Tulpenrallye 1949

  • 2698Kilometers
  • 159Equipes at the start
  • 138Equipes at the finish
  • Lex van Strien
  • Bordeaux (F)
  • Noordwijk (NL)


The first Tulpenrallye is being organized by a committee with Lex van Strien as chairman and Jos van Calsteren as secretary. The rally mainly has the character of a star ride, which prescribes a route with a certain average speed. The total driving time of the rally differs per crew. At the finish there is hardly any classification (121 of the 138 teams at the finish have zero penalty points); this is mainly determined by the final test at the Circuit of Zandvoort. This test must be done with the same car with which the rally has been driven. Nevertheless, a number of participants try to take advantage of the final test by making changes to the braking system and the steering system. After an additional scrutineering of the cars and some protests, most of them are penalized. Prince Bernhard attends the final test at Zandvoort. The times are measured on this test for the first time by an electronic recording device from Philips. The test consists of a track of 90 meters, on the straight part of the track. At the end of the track a sharp bend must be carried out, after which the participants return to the finish.

The return route in the Netherlands leads through Brabant, Gelderland, Overijssel, Friesland and North Holland, after which the crews reach Noordwijk via the flower bulb fields. The police deploys six cars to accompany the rally and where necessary to cross roads. The police also helps participants who have lost their way back on the right track and all participants are very satisfied with the deployment of the many officials. The start list consists of about 100 Dutch crews and 60 participants from abroad.

Peter van der Wansem and Frans Vrijaldenhoven are part of a team of three Austins A 40. As passengers they have Martin Duyzings, journalist from the Maasbode. One of the three Austins is from Vrijaldenhoven Sr .; his father asks after the rally where the holes in the roof of his car come from. Son Frans secured the antenna for the rally on the roof, for the short-wave transmitters with by the cars are in contact during the rally. The route for this team leads from The Hague, via Paris (Place Vendôme), Bordeaux and Clermont-Ferrand to Lyon. On the way back, the route runs via Charleville, Troyes, Reims to Brussels (Boulevard des Arts). From there it goes via Breda, Arnhem and Leeuwarden to the finish in Noordwijk. They use 59 hours for this route of nearly 3000 kilometers.

The final test at the Circuit of  Zandvoort seems to be decided between the Gatso of Klaas Barendregt, the Volkswagen of Koks, the Jaguar of the Brit Appleyard, the Czech Minors and the Simca of the French madame Trouis. Just when everyone is waiting for the results to become available, Ford factory driver Ken Wharton throws a spanner in the works by winning the test with 58.65 points. Wharton did the test in the morning (the test had to be run twice; in the morning and in the afternoon) only a moderate time but practiced several times elsewhere in Zandvoort in the rounding of the pole (180 degrees) halfway through the trial.

Upon arrival in Noordwijk the village is exuberantly decorated with tulips and flower arrangements. Most residents however do not come out of their homes, partly because of the cold. The duo Wharton-Cooke, started under number 139, wins the first Tulpenrallye with Ford Anglia. The Coupe des Dames is won by the team Madame M. Trouis / Mrs. C. Gatsonides-Hofhuis, ahead of the ladies Mrs. G.G. van Puyenbroek-Vroom / Ms. E. de Marez, Oyens-van Vredenburch / Ms E.J. Schellerd with Ford.


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Driver / Navigator
STNR. Driver Navigator Category Car
1S. Barsley TRKA. Sequerra TRKBristol
2CH.G. Meisl GBMrs.E.M. Meisl GBHrg
3J.H. Kemsley GBJ. Cox GBHillman minx
4E.I. Appleyard GBC.A. Stuart GBJaguar ss 100
4E.I. Appleyard GBC.A. Stuart GBJaguar ss 100
5Ch.S. Hardcastle GBD.L. Ship GBMg
6L. Odell GBJ.M.Mc. Glashan GBTriumph roadster
7W.H. Robinson GBJ.T. Leck GBJowett-javelin
8R.Th. Haddow GBK.M. Thorne GBMg
8R.Th. Haddow GBK.M. Thorne GBMg
9H.B. Grimshaw GBS.M.M. Grimshaw GBMg tc
10E. Wilkinson GBH. Holtrust GBRiley
11R.G. Odell GBL.J. Lovell GBFord prefect
12G.M. Garrey GBJ. Campbell GBRiley
13M.P. Skarring DKL. Schnackenborg DKMercedes-benz
14J.Th. Wurzer NLH. Zwart NLFord custom sedan
15H.P. Wijnands NLJ.T. Jacobs NLCitroën
16A.J.v. Amerongen NLJ.J.F. Meijer NLChevrolet
17Dr.A. Mijs NLJ. Mijs NLFord
18W. Huiskes NLP.H. Driessen NLVolvo pv 444
20T.v. Blaaderen NLC.L.v. Blaaderen NLDelahaye
21J.A. Moorman NLR. Visser NLLancia aprilia
22J. Piëete NLL.v. Noordwijk jr NLFord custom sedan
23Th.L. Kreytz NLL.J.F. Dirkse NLMinor
24H.B.v. Gelderen NLA.J.v. Veen NLDelahaye
25Dr.P. Groenhart NLMw.A.E. Groenhart-Veltkamp NLChevrolet
26A. de Jager NLA.J. Breuker NLFord
27B.v. Hessen NLS. Buddingh NLStudebaker
28J. Feldheim BJ.A. Trempon BWilly’s
29L.P. Colozier MCMadameM. Colozier MCChrysler
30E. Feiner CSJ. Darocsi CSHudson
31R. Genet FH. Rives FSimca 8
32J. Francois FSigrand FRenault 4 cv
33R. Huguet FR. Audrain FDelahaye
34Dr.M. Angelvin FMadame N. Angelvin FSimca
35A.G.W. Kluck NLG.H. Kluck NLFiat
37W.K. Beyerman NLMw.A.F. Beyerman-Schlimmer NLRiley
39L.M.v. Gelderen NLN.C. Reizevoort NLVauxhall
40H. Pheifer NLJ. Sustring NLPlymouth
41C.H.L. Lijs jr NLJ. Duiveman NLCitroën
42J. Weitenberg NLG. Horn NLChevrolet
43Joh. Kreisel NLA. Kreisel NLRenault 4 cv
44B.H. Eerlich NLS. Vos NLFiat 500
44B.H. Eerlich NLS. Vos NLFiat 500
45B.D. Proos Hoogendijk NLG.W.O. Seitz NLStudebaker
46Mw.G.G.v. Puyenbroek-Vroom NLMw.E.de MarezOyens-v. Vredenburch NLFord custom sedan
47H.J.C. de Rijk NLA. Bastiaannet NLFord mercury v8
47H.J.C. de Rijk NLA. Bastiaannet NLFord mercury v8
48Mr.W.J.L.P. Gertenbach NLMw.M. Gertenbach-Demmink NLFiat
49Mr.G.J. de Ruyter NLH.v. Loon NLVolkswagen kever
50G.J. Smith NLH. Manschot NLPackard
51J.H.J. Groeneweg NLB. Sonnenberg NLCitroën
52A. Blansjaar NLS.S. Niekerk NLMinor
53P.S. Krom NLF. Smit NLFord
54H.M. Koemans NLW. Bornemann NLOpel
55E.P. Coelen BD.W. Waalwijk BKaiser
56J. Lissauer NLP.H. Oliedam NLMercury
57C.F. Weil FJ.L. Sauvigny FChrysler
58P.J.J. ter Berg NLT.J. ter Berg NLFord
59T.W.L.A.v. Boxtel jr NLL.v. Bommel NLFord
60J.Th.M. Knegtel NLJ. Brunt NLFord
60J.Th.M. Knegtel NLJ. Brunt NLFord
61J.v.d. Berg NLD.v.d. Berg NLCitroën 11 cv
62K.J.G. Brands NLJ.W.P.J. Heynen NLFord
62K.J.G. Brands NLJ.W.P.J. Heynen NLFord
63J.v. Gool NLP.J. Deiters NLDe soto
64P.M. Schoen CHM.J. Schoen CHFiat
65A. Hotz CHMadame Hotz CHCitroën
66E. Keunen BW.v. Kleeff BVeritas
67D. Pistoletti FMadame Pistoletti FPanhard
68E.H. Zander-Mayor CHK. Hächler CHFord
70E. Reinhard CHM. Walther CHFiat
71W.F. Heule NLH. Kwekkeboom NLChevrolet
72B.W.J. Hindes GBE.A.H. Jeffreys GBFord prefect
73Mw.W. Schorer-Schoonevelt Büchner NLMw.L. Moejes-Brandt NLSkoda
74L.L.C.M. Brands BW.L.J.M. Albers BCitroën
75P. Muller BJ. Evers BFord
76M. Lindner CHTh. Rodemeyer CHSimca
77F. Edwards GBF. Barker GBJaguar
78J.L.A.v. Gunsteren BH.v. Gunsteren BBuick
79Mlle.E.H.M. Verbeeck BMadameC. Pieters-Verbeeck BFrazer
80W. Roos CANN. Roos CANStudebaker commander
81V. Marinus BA.S.J. Marinus BTriumph
82L.L. Denys BMlle.Ch. Hens BImperia
83P.A. Thornton GBS.J. Thornton GBStandard vanguard
84Lt.Col.M.E. Moir GBMrs.C.M.D. Moir GBHotchkiss
85Mw.H.M.A. Horstmann NLMw.C.A.J. Carp-Seyffardt NLCitroën
86Mw.E.A.v.d. Heijden-Ras NLMw.L. Farkas-Barnstijn NLStudebaker
87C.J.v.d. Broek NLJ.H. Mooy NLFord
88J. Pollé NLP.C. Pollé NLFiat
89P.H.v. Essen NLP. Knaap NLHudson
90E.J.H. Volkmaars NLA.C.H.v. Rietschoten NLFord
91J.D. Struyk NLJ. Nooteboom NLFiat 1500 e
92Mw.C.J.de Kroes-v. Woerden NLMw.A.W. Speelman-Ouwerkerk NLOldsmobile
93H.A. Moes NLC. Knegtmans NLChevrolet
94W.F. Coenen NLJ.P. Höcker NLStudebaker
95J.v.d. Klooster NLP.v. Steijnen NLSkoda
96Dr.L.v. Herk NLIr.H.D. Prins NLFord
97Karel Ton NLW.v.d. Woude NLFord custom sedan
98M.J. Vehmeijer NLC.H. Hart NLCitroën
99K.S. Barendregt NLTh.C.v. Ellinkhuizen NLGatso
100J.J.R.W. Gommans NLJ.L.v. Hulzen NLFord
101L.C. Leenedrs NLC.L. Leenders NLKaiser
102C. Marx USAH.G. Roosen USAFord station
103F.A.W. Naaykens NLA.A.P.M. Horsten NLSkoda
103F.A.W. Naaykens NLA.A.P.M. Horsten NLSkoda
104W. Flamman NLF.J.J. Krol NLLincoln zephyr
105Mw.A.H.H.Baronesse v. Till-D’Aulnis de Bourouill NLMw. T.F. Goossens-Raeder NLFord
106P.W.J.M. Smulders NLA. Smulders NLPeugeot
107J.M. Eras NLM. Caspanni NLOldsmobile
108B.P.J. Lemmens NLA.B.B. Lemmens NLChevrolet
109P.F.v.d. Wansem NLB. Brinkel NLAustin a40
110P.N.A.v.d. Dries NLM.P.J. Mauritsz NLMinor
111H. Engelsma NLS. Wynia NLAustin
112W. Kost NLD. Valkenburg NLVolkswagen kever
113J.L. Uitzinger NLJ. Mijs NLHudson
114C. Rijkaart NLH. Gordijn NLSkoda
115H.A.H. Sijthoff NLH.A. Burgerhout NLHealey
115H.A.H. Sijthoff NLH.A. Burgerhout NLHealey
116G.F. Roeloffzen NLN.M. Kemper NLLancia aprilia cabrio
117F.J.M. Gall NLW.I.H. Brinkmann NLMorris
118H. Bodde Bouman NLMr.J. Bosman NLStudebaker
119E.G.W. Ainsworth GBJ.E. Newton GBTriumph roadster
120Chr.C.N.W.A. de Kuyper NLG. Woud NLAustin
121H. Bjernefors SPh. Jonsson SFiat
122Miss.B. Coe USAP.M.v. Dijk USAFord
123G.E.v.d. Brande BA. Verboven BHudson
124H. Roosdorp BA.v. Kampen BTriumph
125Jean Chouvert BAxel Vertchou BMg
126C. Marang FDr.P. Boulard FSimca
127G. Trois FC. Bloem FGatso
128F.L. Schwarz BMadame G. Schwarz BMg
129L.A.Th. Pieters BA. Peeters BDe soto
130V.J.F. Marinus BK. Marinus BStandard vanguard
131J.H. Boom NLH.C. Moeke NLHillman
132G.v. Twist NLP. Tuinhout NLHumber
133MadameM. Trouis FMadameF.G.M. Gatsonides-Hofhuis NLSimca 6
133MadameM. Trouis FMadameF.G.M. Gatsonides-Hofhuis NLSimca 6
134L.J.H. Englebert NLJ.F. Thysse NLMinor
135H.G. Pellikaan NLJ. Jansen NLAustin
136G. Erikson SC.E. Ahnström SDodge
137G.R. Holt GBC. Corbishley GBFord anglia
138H.E.B. Ells GBJ. Langelaan GBFord prefect
139K. Wharton GB Mrs. J. Cooke GBFord anglia
139K. Wharton GB Mrs. J. Cooke GBFord anglia
140J.C. Warning NLV.U. Buck NLSkoda 1101
140J.C. Warning NLV.U. Buck NLSkoda 1101
141Th.J. Koks NLK. de Jong NLVolkswagen kever
142A.v.d. Bergh NLW. Verhulst NLAustin a 40
143A.J.M.v.d. Lof NLMw.D.H.v.d. Lof-Odink NLFiat 500
143A.J.M.v.d. Lof NLMw.D.H.v.d. Lof-Odink NLFiat 500
144J.F.F. Hoogenboom NLJ.J.W. Vermeul NLWolseley 12/48
145J.P. Kokkes NLMw.A.C. Kokkes-Godijn NLAustin a 40 sport
146H.J. Voormolen NLA.M.A. Creemers NLFiat 1000
146H.J. Voormolen NLA.M.A. Creemers NLFiat 1000
147R. Pander NLK.L.v. Wijngaarden NLCitroën
148H.C. Hoogeveen NLJ.v. Blerck NLMinor
149B. Knippenburg NLP. Pels NLFord
150J.M. Beekman NLA.v. Pernis NLCitroën
151G.L.v.d. Wansem NLP. Flieringa NLAustin a40
151G.L.v.d. Wansem NLP. Flieringa NLAustin a40
152B.L.v.d. Wansem NLF. Vrijaldenhoven NLAustin a40
152B.L.v.d. Wansem NLF. Vrijaldenhoven NLAustin a40
153O.P.N. Clinge Doorenbos NLP.A. Kroezen NLVolkswagen
154J.P. Guépin NLJ.M. de Keijzer NLMg
155H.L. Demmers USAH.P. Keijzer USAPontiac
156J. Piller NLMw.E.C. Piller-Veldman NLHudson
157J.K. Kuiper NLA.G.L. Martin NLCitroën
158T.E. Oosterwijk NLW.P.v.d. Held NLChevrolet
159J.L. Jonker NLJ.C. de de Jongh NLMercedes
160J.v. Nes NLA.v. Oudgaarden NLCitroën
160J.v. Nes NLA.v. Oudgaarden NLCitroën
161E.G.A.M. Muskens NLA.J.M. Krens NLChevrolet
162H. Muller NLH. Brouwer NLRiley
163P.L.v. Eenennaam NLJ.J. Walraven NLSkoda


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