Tulpenrallye 1953

  • 2745Kilometers
  • 240 Equipes at the start
  • 112 Equipes at the finish
  • Piet Nortier
  • Spa (B)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


In this edition, the organization is looking for methods to determine the classification during the rally,  and wants to reduce the influence of the final trial at Zandvoort on the overall results. The system is also intended to become more fair and more competitive, as overall winner of the Tulpenrallye is stil decided based on the competition in the different classes. In Spa, the roadbook ook is issued only three seconds before the start. The cars must comply fully with the specifications specified by the factory this year and may not be upgraded.

Through access routes of approximately 500 km, all equipes reach the joint spa. The rally contains 5 special stages and 4 class tests. The first trial is at Clervaux and has a length of 1150 meters with 100 meters height difference; a drop test. This test must be done without turning on the engine of the car; Only the hand brake and foot brake may be used! At the start, a number of officials pulled away the wheels of the car, after which the test starts. Some participants throw the tank a little longer with gasoline to give more weight during the descent. Furthermore, the tires are heavily pumped by most participants. In the car, an official takes place to supervise the driver. After this, the Wilwerwiltz special stage goes to Heiderscheidergrund. The 82 km must be taken in 72 to 88 minutes (different per class). In the meantime it has started to rain very hard. From Luxembourg, the route then goes to Epinal, where the climb of Ballon d’Alsace (9.5 km) starts, starting in Malvaux. The equipes are affected by rain, snow and fog, which in many cases is significantly slower than last year (Imhof with his Allard, for example, needs almost two minutes). Following is the second special stage about 42 km from Willer to Schweighouse. It is still very foggy and the participants therefore get more time to drive this stage. After Piet Nortier has decided to give all equipes five more minutes for the stage, he can not get in touch with Han van der Heijden, who is on the spot. It is then decided to send this message in a sealed envelope to Appleyard who will or will first take the stage. From Belfort it goes to Geneva, the southernmost point of the rally, which can also be restored. The return road begins with the climb of the Col de la Faucille (10.6 km with a height difference of 600 m). The third special stage runs from the top of the Faucille to St. Claude and counts 387 turns. Following is a route via Dole, via the Ballon d’Alsace for the climb during the day, to Gerardmer. The next special stage then goes to Saarbrucken over 80 km. The final stage is the route of the ‘Thousand Bends’ and brings the participants to Liège. From there, via Roermond, Eindhoven and Breda to Noordwijk. The following day, on Koninginne-day, the final test will be held on the Zandvoort Circuit. The ten best-placed participants from each of the ten classes will get started. The races start with a Le Mans start, after which ten rounds must be taken in the opposite direction. On the circuit are stands for 1000 additional visitors placed.

After the first two trials, Bill Banks is in charge of the Vosges, followed by Carstedt and Van Zuylen of Nijevelt. Coenen and Butter (the famous sliding roof manufacturer) find a solution for the fog in the second special stage. Butter goes into the car and has a better view of the road through the open roof. He pulls driver Coenen left or right on his hair to indicate in which direction to be driven. Dries van der Lof is out of Geneva with problems with his MG oil charter. The car is transported back to the Netherlands in the Vredestein service truck. For the final test at Zandvoort, seven equipments are disqualified because the cars are not in accordance with the rules (Gatsonides are also listed below). The Jowett Javelin of Frenchman Becquart, whom he immediately got from the factory, proves to have a non-original engine. His winning points are therefore part of Count Hugo van Zuylen van Nijevelt, thus writing the rally on his name. After that, Elliott’s Sunbeam, which he recently took over from Stirling Moss, is also rejected; He was second to the final test in Zandvoort. Banks, who was initially honored as a winner of the rally, are now trying to get their place back through a protest. He protests against Clarkson’s Morgan. This has fallen out, but according to Banks, his car is not regulated. If this protest is awarded then Banks is the winner again, because then he can add Clarkson’s winning points to the Balloon with him. The protest is, however, rejected, especially because Clarkson’s car can not be checked for the finish because he has previously fallen out. Hugo van Zuylen van Nijevelt and Frans Eschauzier make the Netherlands the first victory in the Tulpenrallye. The Piet Jetten-Louis team of Noordwijk-Nol van der Vlies will be fourth and will also win his own class and will be the fastest in the final test at the Circuit van Zandvoort, for Sheila van Damm. Louis van Noordwijk is currently also a commentator at Formula races in Europe, a bancommentator on the Circuit of Zandvoort and he will be commentator at ‘Sport in Beeld’, the TT of Assen and Avro’s Rallycross. Ian Appleyard occupies fifth place in the final class. Jowett Javelin wins the brand name with Van Zuylen from Nijevelt, Scheffer and Homan. Greta Molander and H. Lundberg win the Coupe des Dames.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1Mej.P.H. Verschuur NLMej.J.E. Maasland NLAustin
2J.H. Broedelet NLG. Kolff NLFiat
3M.A.v. Beesd NLG.M. Jansen NLPeugeot
4J.P.M. Alsem NLJ. Notenboom NLSimca
5E.I. Appleyard GBMrs.P.C. Appleyard GBJaguar mk vii 3.5
6Jhr..C.P.A.J.H. Godin de Beaufort NLMr.J.H. Boekhout NLVolkswagen
7J.M. Beekman NLP. Seegers NLSimca 9 aronde
8A.G. Imhof GBS. Ross GBAllard cadillac
9J. Hamel NLC. Sollart jr NLCitroën
10H.v. Weezenbeek NLW. Richters jr NLRenault
11K.E. Wits NLW. ten Sijthoff NLMercedes
12H.C. Hoogeveen NLG. Voogd NLSimca
13S.H. Thomas GBJ.J.H. Murray GBFord zephyr
14J. Bruuge NLA.v. Pernis NLCitroën
15J.W. Bowdage GBJ.E. Wright GBAllard
16M. Gatsonides NLP. Worledge NLFord zephyr
17A.M. Leerdam NLG. Zwolle NLVolkswagen
18J.W.S. Utley GBE.S. Berry GBBristol
19J.L. Boer NLMr.V.N.H. Bonga NLVolkswagen
20Dr.P. Groenhart NLB.L.v.d. Wansem NLAustin
21J. Bos Eyssen NLP. Bos Eyssen NLJaguar xk120 ots
22R.H. Sleigh GBR.G. Martin GBSinger sm 1500
23J.P. Kokkes NL Mw.A.C. Kokkes-Godijn NLAustin
24B.E. Wortman NLMw.L.S.Derschow-v. Thiel NLPeugeot
25G.F. Roeloffzen NLK. ten Bruggencate NLM.g. td
26Miss C. Sadler GBMiss H.N. Dunham GBRover
27A.J.v. Splunter NLL.B. Biesheuvel NLChevrolet
28M.W.H. Timmermans NLW. Hoefnagels NLFord
29W.H. Waring GBW.H. Wadham GBJaguar xk120 ots
30W.P.H.v. Donkersgoed NLA. Korteweg NLFord
31K.S. Barendregt NLJ.A.v. Splunter NLSimca
32Ir.W.H. Visser NLJ.R.v. Pelt NLPeugeot 203
33R.M. Menzies GBW.G. Watson GBMorris
34L.J.H. Englebert NLI.A. Langestraat NLRover
35J.D. Delettrez FA. Harrison FLincoln continental
36Th.J. Koks NLK. de Jong NLVolkswagen
37D.H. Murray GBM.P. Skarring GBFrazer nash
38J.C.v. Welzen NLH.J.J. Lamers NLFiat
39J.L. Flinterman NLW.R. Greeve NLD.k.w.
40B.A.J. Wittekampf NLW.H.N. Struyck NLVolkswagen
41A. Kouwenberg NLA.T.H.v. Luyk NLSunbeamtalbot
42J. Hulsker NLM. Duyzings NLFiat 1100
43H. Kattenburg NLJ.J. Langelaan NLSunbeam talbot
44J. Risk GBJ.D. Alston GBFord zephyr
45J.A. Thoenes GBMrs.M. Thoenes GBJowett javelin
46Chr. Harlaar NLK. Pijper NLSkoda cabriolet
47J.v.d. Klooster NLP.v. Steynen jr NLB.m.w.
48J.F. Schieck NLW. den Engelsen NLRenault
49W. Oosten NLA.J. Udinga NLRiley
50Mrs.N. Mitchell GBMrs.J. Leavens GBFord zephyr
51F.J.v.d. Vlugt NLJ.H. Duinker NLRenault
52M.G. Gillies GBF.B. Milne GBAston martin
53Graaf H.R.J.van Zuylen van Nijevelt NLF.M.A. Eschauzier NLJowett javelin
54W.F.Verhey v. Wijk NLMw.R.Verhey v. Wijk-Boelstra NLHealey
55H.A. Herweijer NLM. Rademakers NLLancia
56J.P. Boardman GBN.R. Marshman GBJaguar
57W. Beukers jr NLH. Aldenkamp NLFord
58J.G. Reece GBP.B. Reece GBFord zephyr
59B.A.M. Leering NLJ. Mulder NLOpel kapitän
60J.F. Witteveen NLW.v. Essen NLVolkswagen
61L. de Groot NLC.A. Groeneveld NLChevrolet
62T.C. Harrison GBR.W. Philips GBFord zephyr
63H. Muller NLF.H. Sweers NLChevrolet
64G. Hasselaar NLChr.v. Kleef NLVolkswagen
65J. Martens NLB.H. Eerligh NLFiat
66M.J. Vehmeyer NLJ.W. Dekker NLFord tudor sedan
67A.J.M.v.d. Lof NLM.H. Odink NLM.g.
68P.J. Jetten NLL.v. Noordwijk jr NLVauxhall velox
69Mrs.G. Molander NMrs.H. Lundberg NSaab 92
70T. Dik NLMw.L.v. Strien NLSunbeam talbot
71R.W. Mellde SH. Fahlén SSaab
72W.R.v. Couwelaar NLJ.B. Erne NLLancia
73H.J. Stroband NLMw.J.J. Stroband-Hiensch NLAustin
74P. Mourier DKB.U. Ramsing DKAustin
75J.v. Nieuwenhuyzen NLH.A.A.v.d. Laan NLSunbeam talbot
76W.H.G. Jansen NLA.A. Lissauer NLFord consul
77W.G.D. Verzijl NLS. Jansen NLSunbeam talbot
78E.C. Pellens NLMw.E.Pellens-v. Elden NLOpel kapitän
79W.v. Zijll jr NLM.J.P. Biesterveld NLSimca
80A.M. Panggabean INT.W. Mulia INVolkswagen
81H. de Vries NLW.H.J. Roegiest NLAustin a40 sport
82J.v. Nes NLP. Bulthuis NLCitroën 11
83Adr.v. Ooy jr NLJ.H.D.v.d. Kwast NLFiat 1400
84D.G. de Boer NLH. Schuurman NLLincoln cosmopolitan
85J.D. Struyk NLC. Verschuur NLFiat 1100
86C.J. den Ouden NLL.v.d. Hooven NLCitroën 11 sport
87Ir.H.D. Prins NLH. Luijting NLJaguar mk vii 3.5
88M. Weisbard NLMw.G.Weisbard-v.d. Akker NLFiat
89W.A.v. Gruythuysen NLF.P. Kleinjan NLMercedes benz
90H.J. Voormolen NLP.A. de Haan NLFiat
91E. Hertzberger NLJ.v.d. Pijl NLAston martin
92G.G.W. Timmer NLC. de Jonge NLOpel
93P. Visser NLH.C. Vaandrager NLBorgward
94W.A. Gerlach NLL.A. de Vries NLSimca
95M.J. Voormolen NLB. Knippenburg NLFord
96A.W. Rutgers NLA. Rutgers NLFiat
97W.F. Coenen NLJ. Butter NLFord
98R.H.R. Dee NLJhr.W.J.Teding v. Berkhout NLChevrolet skyline conv.
99A. Kammeraat NLA.C. Mostert NLJowett jupiter
100B.G. Smit NLE. Groen NLJaguar xk120 fhc
101A.C. Ruiter NLP.v. Malsen NLSunbeam talbot
102J. Scheffer NLG.J. Willing NLJowett javelin
103G. Iwema Bakker NLW.A. Meurs NLPeugeot
104J.W.C.v.d. Vossen NLJ.C. de Bilt NLPeugeot 203
105J.A.L. Coenen NLMw.S. Coenen-Gazan NLCitroën
106R.L.G.M. Görris NLW. Hummelman NLChevrolet
107A.G.L. Martin NLD. Hoogeveen NLCitroën
108R.A.P. Rijke NLV.H. Haag NLFord consul
109J.H. Kuiper NLH. Karssen jr NLVolkswagen
110D.M.v. Hoevelaken NLG.v. Dort Kroon NLPanhard
111L.P. Koppens NLIr.W. Fick NLKaiser
112L. Jurgens NLA.T. Schuddebeurs NLVolkswagen
113J.K. Kuiper NLK. Ton NLJaguar mk v
114P. Vogelenzang NLMej.A.G. Veryn Stuart NLCitroën
115A. Heuveling NLH.T. Lureman NLStudebaker
116A. Hoogervorst NLC. Hoogervorst NLVolkswagen
117Han Swie Tik INR. Mochtar Prabumankunegara INChevrolet diesel
118H.F.H.H. Brinkhoff CHJ.C. Scheer CHRenault
119C.A. Versfeld NLM.A.v. Kuyk NLSimca
120H.A.v.d. Aa NLF.Y.M. Kuinders NLChevrolet diesel
121M. Kuipers NLH.J. Saul NLFord
122L.F. Bornstein NLJ.S. Cohen NLVolkswagen
123R. Nelson Harris GB GBJowett javelin
124J.H. Kemsley GBPh. Fotheringham Parker GBSunbeam talbot
125P.C.E. Harper GBE. Brinkman GBSunbeam talbot
126H.L. Wollrabe NLH. Brouwer NLFiat
127A. Velu NLW. Zwier jr NLPeugeot
128W.C.v. Hest NLW.J.J. Tak NLSimca aronde
129C.S. Bloem NLIr.A.M. Asselbergs NLAston martin
130Mw.M.L. Vermeulen NLThunack NLCitroën
131Mme.A. Hammersley FMlle.G. Hammersley FPeugeot 203
132G.C. Reynes FE.F. Lebigre FPeugeot 203
133J. Morin FP. Labet FSimca
134M. Grosgogeat FP. Biagini FPanhard
135L.A.T. Pieters BH.J. Janssens BFiat 1100
136T.H. Zwikstra NLP.F. Docter NLPeugeot
137O. Haberer AT. Scaria AFord consul
138C.I. Vries NLJ.A. Moorman NLAlfa romeo 1900 ti
139J. Desreumaux FV. Sneck FTalbot
141W. Hörning CHK. Schneider CHJaguar xk120 ots
142Mlle.R. Rampinelli CHMax Brunner CHOpel
143A. Vock CHE. Thomann CHFord custom
144U. Bonaconsa CHP. Ebneter CHPorsche
145M. Damonte IMlle.L. Calligaro IFiat
146F. Schligler FJ. Serre FPeugeot
147F. Kampf SAG.W. Stenger SARenault
148E. Müller DJ. Foglar DPorsche
150Mlle.G. Thirion BMlle.I. Polensky BPorsche
152P.J. Stasse BJ.A. Ickx BFiat
153M. Kuhn BMammouth BPorsche
154W. Deutsch BP.E. Rousselle BAston martin
155A.L. Thielens BF. Permanne BAustin
156J.A.O. Herzet BL. Bianchi BJaguar
157Ch. Fraikin BO.J.M.F. Gendebien BJaguar xk120 fhc
158M. Becquart FH. Ziegler FJowett javelin
159Dr.R.V. Havard GBD. Silverthorne GBJaguar
160H.G. Arndt GBD.v. Ekris GBTalbot lago record
161J.O. Grieve GBN.T. Lithgow GBH.r.g.
162P.A. Andersen DKK.E. Rasmussen DKCitroën
163K.F. Wallrath NLJ.P.M. Lodewijks NLSimca
164P.A. Vink NLJ.C.J. Gouthier NLRover p4
165J.A.J. Heidendahl NLH.J. te Siepe NLPeugeot 203
166O.E. Homan NLR.S. de Boer NLJowett javelin
167L.J.L.F.M. Martin NLA.A.J. Pennings NLSunbeam talbot
168J.H.G. Geurts NLG. Arntz NLFiat
169Mr.C.A.A.M.v.d. Kroon NLA.C.v. Dongen NLJaguar mk v
170J.F. Valentyn BE.H. Leclercq BM.g.
171M. Mascré FP. Mascré FPanhard
172H.B.v. Gelderen NLA.J.v. Veen NLSunbeam talbot
173V.P.I.H. Dassen NLK. Hertzdahl NLVolkswagen
174L.J.P.M. Hengst NLMw.M.A.M. Huurdeman NLM.g.
176C. Marx USANiemöller USAFiat 1100
177H.P.M. Jonkers NLG.S.M.Th. Jonkers NLRenault
178J.W.E. Banks GBM. Porter GBBristol 403
179J. Slow NLB. Snel NLJaguar
180R.K.N. Clarkson GBG. Grant GBMorgan
181R. Laloux BA. Vanderstock BTatra
183H. Fritzen DFrau G. Fritzen DVolkswagen
184E. Vidal DP. Prien DVolkswagen
185H. Rösler DFrau H. Rösler DVolkswagen
186W. Reinthal DR. Köhler DPorsche
187K. Wiener DU. Horn DPorsche
188N.B. Lauritzen DKP. Thomsen DKHotchkiss
189H. Stenfeld Hansen DKN. Buchsbaum DKVolkswagen
190P.K. Jespersen DKS. Norgaard DKJowett javelin
191J. Voigt-Nielsen DKR.R. Örum DKCitroën
192Dr.H. Cramer DC.G. Freiherr von Pachelbel-Gehag DVolkswagen
193R. Glad DKO.H. Schaeffer DKFord zephyr
194Mrs.M. Melin SMrs.B. Brandt SPorsche
195A.L. Sjunesson SE. Sjunesson SPorsche
196M. Carstedt SG. Carstedt SSimca 9 aronde
197C.A. Johansson NI. Grefsen NVolkswagen kever
198A. Stöpler NLH. Stöpler NLVolkswagen
199A. de Jager NLJ.L. Loman NLVolkswagen
201Dr. Bergermann DFrl.M. Koll DB.m.w.
202P. Gierke DW. Scheube DFord taunus 12m
203E.v. Regius DJ. Springer DFord taunus
204G.F. Riedt DG. Isenbügel DFord taunus
205K. Zeller D DPorsche
206S.G. Martinek HA. Ostermann HFord taunus
207G. Seibert SAA. Bolz SACitroën 11
208J. Meur FMlle.R. de Vriese FPorsche
209J.H. Kary GBH. Gamringer GBRover
210W. Engel DH.L. von Hoesch DPorsche
211J.H.. Suter GBD.H. Perring GBSunbeam talbot
212R.D.. Barrack GBJ.B.G. Campbell GBJowett javelin
213Mrs.O.I. Johnson GBJ. Leworthy GBRiley
214R.R. Nahum GBG.H. Smith GBAston martin
215A.G. Payne GBJ.D. Lampitt GBSunbeam talbot
216E. Elliott GBMissN. Elliott GBSunbeam talbot
218R.G. Godsmark GBP.L. Worthington GBM.g.
219R.D. Mattock GBC.A. Christian GBJaguar mk vii 3.5
220T.A. Boothroyd GBA. Parkin GBSunbeam talbot
221E.J. Haddon GBG. Howard Sorrell GBJaguar
222Sir E.D.W. Verner Bt GBCapt.G.H. Bowman GBH.r.g.
223W.G. Pitcher GBH.L. Brooke GBJowett javelin
224S.L. Neill GBK.G. White GBJaguar
225S.R. Taylor GBH. Palmer GBArmstrong siddeley
226H. Propp GBH.J. Grigger GBJaguar
227A. Potier-Godinho PMrs. Potier-Godinho PRiley
228J.M. Procter GBA.P. Edwards GBHealey
229W.M. Baxter GBJ. Gourlay GBFraser nash
230K.D. Fraser GBC.A.Mc. Intyre GBRiley
231Lt.Col.H.C. O’Hara Moore GBJ.A.H. Gott GBFrazer nash
232N. Buchanan GBE.M. Harte GBRiley
233D.G. Scott GBJ.H. Cunningham GBAllard
234T.N. Blockley GBF.H. Hardman GBAllard
235R. Frolich GBDr.L.T. Pilkington GBRover
236S. Rostron GBP. Howard GBRover
238A.C. Wates GBMrs.J. Wates GBBentley
239G.B. Flewitt GBJ. Duncan GBAustin
240R.F. Ruggles GBF.G. Ruggles GBAustin
241H.B. Murphie GBC. Edge GBHealey
242J.G. Hadley GBL.G. Browne GBRiley
243E.D. Casey GBC. Slade-Trevor GBSinger
244D.S. Pott GBC. Oldbury GBHillman
245A.J. Tatham GBA.B. Shelley GBSunbeam talbot
246Mrs.L.D. Snow GBMrs. Tozzi GBJaguar
247A. Patchett GBH. Firth GBM.g.
248T.A. Eason GBG.H. Hutchinson GBJaguar


  • Overall



  1. Spa
  2. Francorchamps
  3. Epinal
  4. Geneve
  5. Gerardmer
  6. Luik
  7. Roermond
  8. Eindhoven
  9. Zandvoort
  10. Noordwijk



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