Tulpenrallye 1956

  • 2350Kilometers
  • 223Equipes at the start
  • 183Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Champagnole (F)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


In addition to the competition class, the rally class is being introduced this year. Crews in this class drive exactly the same route including the tests, but they do not have to be driven at speed. Unfortunately, this initiative attracts only 17 extra participants. The French government once again demands that regularity checks be included in the route. If the average speed measured during these inspections exceeds 75 km / hour (the average for the rally is set at 55 km / hour), 30 penalty points will be awarded and above 85 km / hour one will be excluded from further participation. This year there will be strict checks on the technology of the participating cars; 4 teams are disqualified. Hans Tak departs, as winner of last year, with starting number 1 with his Mercedes 300 SL. The Swede Andersen and the Dane Bussler start in similar cars. Kurt Zeller starts in one of the two new (there were four registered) Porsches Carrera.

Via the approach-routes of about 850 km each, which must be covered with an average of between 50 and 55 km / hour, the participants reach Champagnole in the French Jura where the joint route starts. In the route nine special stages have been included this year. Monaco acts as the turning point of the rally. The joint route starts at ten o’clock on Sunday evening, May 6, and leads partly through Switzerland. The 80 km to Gex has many curves. The first test starts in Gex: the ascent of the Col de la Faucille. The second test is the famous climb to the Auberge du Pin. The next two tests are new in the rally: the Grimone Pass and the climb of the Col des Leques. In Monaco, partly because of the preparation of the Grand Prix, it has not been possible to set up a parc fermé. Technical commissioner Cees Rijshouwer therefore boards a plane to the south of France with a number of pots of paint. This paint is placed in the Monte Carlo on the bonnet and other vital parts of the car as a seal before the break, of about 17 hours, so that no tinkering is done during the break.

The way back begins with the outward route of the previous day in the opposite direction. The next test (the fifth) is the Col des Leques. This is followed by the Col Bayard with 4.9 km length. The seventh test with 17 km is the longest of this rally: the climb to Chamrousse. Piet Nortier had already planned to drive on this mountain, but that is only possible now because the road runs over the mountain so that the participants do not have to turn at the top. The Ballon d’Alsace is again included in the route, this year as the eighth special stage. There is no special stage (Thousand Bends) this year in Luxembourg and the Ardennes. The participants therefore set sail from Luxembourg via Echternach to the Nürburgring. The test there covers only 5 km, after which the teams ride to the finish in Noordwijk via the rest in Eindhoven.

The adjusted handicap system has a clear influence on the results this year. After the first special stage,  Brookes Jr. and Sr. are in the the lead with their Austin A30. After the second test they are followed closely by four cars of the Standard 8 type. Tak is the fastest on almost all tests, but he is not in the top of the standings and ends the rally as 24th. At the finish it appears that only 17 participants have accumulated penalty points. This also has to do with the beautiful weather during the event, but many participants find this edition somewhat on the light side. In addition, the criticism of the handicap system in this 8th edition remains for a long time. Jetten and Van Noordwijk finish for the sixth time with zero penalty points.

The final test at Zandvoort is held this year on Thursday, Ascension Day. Friday is a rest day after which the prize-giving ceremony and the closing party take place on Saturday. This year there will be a race over ten laps, with all cars in the same class, contrary to the year before, in the same race at the start. The handicap for this test is 25%, instead of 50%, which again has a significant influence on the overall results.

Father and son Brookes win the rally with the small Austin A30, while Ruth Lautmann together with Renate Utermohl win the ladies prize. For the first time, hand-forged silver tulips are awarded as a class prize. The Netherlands won the Nations Trophy, with Tak, Koks and Kreisel, while the K.N.A.C. wins the club team prize with Coenen, Heidendahl and Van der Wansem. The brand team prize is won by Standard. Piet Nortier receives a large box in the form of a tulip with a pipe and other tobacco products during the award ceremony on behalf of the Dutch participants.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1W.J.J. Tak NLW.C. Niemöller NLMercedes-benz 300sl gullwing
2P.A. Andersen DKR.R. Orum DKMercedes-benz gullwing 300sl
3H.J. Zimmer DH. Jacobi DMercedes-benz 300sl gullwing
4C.H. Bussler SB.A. Bergkvist SMercedes-benz 300sl gullwing
5C.P.A.J.H. Godin de Beaufort NLA.J.v. Rossem NLPorsche carrera
6J. Voigt-Nielsen DKA. Bach Poulsen DKPorsche carrera
7K. Träger DF. Kretschmann DPorsche carrera
8K. Zeller DDr.W. Bieling DPorsche carrera
12G. Wood GBJ. Booy GBJaguar xk 140
13W.J. Rompu NLL.J. Mens NLJaguar xk140 dhc
14A.J. Burton GBS.H. Burton GBJaguar xk 140
15E.C. Tours GBA.J. Nuthall GBJaguar xk140 fhc
16L.S. Stross GBM.H. Whaley GBJaguar xk140 dhc
17F.P. Grounds GBW.C. Johnson GBJaguar xk140 fhc
18K.E. Wits NLW. Maarsen NLTriumph tr 3
19Ch. Harlaar NLK. Pyper NLTriumph tr 3
21M.W. Amman CHMlle.M. Suardi CHPorsche 1500s
22K.S. Richardson GBHon.Mrs.K.S. Richardson GBPorsche 1500s
23J. Meur FMme.R. Meur FPorsche 1500s
24Capt.F.G. Elliott GBLt.D. Harrison GBTriumph tr 2
25T.J. Greenly GBJ.E. Griffith GBAc ace
26T.G. Clarke GBK. Baker GBAc ace
27R. Dooijes NLW. Veendorp NLJaguar mk vii
28H. de Vries NLC.A. Groeneveld NLJaguar mk vii
29J.K. Kuiper NLK. Ton NLJaguar 2,4l
30J.A. Walker GBC. Pigrim GBJaguar mk vii
31W.E. Teague GBW.A. Hill GBJaguar mk vii
32L. Sims GBT. Ambrose GBAston martin db2
33D.H. Perring GBL. Griffiths GBAston martin db2/4
34J. Patten GBLt.J.S. Hanson GBAc ace
35W.C.N. Grant-Norton GBM.J.G. Carson GBAc ace
36Lord J. Avebury GBLady Avebury GBJaguar mk vii
37J.W.E. Banks GBJ.W.S. Utley GBBristol 401
38L. Tavola IL. Marini IAlfa romeo 1900ti
39F.D. Dundas GBB.G. Campbell GBJaguar 2,4 l
40A.M. Leerdam NLJ.P.M. Alsem NLPorsche 1600
41F. Sjöström SB. Nordfelt SMercedes-benz 190sl
42H.A. Herweijer NLJ.H. Boekhout NLAustin-healey
43J.G. Dathan GBMiss D.S. Dathan GBAustin-healey
44D.Th.v.d. Kleij NLE.A.M.v.d. Ham NLAlfa romeo 1900
45L.D.G. Collen EIRMrs.E.A. Collen EIRAlfa romeo g.spr.
46G.J. Grant GBW.J. Allerton GBLagonda 3l
47G.C. Moyer USAL.C. Zalenski USAPorsche 1600
48M. Friedrich USAV. Reppert USAPorsche 1600
49Dr.H. Schwind DW. Gutbrod DBmw v8
50Ch.W. Lier CHCh. Mesritz CHLancia aurelia b12
51Th.J. Koks NLR.L.G.M. Gorris NLPorsche 1300s
52A.W. Beckeringh NLA.R. Slotemaker NLPorsche 1500
53J.R.v. Bennekum NLG.Th.E.v.d. Werff NLPorsche 1500
54W.H. Thunnissen NLA. Maertens NLChevrolet
55J.v. Nieuwenhuijzen NLH.A.A.v.d. Laan NLStudebaker power hawk
56J.F. Terlepp NLF. Kruit NLChevrolet
57M. Kuipers NLF.Th. Meloen NLFord fairlane
58M. Carstedt SG. Carstedt SFord fairlane
59H. Stenfeldt Hansen DKN. Buchsbaum DKMercedes_benz 220a
60W. Eichmann DW. Börner DMercedes-benz 220a
61J.A. Moorman NLC.J. de Vries NLFord fairlane
62M.S. Routley GBD.J. Tarratt GBSunbeam miii
63J.H. Suter GBR.C. Boucher GBSunbeam miii
64P. Harper GBD.R. Humphrey GBSunbeam miii
65J. Risk GBW.D.R. Lamb GBFord zephyr
66D.G. Slott GBS. Asbury GBFord zephyr
67V.R. Preston GBI. Walker GBFord zephyr
68Mrs.J.M.M. Cooke GBMrs.J. Bowden GBFord zephyr
69N. Prickartz NLA. Weissman NLChevrolet
70J.A. Blomjous NLF.E.J. Gostelie NLDkw f93
71A.C.v. Dongen NLP. Dijckhoff NLDkw f91
72H.J. te Siepe NLP. Seegers NLDkw f93
73J.S. de Vries NLJ.v. Rijn NLDkw f91
75A.G.L. Mollink NLA.G.v.d. Broeke NLDkw f93
76C.H.L.H. ten Horn NLB.A.H. Kroese NLDkw f93
77J.P. Boardman GBJ.W. Whitworth GBBorgward isabella
78J. Brugge NLL. Simons NLBorgward isabella
79J.C. Collins USAH.L. Russell USAMercedes-benz300
80K.H. Först DH. Ströh DBorgward isabella
81Mrs.K. Borgen DKS.B. Jespersen DKDkw f91
82H.v. Weezenbeek NLW.B. Richters NLDkw f93
83S.C. Norman GBW. Whyte GBAustin a90
84R.S. Henson GBJ. Sears GBAustin a90
85G.N. Burgess GBS. Croft-Pearson GBAustin a90
86Mrs.J. Johns GBD. Johns GBAustin a90
87D.J. Morley GBG.E. Morley GBRiley pathfinder
88D.C. Absalom GBW.S. Benson GBRiley pathfinder
89H.C. Hobson GBMiss J. Crossley GBAustin a90
90L. Griffiths GBP. Leggat GBAustin a90
91J.E. Wright GBP.G. King GBRiley pathfinder
92J.H. la Trobe GBJ. Mitcham GBRiley pathfinder
93N.J. Babcock jr USAF.D. Check USAFord taunus 15m
94Frl.R. Lautmann DFrauR. Utermöhl DFord taunus 15m
95P.J. Jetten NLL.v. Noordwijk jr NLVauxhall cresta
96G.G.W. Timmer NLA.C. Bakker NLOpel kapitän
97P. Bolton GBT.G. Shanely GBDaimler conquest
98H. Aldenkamp NLJ.v. Ulzen NLPorsche 1300
99T.A. Boothroyd GBR. Simmons GBAlvis 3l
100J. Springer NLE.v. Regius NLFord taunus 15m
101P.M.J.H. Op 't Root NLW. Huisman NLFord taunus 15m
102F.J. Eekhout NLJ.R. Dinger NLFord versailles
103W. Scheube DH. Röttger DFord tanus 15m
104J. Langelaan NLJ. Jürriens NLFord taunus 15m
105W.F. Coenen NLJ. Butter NLFord taunus 15m
106W. Vidal DP. Prien DPorsche 1300
107H. Juel-Nielsen DKH. Baun-Christensen DKFord taunus 15m
108W. Bennett GBP. Galliford GBWolseley 6/90
109Mme.H. Cherret FJ. Menneron FDb panhard
110A. Ostermann DS. Martinek DFord taunus 15m
112S. Nottorp SCh. Cohmander SSaab 93
113B. Jonsson SS. Relve SSaab 93
114G. Bengtson SS.G. Zetterberg SSaab 93
115H. Smit NLH. Smit NLFord zephyr
116Th.I.v. Dijk NLW. Nout NLFord zephyr
117J. Kat GBP. Kat GBFord zephyr
118H. Hoogeveen NLG. Voogd NLFord zephyr
119A. Geil DKB. Nielsen DKFord zephyr
120J.S. Shaw GBM.M. Wallace GBFord zodiac
121E.W. Cuff-Miller GBH.M. Gadsby GBFord anglia
122E.H. Leclercq BR.R.G.M. Dumont de Chassart BFord anglia
123J.A.J. Heidendahl NLJhr.C.C. Hora Siccama NLPeugeot 403
124P. Messing NLP.U. Rollmann NLPeugeot 403
125P. Delcourt FMad.G. Delcourt FPeugeot 403
126C. Kalkman NLA.M.v. Zijl NLSimca
127K.S. Barendregt NLH. Verbeek NLSimca
127aP. Visser NLH.C. Vaandrager NLSimca
128W.G.D. Verzijl NLJ.F. Schieck NLFiat 1100tv
129J. Martens NLB.H. Eerligh NLFiat 1100tv
130T. Dik NLMw.E.F.v. Strien NLFiat 1100tv
131R.S. Wiedouw NLP.L. de Haan NLRenault fregate
132J. Ray GBJ.W. Waddington GBSunbeam rapier
133J.D.L. Melvin GBJ.N. Marshall GBSunbeam rapier
134D.R. Rawson GBE. Elliot GBSunbeam rapier
135J. Trigg GBJ. Seear GBSunbeam rapier
136E.R.V. Walker GBJ.S.T. Lee GBSimca grand large
137K.D. Fraser GBMrs.M.C. Fraser GBM.g.magnette
138L.B. Biesheuvel NLF.M. Pollé NLSimca
139J.D. Struyk NLC. Verschuur NLFiat 1100
140H.L. Steunebrink NLW. Richters jr NLFiat 1100
141Mw.M.L. Vermeulen NLW.L. Deibel NLFiat 1100
142D.R. Milton GBD.R. Milton GBAustin a30
143E.T.M. Stephens GBD.J. Jackson GBM.g.magnette
144R.H. Wilkins GBP.J. Nott GBM.g.magnette
145Mej.H.G.R. Polis NLMej.D.L.v.d. Broek d’Obrenan NLM.g.magnette
146C.W. Wahlgren SN. Malmgren SM.g.magnette
147Mrs.N. Mitchell GBMrs.D. Reece GBM.g.magnette
148J.H.v. Oostendorp NLA.M.E. Geeverding NLRenault fregate
149C. Sollart NLJ. Hamel NLRenault fregate
150M. Rademakers NLA.W. Elshout NLSimca
151G.I. Ericsson SL. Lindholm SM.g.magnette
152H.J. Harper GBH.N. Douglas GBM.g.magnette
153W.C. Slocombe GBT.N. Blockley GBM.g.magnette
154D.C. Bull GBE.A. Wrangham GBM.g.magnette
155F.J.v.d. Vlugt NLL.J. Pagano NLRenault dauphine
156J.G. Reece GBH.J. Kenneth GBRover 75
157H.C.P. Prins NLJ.A. Oude Wolbers NLOpel rekord
158W.v. Zijll jr NLM.J.P. Biesterveld jr NLOpel rekord
159J.R. Jochems NLC. Hoogerheide NLOpel rekord
160J.v.d. Klooster NLP.v. Steynen NLOpel rekord
161J. Zwart NLA. Bouwmeester NLOpel rekord
162D.A. Schwartz NLJ.F. Remarque NLFord consul
163O. Rosenblatt NLJ.M. Rupert NLPeugeot 203
164N.G. Falk SR. Bäcklund SPeugeot 203
165W.H. Visser NLJ.R.v. Pelt NLPeugeot 203
166T.H. Zwikstra NLP.F. Docter NLPeugeot 203
167J. Eykelboom NLA.F.A.v. Weezel-Errens NLPeugeot 203
168I.A. Langestraat NLB.L.v.d. Wansem NLRover 75
169P. Olsen DKJ.A. Nielsen DKPeugeot 203
170O.E. Homan NLR.S. de Boer NLRenault fregate
171D.R. Hiam GBT. Greer GBFord anglia
172D. Barker GBF.J.A. Vivian GBFord anglia
173Ch.W. Whiteley GBL. Hopps GBFord anglia
174C. Morin FMme.Th. Morin FPeugeot 203
175Mrs. G. Molander NMrs.M. Kjerstadius NPeugeot 203
176F.v. Yperen NLJ. Leenes NLVolkswagen
177A. Ingier NI. Eikrem NSkoda 440
178H. Ingier NL. Askersrud NSkoda 440
179C.A. Johansson NN. Hagen NSkoda 440
180R. Sjoström SE. Dagrup SVolkswagen kever
181H.L. Verhaar NLM.S. Berkhout NLVolkswagen
182J. de Vries NLJ.B. de Vries NLVw karmann ghia
184H. Kreisel NLP. Perk NLRenault dauphine
185W.A. Gerlach NLL.A. de Vries NLRenault dauphine
186M. Fousek CSS. Kohout CSSkoda 440
187J. Vlcek CSF. Dobry CSSkoda 440
188F. Riest DG. Isenbügel DFord taunus 12m
189A. de Jager NLY. Pieksma NLVolkswagen
192A. Meridith-Owens GBA. Pitts GBStandard 10
193T.I. Andersson SA. Gustafsson SMercedes 180d
194P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKVolkswagen
195E. Brinkman GBL. Cave GBRenault 1062
196J.v. Nes NLA.C.A.v. Oudgaarden NLRenault 1062
198E.S.v. Dijk NLP.M.C. Mulder NLFiat 600
199K. Hertzdahl NLV.P.I.H. Dassen NLFiat 600
201P.B. Hopkirk EIRJ.A. Garvey EIRStandard 8
202D. O’Mara Taylor GBL.J. Tracey GBStandard 8
203J.C. Wallwork GBW.D. Blaeckley GBStandard 8
204Mrs.D.M. Osborn GBMrs.L. Grounds GBStandard 8
205Mrs.L.F. Ashfield GBMrs.M. Handley Page GBStandard 8
206Th.A. Gold GBMrs.J. Gold GBStandard 8
207L.J.P.M. Hengst NLM.A. Gravin Wolff Metternich NLMorris minor
208R.E.C. Brookes GBE.W.H. Brookes GBAustin a30
209P.D.C. Brookes GBR.E.W. Wellswest GBMorris minor
210I.M. Sutherland GBTh.B. Band GBStandard 8
211Mw.G.G. Hartog NLMw.I. de Fouw-Niekerk NLMorris minor
213C.A. Hardebelt NLF.W.G.v. Dalsum NLGoggomobil
214D. Renooy NLT. Veer NLGoggomobil
215M.S. Berghuis NLS.v.d. Mei NLGoggomobil
216Frl.M. Jay DG. Bialas DGoggomobil
217J. Dagonet F FCitroën df
218F. Bernheim FD. Mauphin FCitroën df
219Ph.v.d. Maelle FJ. Langlard FCitroën df
221C.J. den Ouden NLA.v. Mozer NLCitroën 2cv
222F.P.M.v.d. Meulen NLG. Dereumaux NLCitroën 2cv
225L.J.L. Martin NLAdr.A.J. Pennings NLSunbeam talbot
226N. Neumann DK. Schwaneberg DLloyd lp 600
227H. Marienfeldt DH. Maack DPorsche 1500
228S. Rostron GBO.N. Pike GBJaguar mvii
229Mw.M.E. Koks NLMw.A.P.M. Vader NLVolkswagen
230H. Sanders NLMw.W. Sanders-Brouwer NLPeugeot 403
231H. Grimm SMrs.J. Seby SMercedes 190sl
232L.J. Gillet jr NLMw.G. Pauwels-Slingerland NLPeugeot 403
233H. Veth NLMw.C.A. Ivens NLMercury
234G. Breukink NLD.P. Sakko NLRenault fregate
235J.J.C. Piël NLR. Kaufmann NLOldsmobile
237P.C.M. Esser NLH.B.J.v. Rijn NLBorgward isabella
238W.v. Leeuwen NLJ.Chr. Jansen NLOpel rekord
239O.E. Berry GBE.N. Finch GBJaguar xk 140
240R.W.H. Hodson GBE. Hodson GBRover 90


  • Overall

  • Rallye klasse



  1. Champagnole
  2. St.Claude
  3. Valence
  4. Auvergne
  5. Belfort
  6. Epinal
  7. Nancy
  8. Metz
  9. Luxemburg
  10. Echternach
  11. Nurburgring
  12. Eindhoven
  13. Noordwijk



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