorgward isabella ts
112H.R.J. Graaf van Zuylen van Nijevelt NLR.H.R. Dee NLBorgward isabella ts
113W. Warmbold DF. Räker DBorgward isabella ts
114Frau C. Meinecke DFrl R. Lautmann DBorgward isabella ts
115Mrs. G. Molander NMrs. H. Lundberg NPeugeot 403
116J.E. Wright GBL.H. Wright GBPeugeot 403
117L.J.F.A. v.d. Bergh NLJ.G. Smulders NLPeugeot 403
118Ir. W.H. Visser NLJ.R. van Pelt NLPeugeot 403
119R.J.J. Sanders NLH.J. Steinrötter NLPeugeot 403
120P. Messing NLP.U. Rollmann NLPeugeot 403
121T.H. Zwikstra NLP.F. Docter NLPeugeot 403
122T. Dik NLMevr. E.F. van Strien NLFord taunus 15m
123B.S. Harding GBF.P. Harding GBMg magnette
124C.J. Plummer GBW.H. Wadham GBMg magnette
125P.C. Wadham GBS.D. Silverthorne GBMg magnette
126E.T. Madoc Stephens GBMrs. C. Madoc Stephens GBMg magnette
127H.J. Harper GBA. Wright GBMg magnette
128Mrs. Nancy Mitchell GBMrs. P. Burt GBMg magnette
129M. Huisman NLG.J. Wassink NLVolvo
130C. Syberg DKK. Reidl DKVolvo
131W. Hinlopen NLG.J.R. Larsen NLVolvo pv 444
132K. Schöttler DE. Wirths DFord taunus 15m
133J. Ruys NLH.J. Stemerdink NLFord taunus 15m
134J.D. Melvin GBE.P. Foden GBSunbeam rapier
135P.H. Treadgold GBP.F. Steiner GBSunbeam rapier
136J. van Nieuwenhuyzen NLH.A.A. v.d. Laan NLSunbeam rapier
137N.J. Prickaertz NLF. Zonneveld NLSunbeam rapier
138J. Ray GBI. Hall GBSunbeam rapier
139D. Rawson GBD. Abrams GBSunbeam rapier
140H.P. Verkamman van Keulen NLJ.J. Fokkens NLVauxhall victor
141P.J. Jetten NLL. van Noordwijk NLVauxhall victor
142H.C. v. Arum NLM.B. v.d. Wetering NLFiat 1400a
143A.F. Lefevre GBD.M. Williams GBHillman minx
144L.J.L. Martin NLA. Pennings NLHillman minx
145H.C.P. Prins NLH. Smits NLOpel rekord
146N.G. Falk SG. Stenton SPeugeot 403
149C. Kalkman NLA.M. van Zijll NLSimca aronde 1300
150J. Martens NLB.H. Eerligh NLFiat 1100 b
151M. Fousek CSJ. Netusil CSSkoda 440
152V. Cizkovsky CSJ. Mansfeld CSSkoda 440
153V. Bobek CSF. Kames CSSkoda 440
154J. Eijkelboom NLA. van Weezel Errens NLPeugeot 203
155J.A. Blomjous NLF.E.J. Gostelie NLDkw f93
156D.R. Milton GBD.R. Milton GBAustin a35
157J. Sprinzel GBMrs. Sheila Sprinzel GBAustin a35
158Mrs. J. Johns GBS. Moore GBAustin a35
160I.D.L. Lewis GBH.A.R. Nash GBStandard 10
161J. Gott GBC. Tooley GBMorris minor
162O. Thrana NL. Samsing NDkw f91
163H. Kreisel NLD. ten Hope NLRenault dauphine
164J.A.J. Heidendahl NLJhr Ir. Hora Siccama NLAlfa romeo giulietta
165C.E. Monteiro NLF. Dumpel NLFiat 1100 tv
166J. HulskerJr. NLJ.C.van Welzen NLFiat 1100 tv
167J. Huggins GBJ.L. Goodwin GBFiat 1100 tv
168H.L. Steunebrink NLD. Deibel NLFiat 1100 tv
169J.H. van Oostendorp NLA. Aarse NLFiat 1100 a
170O. Rosenblatt NLA.W. Elshout NLPeugeot 203
171P. Visser NLH.C. Vaandrager NLSimca aronde
172L. Prinz NLC. Rijke NLSimca grand large
173H.M. de Man NLM. v.d. Lely NLSimca aronde
174L.B. Biesheuvel NLF.M. Pollé NLSimca aronde
175K.S. Barendregt NLH. Verbeek NLSimca aronde
176N.W. Kastner GBJ.S. Etherington GBSimca aronde
177A. Geil DKB. Nielsen DKFord anglia
178A. de Jager NLL. v. Sunder NLVolkswagen
179H.L. Verhaar NLH.R. Haagsman NLVolkswagen
180P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKVolkswagen
181R. Sjöström SE. Dagrup SVolkswagen
182F. v. Yperen NLDr. Ir. J.Th. Quant NLVw karmann ghia
185J. Bovee NLJ. van Breukelen NLPanhard dyna
186F.P.M. v.d. Meulen NLG.C.H.A. Dereumaux NLPanhard dyna
187C.J. den Ouden NLJ. Butter NLPanhard dyna
188A.G.L. Mollink NLH. Veer NLDkw f93
189J.H. Menten NLH.C. Blok NLDkw f93
190H.J. te Siepe NlP. Seegers NlDkw f93
191H.P. Wynands NLBoekhout NLDkw f93
192A. van Doorn NLA. van Eck NLDkw f93
193C.H.L.H. ten Horn NLB.H.A. Kroese NLDkw f91
194J.C. Flinterman NLW.R. Greeve NLDkw f91
195J.S. de Vries NLJoh. Klijnsma NLDkw f91
196H. Kronegard SJ. Carlquist SSaab 93
197E.A.M. v.d. Ham NLR. Wiedouw NLDkw f93
198Mrs M. Kjerstadius SMrs M. Holm SSaab 93
199C.M. Skogh SR. Skogh SSaab 93
200E. Carlsson SL.O. Olson SSaab 93
201K. Rüdiger DK. Wagner DAwe wartburg
202K. Otto DE. Möller DAwe wartburg
203Mej. D. v.d. Broek d’Obrenan NLMrs. E. Small NLRenault dauphine
204I.A. Langestraat NLB.C. Dresens NLAustin a35
205J.H. Huntbridge GBM.J. Marshall GBAustin a35
206H.C. Hobson GBMiss J. Crossley GBAustin a35
207R.E.C. Brookes GBE.W.H. Brookes GBAustin a35
208W.A. van Gruythuysen NLD.H. Dekker NLAustin a35
209F.P. Grounds GBMrs L.E. Grounds GBMorris minor
210K.D. Fraser GBMrs. M.C. Fraser GBMorris minor
211M.J. Harris GBN. Neill GBMorris minor
212H. Juel Nielsen DKH. Baun Christensen DKMorris minor
213W. Grant Norton GBMrs N. Grant Norton GBMorris minor
214J.A. Walker GBS. Saeger GBMorris minor
215Miss P. Moss GBMrs A. Wisdom GBMorris minor
216L.J.P.M. Hengst NLMevr. M. Hengst Metternich NLMorris minor
218M.S. Berghuis NLM. Berghuis NLGoggomobil
219C.A. Hardebelt NLJ.B. Hardebelt Jr. NLGoggomobil
220D. Renooy NLT.J. Veer NLGoggomobil
221H. Aldenkamp NLJ. van Ulzen NLGoggomobil
222W. van ‘t Hoog NLO.W. Post NLGoggomobil
223J.J.M. de Rooij NLTh.J. van Dijk NLGoggomobil
224Mevr. A.P.M. Vader Vlaanderen NLMevr. M.E. Koks Hillebregt NLGoggomobil
225F.W.G. van Dalsum NLC.A. Hardebelt Jr. NLGoggomobil
226A.J.P. Jetten NLJ. Korte NLGoggomobil
227C.F. Anssems NLE.W. Anssems NLGoggomobil
228F. Bernheim F FCitroën 2cv
229M. Klankenmeier DP. Voll DBmw isetta
230W.G.D. Verzijl NLJ.F. Schieck NLGoggomobil
231D.M. Hooft NLA.C. Dekkers NLMercedes-benz 190sl
232J.L. Rijkers NLC.D. de Visser NLRenault dauphine
233P.G. van Dijken NLMevr. J.E. van Dijken Schouten NLMercedes-benz 220s
234J.F. May GBA.G. Marston GBTriumph tr 3
235P. Mogendorff NLJ. Eerenberg NLMg a
236Dr. S.M.F. Cure GBJ.W. Clark GBAustin hereford
237J.M. van Kemena NLA. Bloemendaal NLRenault
238B.B.A.M. van Genk NLJ. Nollen NLFord taunus 15m
239J.K.C. Bayes GBD.C. Abrams GBHillman minx
240A. Verschoor NLH.S. Hoevenaren NLVolkswagen ghia


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  1. Saint Vincent
  2. Cinisello Balsamo
  3. Feldkirch
  4. Horbourg Wihr
  5. Mondorf les Bains
  6. Vaals
  7. Noordwijk



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